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attributes do you possess that would make you a good commissioned officer?

Answer this question using the member’s best judgment. The answer must fit within the block provided. Do NOT change the font or alignment. This answer must be in a paragraph/narrative format, not simply a list.

Do not go over the space provided, no extending or scrolling down in the block provided.

Use words like transformational leadership, People-oriented. Competent, Reliable, Effective communicator, Effective follower,

Marx’s concept of alienation.

Marx’s concept of alienation..

Why does Marx place so much importance on the concept of labour? 

Why is the concept of class so important to Marx’s understanding of history?

‘Religion is the opium of the people’. Discuss. 

Critically assess Marx’s materialist conception of history.

What is the political significance of Marx and Engels’s claim that ‘the bourgeoisie, historically, has played a most revolutionary part’? 

What is the relevance of Marx and Engels’s critique of socialist and communist literature to their own account of communism in The Manifesto of the Communist Party?

To what extent does the difference between use-value and exchange value become the basis of Marx’s critique of political economy?

Critically assess Marx’s concept of commodity fetishism.

Why is the concept of money so central to Marx’s critique of political economy?

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Criminal Justice – Police Brutality

attributes do you possess that would make you a good commissioned officer? Criminal Justice – Police Brutality.

 In this assignment, you will expound on one of the topics you selected by conducting a literature review. Use the literature you developed for references to prepare an analysis of the topic, and identify required changes, revocation, or additions to the issue, problem, or policy you selected for study. Here, you will provide research analysis to defend your position on the selected topic. Assignment Guidelines Address the following in a literature review of 1–2 pages: What topic have you selected for this assignment? Explain. How did you select the topic you are researching? Explain. Now, take the sources from the annotated bibliography, and conduct a literature review. Address the following in 1–2 pages: Why is this topic important to the criminal justice system and the citizens of the United States? Explain. What are the various topic issues, problems, or policies associated with your selected topic? Explain in detail. What do you propose as the changes to these topic issues, problems, and policies? Explain in detail. Defend your changes with articulated support from legitimate peer-reviewed reference sources. This is absolutely critical for your paper to be taken seriously.

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International Organizational Culture

International Organizational Culture.

Theres no specific guideline, for sure you need to have introduction and conclusion.
you can have sub-topics about the topic

this is our chapter book about culture may help you >>>

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Transport economics

Transport economics.

literature review on transport economics modelling. focus from 2.3 vehicle use. its components. and then the interdependencies between vehicle ownership and use. This part focus on the role of sem models specifically the pls-sem model (which are rarely used). Also include the limitation in motorcycle use modelling. The gap includes, how it can fit both vehicle ownership and use (cars and motorcycle) as well as the psychological variables as determinants.

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economics;assess the macroeconomic context

economics;assess the macroeconomic context.

Choose a private (or public) sector organisation. The organisation could be your own business, a customer, a supplier or any organisation of interest to you.

Conduct an economic analysis of the organisation, and its markets and its wider macro context over the next two years.

First, assess the macroeconomic context. Will the macroeconomic conditions improve over the next two years (relative to the average performance since 2010)? Explain your reasoning using economic theory and macroeconomic data. 

Second, analyse two specific economic policies either adopted or proposed by policymakers that are aimed at improving economic conditions over the next two years. Explain the rationale behind these policies and assess the likelihood of improving conditions using theory and data. How will these policies influence the markets of relevance for the organisation of interest?

Third, analyse one strategic proposal for the organisation that would benefit the organisation over the next two years. Again, use theory and evidence to support your analysis.

Be aware that not all the topics covered during the lectures are relevant to your essay and your discussion may need to incorporate arguments that go beyond the lecture materials. Consequently, you should do your own research, review the relevant academic literature and business profile and write an essay that represents your own efforts, ideas and conclusions.

Your essay must contain a balance of economic theory and empirical evidence. In particular, you must show how the economic theory can be used to explain issues relevant to your selected organisation. Essays with little to say about theory will not be able to achieve high marks. The same applies to essays focusing only on the economic theory’.

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Positioning for the Future

Positioning for the Future.

 Based on your research, the knowledge gained throughout the course and understanding, describe the challenges facing your industry (Human Resource Management) in the near future and recommend ways in which you can best help position your organization to meet those challenges.

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John Lewis ramps up Magna Park operations.

John Lewis ramps up Magna Park operations..

Acting as a business consultant to John Lewis, prepare a management report which critically evaluates the challenges they face in managing this particular asset. Based upon these challenges make recommendations on what should be the key areas of focus over the next 3-5 years ensuring that these are aligned with their strategy

Assessment Criteria:

The report should include but not be limited to:

– Key operational areas of risk associated with this asset.
– Maintaining the asset through its working life and key considerations
– Staffing options including a focus on peak activity and resourcing.
– Recommendations on how effective use of ERP can link warehouse activity to the strategy of John Lewis.

Allocation of marks:

– Key operational areas of risk associated with this asset. (20%)
– Maintaining the asset through its working life and key considerations. (20%)
– Staffing options including a focus on peak activity and resourcing. (15%)
– Recommendations on how effective use of ERP can link warehouse activity to the strategy of John Lewis. (20%)
– Alignment of report with John Lewis Strategy (10%)
– Use of appropriate academic references and citations. (10%)
– Overall presentation. (5%)

See the attached for the full guidelines: 5LO504.CW2.Asset.Management.Assignment.2017-18.2.copy.doc. 

You should include a 300 word executive summary that should be excluded from the word count. 

Does your report require any of the following additional parts?
Graphics, tables, diagrams (referenced)

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Case Study “Bureaucrats

Case Study “Bureaucrats.

 Assignment prompt: Sometimes, engineers can produce designs or products that make our lives easier AND better. But it is also sometimes the case that an engineer chooses to sacrifice ease or convenience for the individual consumer in order produce something better for the greater good. Such is the case with Caltrans (the California Department of Transportation) and the Diamond Lane (now often referred to as the carpool lane of the HOV or high-occupancy vehicle lane). In her essay, journalist Joan Didion describes all the problems such a lane could solve, but also she describes the enormous hassle such a lane causes commuters. Even more interestingly, she quotes a Caltrans employee as saying, “We are beginning a process of deliberately making it harder for drivers to use freeways.” Write no fewer than 200 words per question (800) total.. In this essay, you’ll need to respond to the following questions: A. Caltrans believed that reducing traffic and forcing people to commute was more important despite the fact that it would come at the cost of individual choices in the short term. Do you think that was the right decision? Explain and defend your answer. B. In what circumstances is it ok to interrupt the daily lives of citizens or impose a burden (and ‘burden’ here can be interpreted in many ways) on ordinary people in order to produce a positive effect for the greater good. Thoroughly describe a specific example of when this would be warranted. C. In general, which do you think is the more important ethical principle? Protecting the health and well-being of the overall community your products will affect or allowing all consumers and citizens to make personal choices, even if they have a negative consequence? In simpler terms, if forced to choose (meaning you cannot just say you’d ideally find a balance of both) which is more important to protect: personal freedoms or ‘the greater good’? Defend your choice. D. Didion’s essay was written in 1977. Do a brief amount of research and report back on the current status of the Diamond Lane (now called the HOV lane). Was the project a success or a failure? Even if this project or projects like this end up as failures, are they still worth the risk? What payoffs are needed in order to take such risks?

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EHR Database and Data Management.

EHR Database and Data Management..

 As a DNP-prepared nurse, you may be called upon to assist in the design of a clinical database for your organization. This assignment requires you to integrate a clinical problem with data technologies to better understand the components as well as how those components can lead to better clinical outcomes. General Guidelines: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located in the Student Success Center. Use primary sources published within the last 5 years. Provide citations and references for all sources used. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. Directions: For this assignment, write a 1,000-1,250 word paper in which you: Select a clinically based patient problem in which using a database management approach provides clear benefit potential. Consider how a hypothetical database could be created to assist with this clinically based patient problem. Identify and describe the data needed to manage this patient problem using information from the electronic health record (EHR). Include a brief description of the patient problem that incorporates information needed to manage the specific problem. Describe what information is required for the patient to manage the condition and how the database and health care provider can be incorporated into the approach for better health outcomes. Describe each entity (data or attribute) that will be pulled from the EHR as either structured or unstructured and provide an operational definition for each. Structured data is more easily searchable and specifically defined. For example, structured data can be placed in a drop-down menu like hair color: brown, black, grey, salt and pepper, blonde, platinum, etc. Unstructured data is data that would be included in a nurse’s notes. An operational definition is how a researcher or informatics specialist decides to measure a variable. For example, when the nurses enter height into the EHR, do they enter height as measured in inches or centimeters or in feet and inches? Provide a complete description of data entities (the objects for which you seek information, i.e., patients) and their relationships to the attributes collected for each entity (data collected for each entity, i.e., gender, birthdate, first name, last name, etc.) that apply to the hypothetical database. You can use a concept map similar to the “Database Concept Map” resource, to help you describe the relationships between each entity and its attributes.

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Forwarding, Countering or “Taking an Approach”

Forwarding, Countering or “Taking an Approach”.

Forwarding, Countering or “Taking an Approach”

Format: typed, double-spaced, NUMBERED PAGES, professional-looking 12-point font, margins no larger than 1.25 inches, descriptive title, MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

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