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assignment, you will read a case study and answer the following questions: 1. In your own words, explain the difference between Apple Inc.’s and Amazon’s supply chain methodology. 2. A. What are some of Apple Inc’s supply chain’s biggest challenges? B: How would you resolve or undertake these challenges? 3. A. Why are Amazon’s Supply Chain Characteristics more complicated than those of Apple’s? B: How would you reconcile these complications?

Please follow the instructions below: Download the case study here……… 1. You will submit a MINIMUM 2 page paper (single-spaced) that answers the questions above. 2. You will have three weeks to work on this assignment. 3. This is an individual assignment. Collaboration between students is prohibited and is treated as a violation of academic integrity. Notes for grading: • All questions’ available grades are equally distributed. • An answer without detailed explanation will get no more than 1 point out of 100. • Turnitin will be used to detect any plagiarism for this assignment.