audit quality and corporate governance on earnings management; Case of UK public listed companies

I have my Literature Review and Proposal, and this may be 7 thousand words. have to the final thesis 13 thousand words my topic is (Impact of audit quality and corporate governance on earnings management; Case of UK public listed companies) I want the writer to write and calculate the data, and write the method, analysis and discussion all the research requirements as you know[supanova_question]

Thinking Through Design

Thinking Through Design.


Please write 150 words answering the following questions with each topic below! What is it? How does it relate to design? Why does it relate to design? – Collaboration (150 words) – Creativity (150 words) – Sense making (150 words) – Belonging (150 words) – Open Readiness (150 words) – Mindful Agency (150 words) – Hope & Optimism (150 words)

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dispenser ad its construction , including the use of microcontroller

audit quality and corporate governance on earnings management; Case of UK public listed companies dispenser ad its construction , including the use of microcontroller.




 Nowadays, it’s very difficult to keep track of our medicine usage with our hectic schedules, and often, we neglect or forget to take medicines on time. So the aim of our project is to build the prototype of a medication dispenser that can automatically dispense medicines, according to the timing of the medication, stated in a prescription. It will assist multiple patients in taking their medication at the right time, as well as save the progress of a patient in a mobile application. This is implemented by entering patient’s information into an interface, which is then connected to a database, that will hold all the patients’ information. These details can be accessed from the mobile app, which will also control the dispensing of medicines from the dispenser. Thus, this medicine dispensing system uses a smartphone as a central device to update its database, process and sounds alerts to the dispenser when medication is due. Moreover, the dispenser will be controlled using a microcontroller, with Wi-Fi access, which can also establish a Bluetooth connection in case of power outage. It will have a fingerprint scanner to deliver the correct medication to a patient, therefore being efficient enough to deliver the accurate amount. This project is directed towards people, who occasionally forget to take their medication on time, and organizes medications for people who have a large quantity to intake.


Description of Student Participation

Mainly focuses on the Database and Mobile Application part of the project; also helps with the assembling of the Dispenser.

Concentrates on the Mobile Application side of the project and its connections with the Dispenser; prepares presentations for the team.

Focuses fully on researching the connections for the Dispenser and its construction, including the use of the microcontroller.

Implements the Interface and researches the creation of the Mobile Application, its functionality and design.



Mentor Statement
(Reasons why you support these students and their project)



Equipment if any
(list each equipment and its cost)

·         Raspberry Pi

·         Compartments for the dispenser

·         Components, such as, LEDs, wires, resistors, etc.

·         Stepper motors

·         Fingerprint sensor

·         Batteries

·         LCD Screen for Raspberry Pi

·         Firebase membership

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Horssehoe crabs

Horssehoe crabs.

Horssehoe crabs (Limulus Polyphemus) This paper requires you to have AT LEAST 8 scientific sources from peer-reviewed journal articles ) Abstract o Summary of your significance statement and the studies you examine in your review 2) Introduction o Introduce your topic o Outline what you will discuss throughout the review o Frame the paper with your significance statement o Tell your audience why it is important that you reviewed the literature in your topic area

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Conflict Resolution and Rehabilitation

Conflict Resolution and Rehabilitation.

The Power of Communication in Conflict Resolution and Rehabilitation: The Colombian Peace Agreement.

The proposed dissertation will examine the different communication strategies surrounding the current peace proves, and seek to uncover some of the reasons for their failure to engage all of the parties in successful reconciliation and rehabilitation.

I do have done the proposal, I am looking for the literature review now and looking to get also the rest of the dissertation in the future.

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Qatar Petrochemical Company

Qatar Petrochemical Company.

This unit is about understanding strategic leadership skills and strategies and the understanding of ethical and cultural issues within the organisation.

Sections to be completed:

1. Understand an organisation’s ethical and value-based approach to leadership 
1.1 Analyse the impact of the organisation’s culture and values on strategic leadership
1.2 Discuss how organisational specific, legal, regulatory and ethical requirements impact on strategic leadership demands
1.3 Evaluate current and emerging social concerns and expectations impacting on strategic leadership in the organisation

2. Understand strategic leadership styles 
2.1 Evaluate the relationship between strategic management and leadership
2.2 Evaluate leadership styles and their impact on strategic decisions
2.3 Discuss why leadership styles need to be adapted indifferent situations
2.4 Evaluate the impact of leadership styles on the organisation

3.Understand leadership strategies and their impact on organisational direction
3.1 Evaluate two differing leadership strategies
3.2 Determine situational variables which could cause a change in leadership strategy
3.3 Analyse a leadership strategy to support organisational direction

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Health Care: HMIS evolution

Health Care: HMIS evolution.

The Internet is changing the technology used in health care. Medicine is becoming more commonly practiced through a wide range of telehealth options, and consumers are now far more computer savvy than at any time in the past, using the Internet to self-research symptoms or diseases, as well as seek out medical professionals or advice. Administrators must be aware of the direction in which health care is moving and be aware of both current and upcoming technology and information system advancements.

For this assignment, you will be researching the next major Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) evolution. The assignment begins with the selection of a topic of what you identify as “the next big thing” that you expect to see in health care regarding HMIS. Describe your HMIS topic and support the selection with applicable research. Identify the potential advantages and limitations of the selected HMIS topic in relation to advantages and/or limitations for, or other impacts on, the consumer. Explain how this HMIS topic will impact the concept of “digital equity.” Discuss the delivery of quality health care through this new HMIS. From an administrator perspective, describe when, how, and where this HMIS will first be seen. From an administrator perspective, describe how this HMIS will impact your organization. You are required to use two qualified references in addition to your textbook for this paper. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,

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Nursing Leadership and Management

Nursing Leadership and Management.

 Final Research Paper: Leadership and Management topic The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize and apply the knowledge you gained in class into a well-written research paper. For this assignment, you will conduct research and write a paper containing the two elements: Part I: Choose one of the listed topics Implementing change on a nursing unit (Student must incorporate an example and a change theory) Leadership traits for successfully managing in the clinical arena. Quality improvement in the nursing unit or system Mentorship in nursing Preceptor programs for nursing leaders Solving incivility in the work place, How can a nurse manager help? (conflict resolution) Legal Issues within the nursing unit Promotion of ethical behaviors within the nursing unit (student must create a plan and implementation strategy) Nursing Unit Strategic Planning Compare and contrast the following new roles for the changing health care arena: Nurse Navigators, Clinical Nurse Leaders, and Leaders in Patient-Centered Care Part II: Evaluate how the topic applies to 2 of the following course competencies. Integrate concepts related to leadership into the professional nursing role. Analyze the philosophy, goals, and organizational structure of a healthcare system in relationship to the delivery of quality healthcare. Compare selected theories of leadership, management, and organizations in relation to healthcare agencies. Identify how collaborative leadership styles might be utilized in various community agencies to enhance the role of the nurse leader. Examine change theory, change management, conflict resolution, and strategies to promote innovation. Explain principles of continuous quality improvement (CQI) and the process of quality planning, improvement, and control. Discuss the management process and its impact on the delivery of optimal healthcare. Analyze how accountability, advocacy, and collaboration augment the management of care. Describe the meaning of teamwork in respect to the health care team Identify the essential components of a business plan Analyze various organization structure/management theories as they relate to nursing practice In addition to the assignment specifics above, your paper should: Be 3-4 pages, not including the title and reference pages. Source(s) should be integrated into the paragraphs. Use in-text citations pointing to evidence in the literature that supports your ideas. Incorporate a minimum of two (2) peer-reviewed sources into your paper. Use current APA format to style your paper and to cite your sources. Include a title page and a reference page listing the sources you used. Be sure to plan enough time for proofreading and editing.

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Situational Analysis

Situational Analysis.

 Next is an in-depth Situation Analysis for one particular DBII issue—–e.g., prevention, treatment, technology, etc.—or product category related to DBII. You have to make a decision at this point—-choose a focus area using what you have learned in the Industry Report. To do the SA report you will answer all the questions in the “Situation Analysis Overview”, This assignment is designed to help you find a product idea (a product can be a good, service or idea). In paragraph form…

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