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Astronomy Research paper

Your goal is to discuss it from a scientific standpoint – this is a science report, not a history report, and so be sure to include recent material and real research. Even if you are discussing an object discovered by Galileo, you must include modern research as well.  It should be no less than 1000 words long, approximately 3 to 4 pages, doublespaced. Everything you write must be in your own words – do not copy, and do not quote at all. Your report will be scanned by SafeAssign to ensure originality. while matches in references and titles are not significant. Topics can be drawn from anything in space, including: planets, asteroids, stars, stellar corpses, nebulae, galaxies, mysterious signals, even properties of the universe itself. It must be a real object, even if we’re not sure what it is. Pick as specific an object as possible – you can’t possibly cover “black holes” to any reasonable extent here, but you could discuss one specific black hole, for example. Do not pick a class of objects – it must be one singular object, with a specific name (no “comets” or “exoplanets” – but you can do a specific comet or exoplanet of interest). You will be surprised how much material you can dig up on even one small, obscure object You will need to have at least four references listed in the reference list at the end of your report, including at least one that is an actual published journal article. (Tip: many of popular science news sources often will list the original scholarly journal article at the very end of the story.)  Do not quote these references, but when you use their information you must provide a citation in APA style. The reference list should contain all your sources, and all your sources must be in that list (once only – do not duplicate). Do not use the class notes or readings, or Wikipedia, but seek out real verified scientific sources.

U.S Debt Sales Top Crisis-Era Levels as Fiscal Bump Spurs Growth.

U.S Debt Sales Top Crisis-Era Levels as Fiscal Bump Spurs Growth..

The article to review is in the attachment. Please follow these formatting guidelines: -provide direct answers to the problems at hand or decisions that you need to make in the very beginning of the memorandum. -Next, provide detailed explanation and justification of your answers or decisions that you are asked to make. This is not a research paper, be as specific and as brief as possible. Keep the discussions to the point so that the memorandum is convincing and clear as to why you provide these specific answers or make these specific decisions. This is the type of executive summary which you will be most likely required to prepare for your boss once you start work.

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Assessment: Students will view the video clip and write up a critical analysis of the video clips by relating the subject back to the appropriate readings and discussions in the class. Students must provide a summary of the clip, define and analyze the problem(s) presented, offer at least two alternative solutions to the problems based on the readings and class discussions in an essay format. There is no absolute right or wrong for these evaluations as conceptual skills develop over time. The specific rubrics will be posted on Blackboard and a general requirement of a good video analysis include: 1) Using supporting evidence; 2) Organization, logic and flow of thoughts (Hint: Include: a title, subtitle(s), transitions between paragraphs etc.); 3) Demonstration of sufficient understanding of social science theories from which parallels shall be drawn and applied to the video-clips presented; 4) Quality of presentation – spelling, neatness, format, grammar, corrects form of citation and so on; 5) two-double spaced page using a size 12 Times New Roman font.


Video link :



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New York in the Civil War

New York in the Civil War.

 Your final essay will be based on NEW YORK IN THE CIVIL WAR GOTHAM, 852-905. Your essay should be submitted through the Assignment Link which will connect to SafeAssign. Write a three – five page critically thinking essay based on pages 852-905. You are to present your argument and back your argument up with the correctly cited documentation You “must” do research outside of the text. This research must be included in your paper. Example: You can do research on The Fugitive Slave Laws or Dred Scott Decision. Critical Thinking/Essay SafeAssign can only come back the maximum 20% cited sources. If SafeAssign comes back more than 20%, you will receive a “0” on your final paper. The final essay “must” be in MLA style Go to purdue owl or JJ Library for correct way to cite Checklist: 1. What is your purpose in the essay? Does the essay fulfill the assignment? 2. What is the tone of the essay? How does the tone align with the overall purpose, the intended audience, and the context of the writing? 3. Is your topic sufficiently focused? What is the thesis statement? 4. What assertions do you make to support the thesis statement? How do you support these assertions? What specific evidence do you provide? 5. Are paragraphs arranged in an effective sequence? What order do you use? Is each paragraph thoroughly developed? 6. Is the introduction effective? How do you engage the reader’s attention? 7. Is the conclusion appropriate for the essay’s purpose? Does it draw the essay together, or does it seem disconnected and abrupt?

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Warehouse Logistics Planning

Warehouse Logistics Planning.

 This week we discussed and reviewed network planning. Describe how you would design a logistics network consisting of only one warehouse. In the discussion, include the steps you need to take in order to design the optimal network. What information and data is needed to make this determination? What strategy will be employed in this network? · 750 – 1,000 words (3 – 4 pages) written essay · APA format required (including title page, reference page – no abstract required) · 5 – 7 academic resources for 300/400 level courses · Content of paper should address the concepts covered this week utilizing personal experience as well as research

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Case Study-State of Chaos

Case Study-State of Chaos.

 For this assignment, read the case study titled State of Chaos and write a 1 -2 page report which addresses the following questions: Based on the structural challenge presented in the case study, how might treatment personnel working in a professional organizational structure be asked to work effectively with correctional officers who work in a paramilitary bureaucracy? Do you think it would be possible to integrate these two kinds of structures? If so, how? If not, why not? If not, what is the solution? To what extent do treatment personnel and correctional officers make similar or different decisions? Should they be governed by the same policies and procedures? Why, or why not?

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Planning Regulation Analysis.

Planning Regulation Analysis..

 Purpose: To learn about the regulatory environment that governs a property, specifically, the provisions of zoning, the most common land use control. Task: For this paper, you will use Portland Maps ( and other resources to describe the policy constraints applicable to the property that you analyzed in Assignment One(I will submit the Assignment 1). You will investigate the zoning and other land use restrictions that govern the property and compare these regulations to both the prior use(s) and new development. Content: Organize your analysis in whatever way you see fit, but please make sure it contains the following content: • Situation: Diagrams, maps, and/or aerial photos of the parcel showing the placement of (a) all prior structures and (b) all future structures. Photos and architectural renderings are also helpful. PS:2 pages of text (including sources), unlimited pages of images/figures. • Zoning: What are the characteristics of the zoning code applicable to the site? Does the zoning on the site match the Comprehensive Plan category and the category’s goals and objectives? • Prior Use: Analysis comparing prior land uses on the site to what zoning allows. • New/Future use: An analysis of what will be built relative to the zoning code. For example, could the site be used more intensely and, if so, how was it underutilized? • Policy adjustments: Identify any zoning adjustments or other policy exceptions that might have been required to allow for the new development. • Controversy: Identify and thoroughly describe any policy-related controversy that might be relevant to the project.

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Systematic Approach to Training

Systematic Approach to Training.


“The Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) is a methodology for managing training programs. It is an orderly; logical approach to determining what people must know and do at a particular job or in a specific profession” (Dhawan, 2018, p.1). This approach is focusing on core objectives and “end in mind” to ensure that employees can master the main takeaways upon completion of the training in order to function properly. Pros to systematic training: · “Organized Approach · Clarity and Responsibility · Recognizing the Student’s Abilities · Hands-On Design” (Katchi, 2015, para.8). Some of the cons of systematic approaches are lack of adaptability, flexibility within the process, being able to change the structure on a moment’s notice or exercise innovative approaches to training. Please provide examples of systematic or any other training methods that are currently in place within your organization and analyze its pros and cons. Write an approximately 1800 word paper, APA formatted, with three sources. Please reflect not only on the presented articles but on the ones, you find online or in our library. References Dhawan, S. (2018). The Systematic Approach to Training: Main Phases of the Training Cycle. Retrieved from Katchi, M. (2015). Creating a Well-Oiled Machine: 5 Advantages of a Systematic Approach to Training. 360 Training. Retrieved from 

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“Do you think it’s easier to battle an oppressive government or an oppressive society.

“Do you think it’s easier to battle an oppressive government or an oppressive society..

“Do you think it’s easier to battle an oppressive government or an oppressive society. Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Proper APA format An introduction paragraph, a conclusion paragraph and transition words or phrases to connect all paragraphs. Clarity and focus Proper grammar and spelling Sentence structure Guidelines: The TED talk re: Manal al-Sharif’s courage to drive in Saudi Arabia starts with a question: “Do you think it’s easier to battle an oppressive government or an oppressive society.” Answer the question based on what you learned from the video and our other course material covered to date as well as a basic knowledge of history. Use examples from the video as well as examples from other countries that use either the Civil Law tradition (continental Europe) or Common Law tradition (England or the US). Make sure assignment is saved in this format: “Lastname_Firstname_Week5Paper”

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