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In my opinion, attitude is very important in a workplace. If you work with the public, you always have to have a positive attitude. Poor attitude towards customers, coworkers can easily get you fired or sent home early. I am a bagger at Ingles Market, and I deal with the public everyday. I never let my outside problems interfere with my job. My attitude towards coworkers and customers are always caring, friendly, and nice. Before I was hired at Ingles Market, my attitude was terrible, and I had a bad temper.

Adults always show proper attitude towards me by saying “mam, please, and thank you”. I am very good at controlling my attitude at work. Biting my lip helps me control myself when I want to say something mean to someone. There is always that customer who comes in and complains about everything and it is all I can do to not say anything to them. A girl came through my line and complained about the lottery machine we got a month ago, and she said “I thought Ingles was a family oriented grocery store; that is very sad they did that” I just smiled at her.

I always smile at the customers, and that shows them that you care, and you are happy to be there. You can’t show your emotions at your workplace. Most of the customers who come through my line are regulars and always have a positive attitude towards me and commenting on how fast I am. That always puts me in an excellent mood! Since I have been at Ingles, I have grown a lot. I am more familiar with everything and how the people there act.

My attitude is always positive, and I never say negative things. Good attitude leads to making customers happy about your store; they will tell others about their experience at your store and bring you more business. If you have a poor attitude, it makes customers angry and they will tell others negative things about the store, and you will loose business and most likely loose your job. Having a positive attitude is always the way to go!

Dealing with Stress and Violence in the Workplace

Dealing with Stress and Violence in the Workplace.

Working in the health care industry often puts health care professionals in the line of danger from ill patients, stressed families, overburdened health care facilities, and the many situations and locations in which each individual works. The Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CIS) Management Tool has been designed to decrease the stress levels of those that experienced or witnessed violence or trauma. You will read the article “Workplace violence: Differences in perceptions of nursing work between those exposed and those not exposed: A cross-sector analysis” to complete your assignment. Write a 1,250-1,500-word paper describing the CIS. Be sure to specifically address: 1-What are the physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral reactions to stress? 2-Can you name at least three professions that are at risk and would have utilized the tool? 3-What is the purpose of using the tool? 4-What is the expected outcome from utilizing this stress management tool? 5-Do you believe the tool to be useful in decreasing stress and coping with violence in the workplace? Why or why not? Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located on the Student Success Center.

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