Assignment: Pre-writing, Argumentative Essay Introduction and Thesis, an Argumentative Plan, and First Sources

For this assignment, you will continue to pre-write and plan for your argument research essay by applying pre-writing to your thesis from Week 1 (revised as necessary according to instructor feedback and your own further thought). You will also construct a first draft of your full introduction paragraph, modeling what you have learned from your Week 2 lesson. Finally, you will provide a list of at least four scholarly sources in APA Style that represent an equal number of sources that support your stance and sources that oppose your stance. See the APA section in the Chamberlain Writing Center for correct referencing of scholarly sources.
Access the Week 2 Assignment Template and complete the four required sections:
• Your Current Thesis
• Pre-writing
• A Draft of Your Full Introduction Paragraph
• List of Sources in APA Style (see the APA section in the Chamberlain Writing Center for correct referencing of scholarly sources)

This is thesis paper that continues from the one you guys wrote foe me last time. I included it here, please follow the instruction. Thank you. If you have any questions please call me or email me. Thank you[supanova_question]

Analyze the significance of the March on Washington.

Analyze the significance of the March on Washington..

Analyze the significance of the March on Washington. The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Describe the protest itself, the way it happened, what was used, violence, the protesters, the media effect.. Make at least 3 arguments when doing so.


Background: Even though the Declaration of Independence states that “all men are equal”, after the civil war black continued to be treated unfairly. On August 28, 1963 about 250,000 demonstrators participated in a March for Jobs and Freedom in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the march was to draw the nation’s attention on the injustices that black Americans underwent due to their skin color. The demonstrators stood by the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech. This march was part of the civil rights movement which started in 1954. A year following the March, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which abolished the doctrine of “separate but equal” and gave everyone equal protection under the law.

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The Islamic Republic of Iran is paradoxical.

Assignment: Pre-writing, Argumentative Essay Introduction and Thesis, an Argumentative Plan, and First Sources The Islamic Republic of Iran is paradoxical..

 The essay proposal is intended to be the preliminary, planning stage of your research essay. The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you have a) chosen a suitable a topic and, within that topic, have b) formulated a reasonable argument, and c) found scholarly sources with which to make your case. Your proposal should be four (4) pages long. Two (2) pages should consist of an introduction to the general topic, the argument you intend to make, and some indication of what evidence or arguments your initial sources provide. The other two (2) pages should consist of an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY of at least three (3) scholarly sources you intend to use for your paper, which must not include any of the readings assigned for the course. The feedback you receive on your proposal should guide your approach to the essay. See essay assignment description for details. Your TA will explain how to write an annotated bibliography.


8.      The Islamic Republic of Iran is paradoxical. On the one hand, it is an authoritarian theocracy. On the other, it holds regular elections whose outcome the Supreme Leader does not entirely dictate. Explain the apparent contradiction between a society with democratic desires and a regime committed to strict Islamic rule.

After the feed back u can start essay


Your essay should have a clear argument (a thesis) which relates to at least one of the course themes, must be double spaced, use Times New Roman 12 font, use proper spelling and grammar, and have citations and a bibliography. Your research should consist of peer-reviewed journal articles and at least one published book (or book chapter). There should be no fewer than seven (7) sources cited in your paper. You may not cite the course textbook as a source (and, as a general rule, you should avoid citing the lecture unless the information cannot be found in print). You may use one of the other assigned readings, but if so, it cannot count toward the minimum of seven sources. You must adequately document your use of information from the sources you have selected. Your TA will specify their preferred method of citation. Essays with no citations, or essays with no bibliography, will automatically lose 20%.



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Economic Forecasting Econ 493 B1

Economic Forecasting Econ 493 B1.

1. After determining a potential topic you can discuss your choice with me to assess its feasibility. However, any such discussions should occur prior to submitting the proposal. A one-page proposal should identify the time series you plan to work on, including data source. You should also use R to report summary statistics and a time series plot. The research proposal is worth 10% of your final mark for the paper and is due on Friday February 15 at 11:59 am. A change in topic resulting from an inadequately researched proposal will result in a grade reduction.

2. Students will also be required to give a short presentation (10 minutes) on their forecasting project. Students should prepare 5 to 10 slides with the selected time series, some preliminary results (mainly graphs and tables), and a short discussion of any problems being faced. Presentations will start on Tuesday March 26 and will continue until every student has presented. Students should be ready to present at any time and you are expected to attend every class.

5. The finished document can be no more than 10 pages (with graphs and tables). An appendix (which doesn’t count against the 10-page limit) should include a data appendix with definitions of all variables used and their sources, R code used to get the results, and any additional results that you obtained. 2 6. Two copies of the paper must be submitted along with your data, command files, and output files that correspond to the results reported in your paper. You should ensure that command files run correctly. One copy must be a printed hard copy. The other copy should be submitted by email in electronic format (pdf, R code, data). 7. Keep back-up copies of your data, code, and your paper write-up on a separate data storage device (for example, Dropbox, USB memory stick). Late penalties will not be waived because you lose or misplace your data and/or results, or because a computer can no longer read your files. 8. Be sure to acknowledge any ideas or quotations obtained from others by the proper use of footnotes and/or references. 9. The grade will depend on both analysis and writing. Everything else equal, interesting and challenging projects will get better grades. Technical errors will affect your grade, even if they are minor. The same applies for less than professional writing. You are expected to write every word in the paper. Quoted material from books and notes must be properly cited. You need to cite your data source. All students are expected to be familiar with the aspects of the Code of Student Behaviour contained. 

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300 words discussion post

What does market orientation mean?
The firm’s market orientation is reflective of its shared customer-focused values and is used to organize the firm’s activities and resources. As such, it reflects an organizational culture that emphasizes activities that permit the firm to achieve three goals:
Understand and meet customer needs in ways that create value for the customer.
Create customer satisfaction.
Create customer relationships that are sustainable in the long run and also profit for the firm over the long term.
Consider the articles in this week’s reading. In your own words, describe the role organizational culture should play in achieving the firm’s market-oriented goals. Which of this week’s authors best captures your personal vision of what a market-oriented firm should be? Please explain why. What are the organizational impediments to a more dynamic market-oriented culture?
Initial Post
Must be 300 to 400 words in length
Be thoughtful and substantive
Follow the guidance regarding sources in the syllabus.
Respond to discussion prompt and demonstrate higher-order thinking (apply, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, examine, pose, or connect course concepts to marketing)
Follow APA formatting and documentation guidelines when referring to course readings and other materials
Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation


Anti Federalist no. #17 Analysis.

Anti Federalist no. #17 Analysis..

 Introduction: In essence the purpose of the Constitution was to strengthen the role of the Federal Government, creating a centralized authority with taxing power. This is a very big deal since just 11 years earlier the colonies overthrew the central governing authority of Great Britain. I’ve put up a link to both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. It may be a good time to review the bullet points of the Declaration of Independence AGAIN because it lays out the reasons for independence. REMEMBER the battle cry of the American Revolution? NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION? Goal: The goal of the exercise is to examine the Anti-Federalist position regarding the Constitution and to extract information about the structure of the proposed government and why its author opposed it. Instructions: Read through the document Anti-Federalist no. 17 1) Answer the questions posed alongside the document, submit your written answers. 2) Summarize the position of the author (here’s the answer: he opposes the Constitution) and articulate his arguments against the Constitution 3) BONUS activity (extra credit for those who dare): Based on your summary and your reading of the ANTI-FEDERALIST, Brutus letter to the people of New York, can you spell out the argument of his opponents based on BRUTUS’s work ONLY. This is a sophisticated form of analysis because you must reverse engineer Brutus’s arguments. Read Chapter 6 A New Nation sections 1 – 5:

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The U.S. Bill of Right

The U.S. Bill of Right.

The U.S. Bill of Right

Write reflection on the topic addressed by the article and your thoughts about the issue and how it relates to your role as a citizen in a democracy on social change. 300 words

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Project Brief: Ocean Transport Systems The year is 2146. The increasing effects of climate change have led to rising global temperatures. In addition to wide areas of equatorial land becoming too hot to support life, the ice caps and glaciers across the

Project Brief: Ocean Transport Systems The year is 2146. The increasing effects of climate change have led to rising global temperatures. In addition to wide areas of equatorial land becoming too hot to support life, the ice caps and glaciers across the.

With several regions still unsafe to re-occupy due to radiation remaining from nuclear power station meltdowns, the majority of the world’s energy is now sourced from renewable sources. Most oceanic energy comes from geothermal sources deep in the ocean beds, harvested in highly pressurized, protected dome facilities. This energy fuels industry and business, while residential energy is generated from tidal power farms and massive floating solar arrays.

The older nations have fragmented and recombined, creating new joint oceanic nations. Their populations are distributed across a network of pressurized undersea cities – domes on the ocean floor, mainly given over to power generation and heavy industry; residential habitats based underwater and some distance offshore, to minimize the effects of the continuing storm patterns – these habitats also are generally linked with aquatic food farming and service industries. Finally, on the surface, clinging to the final remnants of island archipelagoes, or the ruins of the great coastal cities of the past, are the frontiers of the new civilizations- trading posts with the remaining land-bound populations, centres for land-based agriculture, and offering tourism and heritage sites highlighting the best (and worst) of the old world. Piracy and black markets are rife in these frontier communities that survive through creative repurposing of salvage in the face of humanitarian crisis. Civil unrest is common, and there is an active insurgency.


Given the nature of these new nations, high-speed and reliable transport systems have become an essential part of the infrastructure. The lower populations coupled with clean renewable energy sources mean that the habitats have been linked with high-speed mag-lev lines, protected within high-tensile transparent tubes that allow the passengers to look out at the surrounding ocean as they pass through and above it.

As the Complex-Maglev International Subsea Transport network (C-MIST) is such a central aspect of everyday life, each nation has chosen to celebrate its heritage in the appearance of the trains, carriages and the station areas themselves. The transit tubes are large enough to accommodate non-standard extensions and modifications to the standard transit train. A side effect of the improved maglev technology has meant that heat is generated within the train’s magnetic coils during travel[1] – this has been harnessed to provide an updated steam power source for use within the train for ancilliary power usage (lights, catering, entertainment, onboard systems). The resulting train designs therefore resemble the advanced tech, steampunk designs often depicted in early 21stcentury popular literature.


Workshop 1: Design exercise – Maglev train

Your first task is to design a modified Maglev train suitable for one of the new oceanic communities. While the basis of the train should be similar to the model that will be demonstrated in the first course workshop, you should develop your version to show the heritage of your assigned community. (You will be split into groups, and each group will be assigned one of the new oceanic communities to inspire their designs).

The basic Maglev train is based on the Japanese L0 series, and consists of one ‘engine’ car and two ‘passenger’ cars. The engine car accommodates 24 passengers,  is 28m long, with a nose section of 15m which improves aerodynamics and reduces noise in the transit tunnel. The passenger cars are each 24m long and seat 68 passengers, in rows of 4 seats across. The connecting flexible linking sections are 0.5m long. The cars are 4m high and 4m wide. The bottom 1.25m of the cars incorporate the maglev mechanisms, and run across a double rail system in the transit tunnels – these are simple 6m diameter circular tubes, with transparent walls, so from the outside the main items visible in the unoccupied tunnels are the central rails and regularly spaced support frames.


Design and model your train, based on your initial design idea – you can modify this as necessary during the design process. You should include clearly defined door and connection sections, two doors on each side of the passenger carriages, starting at 5m in from the end, and one starting at 5m in from the rear end of the engine car. Your design for these can be incorporated into the overall style and aesthetic of your total design.

Your design should be inspired by the oceanic community setting, the high-tech steampunk aesthetic, and the ‘inheritance’ of your assigned community – imagine what might have been preserved as cultural heritage from existing coastal civilisations and how that may have been corrupted and altered with the passage of disasters and time, along with further artistic creativity and adaptation. There is an appreciation for mechanical experimentation, even if not necessarily essential to the main function of the mechanism – intricate door closing and locking mechanisms are often on show. The trains are a bold statement of the cultural aspirations of these new cultures, and should be regarded as iconic structures.

You are required to submit images of the train in profile (viewing it straight on from the front), in elevation (straight on from the side) and plan (straight down to see the top), as well as 7-8 views in perspective. These images should be HD, 1920 x 1080px JPG or PNG format. Your perspective views should include one image showing the train in its entirety – the others can show alternate angles (in which case indicate which shot is the ‘main’ view), concentrate on individual cars, or close-up images of specific details which may otherwise be difficult to see. It is useful (but not required) to submit the Maya project files along with the images, partly because sometimes markers like to navigate round your models in Maya to give you additional advice, and partly because the file gets backed up for you!

You are also required to submit a short report of guide length 750 words (PDF ONLY) outlining the project goals and inspirations, and any problems, solutions or interesting points encountered along the way. You might also use this report to clarify or explain details on how the train operates, and include links to any third party materials that may have been used.

The report should also contain a brief appraisal/critique of the project, with suggestions as to how, with hindsight, the project may have been improved and how it could be developed in the future.

Subject matter for this appraisal might include references to design theory, for example pointing to examples of emphasis, contrast, repetition (and progression), texture, colour, mass, balance (symmetry), harmony (unity, variety, consonance, dissonance), proportion and scale. You could include screenshots or images as part of this report. You don’t need to address all these factors, but they are worth considering in your work.

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