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attached are first five pages please revise and add 9 more pages. please do a survey regarding the topic

attached are first five pages please revise and add 9 more pages. please do a survey regarding the topic of 18 years of age and older. as well write the questions an definitions full name then (abb). list where if was found in bold

i will also attach how the paper has to be written and broken down

American History to 1900s

American History to 1900s.

 The First Essay prompt: Discuss the political transformations in the United States from the 1820s through the mid-1840s. What role did John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson play in the development of new political parties? How did voting rights change during these years? What social issues grew increasingly important to the electorate, and what political issues proved most controversial at this time? ( This essay will be based off of chapter 10) Essay prompt #2: Discuss the physical growth of the United States in the 1840s. What attitudes and desires motivated continental expansion during this decade? How did Texas, the Oregon Country, and the Southwest become part of the country? How did the acquisition of so much land affect the contemporary debate over the future of slavery in the United States, and what role did the Compromise of 1850 play in this debate? ( this will be based off of chapter 11) Third Essay: Discuss the crises of the 1850s that threatened to destabilize the United States. How did the relative calm that followed the Compromise of 1850 disappear in 1854? What political consequences did the debate over slavery’s future create? How did the controversies affect local issues in Kansas as well as national debates through the election of 1860? Describe the course and immediate consequences of that election. (Based on Chapter 13)

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PBH 200 Multicultural Health – Guidelines for Writing Assignment 1

attached are first five pages please revise and add 9 more pages. please do a survey regarding the topic PBH 200 Multicultural Health – Guidelines for Writing Assignment 1.

Writing Assignment 1 (WA1): Literature Review to support community engagement paper/project – minimum of 4 sources including the class readings must be used to support this work


As you prepare for the Community Engagement (CE) semester long project.  WA1 will provide you with the opportunity to begin researching and gathering data for what will be your CE paper.   For A1 identify a diverse/equity population that is different from you. In this work student should begin to explore where your experience and cultural competence place you in the spectrum of understanding how to work with cultures different from yours.  The readings provide you with many examples.   Based on where you live focus on a cultural identity in your community.

·         Identify the group or community you will focus on

·         Identify what cultural characteristics exist within the population you have chosen

·         What cultural norms exist with in this population

·         What challenges do they face here in the United States as it pertains to public health: i.e.: access, language, communication, family just to name a few.

·         Identify key demographics for that population.

·         From your research what recommendations would you make for best serving or working with this population.


Paper Format and grading scale is as follows:


Descriptive Title Page:

The title of your paper should be as informative as possible and clearly state the topic being researched. Include your name, date and course number. (This page is not part of your 2-3 pages of content)

5 Points



The part should be comprehensible to the general audience. You should define/describe the topic that you will address. By defining and establishing the objective of your paper in the introductory section, you clarify the goal and set the direction for the rest of the paper.

10 Points


Narrative Statement: Present a precise statement of the issue as it relates to your understanding of the topic utilizing the points identified above and the group you have identified to research.  Be concise and informative.  

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