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Atmosphere – “You Can&#39t Imagine How Much Fun We&#39re Having” compare and contrast essay help get a custom essay

Atmosphere, made up of rapper Slug AKA Sean Daley and producer Ant, is everything I love about hip-hop. They don’t use Auto-Tune and their songs actually have meaning. Although they are relatively well-known in the Midwest, they have had little commercial success. Their only mainstream hit was “The Arrival,” featured on the soundtrack to EA Sports’ “Fight Night Round 3.”

Atmosphere has the ability to draw different audiences, and this album contains a variety of songs that helps define them as artists. Their songs contain elements of old and new styles of hip-hop, which make their songs enjoyable for any lover of the genre.

The low, complex bass lines like on “The Arrival” make it easier for younger audiences to get into this because they’re great for tapping your foot or bobbing your head. On the other hand, Slug’s lyrical depth grabs your attention with his natural storytelling ability and his ease in conveying his message. This could appeal to an older audience because of the emphasis placed on the themes – the song “Little Man,” for example, describes the joys and challenges of being a parent.

These are just two of the many ways that Atmosphere engages its audience. In addition, while the lyrics sometimes include profanity, they’re seldom vulgar or out of context – which speaks to the group’s maturity.

Even the moods of the songs have the ability to appeal to both young and mature audiences. A song like “Smart Went Crazy” is upbeat; I believe that younger fans will be drawn to songs like this that seem more carefree. Other songs with a slightly more depressing mood coupled with lyrical depth will interest more mature listeners.

I would highly recommend this album along with anything by Atmosphere to any hip-hop enthusiast, specifically fans of Midwest hip-hop.

Music analysis of Haydn, Symphony 104, Movement II.

Music analysis of Haydn, Symphony 104, Movement II..

Haydn, Symphony 104, Movement II A (a:||ba:||) B (m.38) A (m.74) In the Andante of his last symphony, Haydn masterfully expands a somewhat formal rounded binary theme into a large-scale ternary movement filled with drama and passion. Describe your listening experience as you follow the twists and turns of the musical narrative. Examples in music notation are essential. These may be handwritten or added electronically. Place them either in body of the text or as Appendix II. In addition, you may annotate and submit the score provided. At all times, find expedient ways of keeping your reader well-oriented in the score. Add measure numbers in parentheses or have numbers running down the left hand margin. Whichever method you choose, don’t forget the numbering system when you describe an exciting moment! Write approximately 4 pages of prose – less if your graphic analysis is detailed and your music examples are to the point. Do not feel obliged to begin at the beginning and proceed to the end, measure by measure. Take the long view. Talk mainly about the “good moments”. Make your prose enjoyable to read. Listening to a piece of music can be an exciting journey. When asked about his potential audience, Stravinsky replied that he wrote “for myself and the hypothetical other.” Imagine you are Haydn’s ideal listener. USE discriptive words to discuss how you feel about this movement, you do not need to talk about the entire piece! Do not have to include too much music theorym write down your feelings as a listener! Must include score examples when you talk about a specific moment.

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