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Attached 3 excel files, please complete each week lesson plan. – Who We Are – How We Organize Ourselves Essay

Attached 3 excel files, please complete each week lesson plan. – Who We Are – How We Organize Ourselves – How We express ourselves Some of them are complete, but most of the weeks and days are empty. Please also go through the completed parts, see is there anything need to make change. Thank you

Read the Two articles and answer the questions

Read the Two articles and answer the questions. I don’t understand this Business question and need help to study.

Read the two answers and answer the questions

Discuss GE’s change in strategic management of its human capital; do you agree with their revised approach to evaluating their personnel?

In general, should employees be ranked against one another when it comes to evaluating performance and considering their future progress in the firm?

What are the challenges firms face in ensuring that their leadership, human resource management and governance structures positively influence their strategy implementation and engaged behavior?
2 pages should be good

Read the Two articles and answer the questions

IPE 715 George University Table of Evidence & Qualitative Analysis Discussion

essay writer free IPE 715 George University Table of Evidence & Qualitative Analysis Discussion.

Instructions:Use the problem identified in your PICOT statement as the topic for review. The paper MUST be prepared using APA guidelines for references. Citations (author and year) should also be present as the studies are discussed.For this assignment,Find at least 15 article related to this:Does providing affordable smoking prevention intervention such as counseling sessions with a follow-up period for adult smokers aged from 18 to 50 more effective than a medical intervention such as the patch, nicotine gum, and psychotherapy for reducing the smoking rate after 9 months of intervention?review the research on the topic, synthesize the findings and, based on the strength of the evidence, evaluate the usefulness of applying the findings into clinical practice. This assignment consists of the following steps:Decide which research problem you would like to address and obtain approval from the professor. Be sure that the title reflects the research problem.Present the PICOT questionConduct a thorough literature search; these articles must address the specific research problem and include both quantitative and qualitative articles, if possible.Complete the Summary Table of EvidenceTitle the table appropriately (see suggested sample below).Fill in the cells of the table appropriately and accurately for each article.Prepare a two page summary of your findings, indicating your perception of the appropriateness of applying the evidence-based treatment/ intervention into clinical practice, based on your review of the studies. Include this prior to the table of evidence.Add a legend at the bottom of the table that explains any abbreviations used in the table.APA (title page that includes your name, the title, the course name, and the date.See the Attached files one of them has the full instructions, and the second one is my friend’s paper to give an example of what you are really required to do.15 article to be summarized each article one page one table and 2 pages reflection of the founding.
IPE 715 George University Table of Evidence & Qualitative Analysis Discussion

Foundations of Business Analysis – Methodology

Foundations of Business Analysis – Methodology. I don’t understand this Powerpoint question and need help to study.

For this assignment, you will provide a presentation per the attached slide guide. This presentation will distinguish best practices in how the specific project approach/topic influences and informs business analysis work and to also share good practices in business analysis when completing business analysis work in a project following this approach. Select one of the approaches:
Topics/ Approaches include:
Predictive (Waterfall)
Adaptive (Agile)
• Incremental/Iterative
Other approach of your choice (please check with instructor for approval)

Slide Guide:

Slide 1 – Overview of your selected approach

Slide 2 – Influence of this approach on how business analysis work is done

Slide 3 – Good practices in business analysis when following this approach

Slide 4 – Challenges in the project/business analysis when following this approach and how to address

Slide 5 – How this approach would work in our term project and insights/considerations in the BA approach for success Slide 6 – References (be sure to also site any references in the slide)(I attached the term project)

Make sure the similarity is less than 10%, apa format, please complete within the specified time.
Foundations of Business Analysis – Methodology

Physics homework help

Physics homework help. The essay entails a paper on the Total factor productivity of a country level production function. Total factor productivity makes sure that the production of both the machinery and the labour is in the best way condition.,Total factor productivity country level production function,Imagine you knew that the true country-level production function was where Y is PPP-adjusted GDP, K is the PPP-adjusted value of the capital stock, L is the number of workers in the workforce, A is total factor productivity (TFP), and α and β are production function parameters.Imagine also that you had a dataset with one cross-section of countries in 2011 containing,information on nominal GDP in local currency, the nominal exchange rate vis-à-vis the dollar, an index of the level of prices relative to the US, the nominal value of the capital stock in local currency, and data on L. How could you use this dataset to empirically estimate the parameters α and β using an OLS,regression? Be specific about each step of this analysis. Could you use the regression results from part a) to measure differences in TFP across countries? If so, briefly explain how.  You have learned from an economist that the measurement of the capital stock can be quite noisy because its hard to measure in general. What concern could this give rise to in the estimation that you describe in part a)? Be as formal as possible in your answer. ,A friend tells you that rich countries save more because they are rich and, hence, accumulate more capital. If this is true, would that give rise to any concerns for your estimation in a)?,Can you think of a way to address the concerns in c) and d) with a statistical technique we have learned so far in the course? What would be the advantage of the technique relative to your estimation in a)? What would be the conditions that need to hold true for this technique to yield a valid estimate of α? Can you come up with a tentative but concrete example?,Question 2,Google Foundation has hired you as part of their impact evaluation team. Your first assignment is to evaluate a Randomized Control Trial that they have implemented before you arrived. Two years before you arrive, they have installed free broadband internet access to 100 Indian villages, which they randomly selected from a list of 200 villages that all had expressed their interest in participating in the project. All 200 villages are very close to one another in the same small and densely populated region within one Indian subdistrict.,The board asks you to estimate the Average Treatment Effect of their intervention on village-level. GDP per capita. What data (which variables) do you require from their project team to answer this question? Which regression equation would you want to use these data for? Describe each variable and subscripts and explain the interpretation of the regression coefficients. What potential concerns would you raise to the board about interpreting your findings fromas the Average Treatment Effect of the program? Discuss at least 3 and be specific about each concern.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Physics homework help

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