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Assignment: Multiple Regression in Practice

Assignment: Multiple Regression in Practice. Need help with my Writing question – I’m studying for my class.

Multiple Regression in Practice

o prepare for this Assignment:

Use the Course Guide and Assignment Help found in this week’s Learning Resources and search for a quantitative article that includes multiple regression testing. Also, you can use as guide the Research Design Alignment Table located in this week’s Learning Resources.

For this Assignment:
Write a 3- to 5-paragraphs critique of the article (2 to 3 pages). In your critique, include responses to the following:

Why did the authors use multiple regression?
Do you think it’s the most appropriate choice? Why or why not?
Did the authors display the data?
Do the results stand alone? Why or why not?
Did the authors report effect size? If yes, is this meaningful?

Use proper APA format, citations, and referencing.

Frankfort-Nachmias, C., & Leon-Guerrero, A. (2018).
Social statistics for a diverse society (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Chapter 12, “Regression and Correlation” (pp. 325-371) (previously read in Week 8)

Wagner, W. E. (2016).
Using IBM® SPSS® statistics for research methods and social science statistics (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Chapter 11, “Editing Output” (previously read in Week 2, 3, 4, 5. 6, 7, and 8)

Assignment: Multiple Regression in Practice

SOC 310 Fort Hays State University Gender Issues Annotated Bibliography.

You are required to hand in an annotated bibliography as a part of your major writing assignment this semester. At least 5 academic, peer-reviewed, sociological sources must be used for this assignment. Be sure you are using academic sources, and that they are located in sociological journals or books. You may use course texts in addition to the five required sources. NO Internet sources such as Wikipedia for this assignment. USE BOOKS AND PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS. If you have any questions about your sources, please discuss them with me. The Forsyth Library has ample sociological and psychology journals available for your use that are accessible through the library website. Your annotated bibliography must contain a thesis statement and the basic objectives of your gendered issues paper. What is the issue you will be discussing? How do you plan to approach this issue? Include your reason(s) for discussing this issue. Be sure to include sources with varying opinions and perspectives on your issue. Include how and why each source is important and how it will be important in your paper. An annotation guide is available in Blackboard for further information. You will cite your source in APA formatting and write just a paragraph under why you are using this source under each. DUE MONDAY JANUARY 11 by 6:00pm.
SOC 310 Fort Hays State University Gender Issues Annotated Bibliography

Policy Implementation Challenges. I’m studying and need help with a Social Science question to help me learn.

In this post, you explore policy implementation and the challenges faced by social workers during policy implementation.
Post your thoughts on whether social workers might try to undermine the implementation of specific policies. What ethical issues might they confront? Discuss how social workers can implement policies that they feel may be against their social work values. Discuss a specific policy’s impact that you would try to mitigate in the implementation phase. Provide an experience you have had with a policy you had difficulty implementing or a policy you are aware of that you would have serious qualms about implementing.
Be sure to support your post with specific references to this week’s resources. If you are using additional articles, be sure to provide full APA-formatted citations for your references.
Jansson, B. S. (2018). Becoming an effective policy advocate: From policy practice to social justice (8th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning Series.

Chapter 13, “Troubleshooting the Implementation of Policies in Task 7” (pp. 460-487)

Lane, S. R., & Humphreys, N. A. (2011). Social workers in politics: A national survey of social work candidates and elected officials. Journal of Policy Practice, 10(3), 225–244.

Policy Implementation Challenges

MK 351 Park University Unit 6 Various Promotional Components Discussion.

IntroductionThis assignment provides opportunities to analyze the concepts learned in the unit. Work individually to prepare responses to the questions listed. The text should be your primary source of information.Unit Learning OutcomesULO 1: Describe the components of a promotion mix and the different factors can affect them (CLO3)ULO 2: Understand what a unique selling proposition is and how it is used.(CLO3)ULO 3: Identify different message strategies. (CLO3)ULO 4: Define search engine marketing. .(CLO3)ULO 5: Describe how search engine optimization (SEO) works. (CLO3)ULO 6: Describe the ways in which companies are using social media marketing. .(CLO3)ULO 7: Explain what some of the best practices are for using social media to market products. .(CLO3)Directions Your answers should show familiarity with the text and topics being covered in the unit.Use the text, lecture notes, and/or PowerPoint as referencesEach question response should consist of at least 150 words.Responses should be free of typographical, spelling, and grammar errors.Review the analysis assignment grading rubric and the marketing plan rubric on the Assignments and Grading page. Due DateBy 11:59p.m., Sunday, CTQuestions Describe the components of a promotion mix and the different factors can affect them Give an example of the unique selling proposition for one of your favorite brands. What is your unique selling proposition? Think about and provide examples of two different message strategies you’ve seen in commercials in the last year. Why do you think they were or were not effective? What are the different ways in which a company can improve its search engine rankings? What are pros and cons of using social media to market products?RubricMK351 Analysis AssignmentMK351 Analysis AssignmentCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDepth6.0 to >5.31 ptsExcellentExceptional depth and breadth of responses (150 plus words/question)5.31 to >4.71 ptsProficientAbove average depth and breadth of responses (100-150) words/question)4.71 to >4.11 ptsSufficientAverage depth and breadth of responses (75-100 words/question.)4.11 to >2.57 ptsDevelopingLess than average depth and breadth of responses (50-100 words/question.)2.57 to >0 ptsNeeds ImprovementVery little depth and breadth of responses (Less than 50 words/question)6.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent10.0 to >8.92 ptsExcellentDisplays an exceptional familiarity with the text and topics being covered, and utilizes text//PowerPoint references.8.92 to >7.92 ptsProficientDisplays an above average familiarity with the text and topics being covered, and utilizes text/PowerPoint references.7.92 to >6.92 ptsSufficientDisplays an average familiarity with the text and topics being covered, and utilizes text/PowerPoint references.6.92 to >5.92 ptsDevelopingDisplays less than an average familiarity with the text and topics being covered, and does not utilize text/PowerPoint references.5.92 to >0 ptsNeeds ImprovementDoes not display a familiarity with the text and topics being discussed, and does not utilize text/PowerPoint references.10.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis6.0 to >5.3 ptsExcellentPresents an exemplary and thorough analysis; answers questions with logical, concise, and clear reasoning.5.3 to >4.7 ptsProficientPresents an insightful and thorough analysis; answers questions with logical reasoning.4.7 to >4.1 ptsSufficientPresents a thorough analysis; understandable answers to questions.4.1 to >3.5 ptsDevelopingMakes at effort at analysis, but reasoning is unclear or inconsistent; answers to questions are not thorough or consistent.3.5 to >0 ptsNeeds ImprovementSuperficial or incomplete analysis or makes no effort at analysis; answers to questions are irrelevant or incomprehensible.6.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammar and Spelling3.0 to >2.7 ptsExcellentExceptional use of proper grammar and free of all typographical errors and spelling mistakes.2.7 to >2.4 ptsProficientProper use of grammar and free of typographical errors and spelling mistakes.2.4 to >2.1 ptsSufficientLess than proper use of grammar and free of typographical errors and spelling mistakes.2.1 to >1.8 ptsDevelopingLess than proper use of grammar and a few typographical errors and spelling mistakes.1.8 to >0 ptsNeeds ImprovementMany noticeable grammar, spelling, and typographical errors.3.0 ptsTotal Points: 25.0
MK 351 Park University Unit 6 Various Promotional Components Discussion

Smoking During Pregnancy

The Dangers of Smoking During Pregnancy When a baby is conceived, it is most often a joyous occasion for the parents. A lot of changes are obviously in store for them, as well as some apprehension about what the future holds. They will have approximately nine months to plan for the birth of their child. Undoubtedly, they will begin making arrangements for day care, because they understand that, upon birth, the child will be totally dependent on them for all of his or her needs. What they may not realize is that complete dependence begins long before birth. During the first couple of weeks after conception, the embryo travels from the mother’s fallopian tubes to the womb, where it will attach itself to the uterine wall. During this voyage, the embryo will spend its time splitting cells and multiplying rapidly. While the embryo is extremely busy during the first 17 days, this is not an extremely critical time of development when major organ systems are formed. If anything unhealthy is introduced into the mother’s body during this time, the affect on the embryo will either be no affect at all or they may completely destroy the embryo, causing a miscarriage. If this happens, it is likely that the woman will have no knowledge that she was ever pregnant (Hawkesley 8). It is an entirely different situation during the next stage of fetal development. Many organ systems are developed during the second stage, which happens from the third to the tenth week of pregnancy. Any abnormality that forms during this time will be present from that time forward (Hawkesley 9). Because this stage is a significant period in which organs are being formed, it’s unmistakably essential that the mother take tremendous care in what she ingests, injects and inhales into her body. Any unhealthy substance that enters her body may have a tremendous impact on the health of her unborn child. The third stage of fetal development lasts from day 56 until the baby is born (Hawkesley 10). During this time, organs developed in the second stage are simply becoming larger and more robust. While it’s unlikely harmful substances will affect the development of organs, they may retard the growth of them. It should be noted that the brain continues developing throughout the entire pregnancy, meaning that any harmful toxins used by the mother may, in fact, cause the baby to be born with brain damage (Hawkesley 10). The fetus is attached to the mother by the placenta, which carries all of the oxygen and nutrition it will need until it is born. It is imperative for the mother to eat well-balanced meals because she is not only providing nutrition to her body, but to her baby’s body as well. Anything she eats, sniffs, injects or inhales will be passed onto the fetus and may impair the development or growth of it. Due to the fact that cigarettes contain 580 carcinogenes in addition to nicotine, smoking is not only harmful to the mother, but it is also extremely harmful to her unborn child. Cigarette smoking can cause a greater chance of miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, and placental abruption. These babies also have higher perinatal death rates [stillbirth or death soon after delivery]. It is believed that the carbon monoxide in cigarettes negatively effect the fetuses red blood cells and cause small blood vessels to constrict, consequently reducing the oxygen transferred to the fetus (Thurston 381). Nine months later and the baby is born, apparently healthy. The mother’s smoking didn’t seem to cause any harm to the child; or did it? There are many other risks associated with smoking during pregnancy. One of them is SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). While babies appear seemingly healthy, the CDC reports that babies born to mothers who smoked during their pregnancy, have an increased chance of dying from SIDS before their first birthday. The risk is 1.4 to 3.0 times than those babies born to women who did not smoke during their pregnancy (CDC website citation). While it’s also very important that the mother not smoke during her pregnancy, she also needs to be cognizant of her surroundings. If she is around anyone else who is smoking, the secondhand smoke she breathes in is just as harmful to her growing fetus as though she were smoking the cigarette herself. The same is true of infants who are exposed to secondhand smoke. Additionally, infants exposed to smoke both in the womb and secondhand smoke after birth have an even greater risk of SIDS. Simply states, the CDC says that “parents can help protect their babies from SIDS by taking the following three actions: not smoking when pregnant, not smoking in the home or around the baby after the baby is born and putting the baby down to sleep on its back [another risk factor for SIDS]” (CDC website citation). Other complications that can arise are asthma, learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Works Cited (Aug 14, 2007) (October 2006) (Oct 2,2007) Tobacco Use and Pregnancy: Home

Trine University Emerging Internet of Things Threats Essay

help me with my homework Trine University Emerging Internet of Things Threats Essay.

Abomhara, M., & Koien, G.M. (2015). Cyber security and the internet of things: Vulnerabilities, threats, intruders, and attacks. Journal of Cyber Security, 4, 65-88. Doi: 10.13052/jcsm2245-1439.414
Address the following:

What did the authors investigate, and in general how did they do so?
Identify the hypothesis or question being tested
Summarize the overall article.
Identify the conclusions of the authors
Indicate whether or not you think the data support their conclusions/hypothesis
Consider alternative explanations for the results
Provide any additional comments pertaining to other approaches to testing their hypothesis (logical follow-up studies to build on, confirm or refute the conclusions)
The relevance or importance of the study
The appropriateness of the experimental design

When you write your evaluation, be brief and concise, this is not meant to be an essay but an objective evaluation that one can read very easily and quickly. Also, you should include a complete reference (title, authors, journal, issue, pages) you turn in your evaluation. This is good practice for your literature review, which you’ll be completing during the dissertation process.
Your paper should meet the following requirements:

Be approximately four to six pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.
Follow APA 7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.
Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook.
Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing. 

Trine University Emerging Internet of Things Threats Essay

Albany College of Pharmacy Under the Skin of the City Film Thesis Paper

Albany College of Pharmacy Under the Skin of the City Film Thesis Paper.

Assignment Requirements1)Choose the film Under the Skin of the Cityand develop a preliminary thesis about it. This thesis shouldtake the form of a one or two sentencestatement, and its scope should be appropriate fora 1000-word essay.2)Write a 150-250-wordparagraph (an “abstract”) that summarizes your main claims andideas.3)Complete a detailed outline that charts what a full essay would look like.4)Include a title for your proposed essay.5)Follow the example in the attached material about Rashomon.6)IMPORTANT: The assignment does not require you to writea full essay. Thisassignment is just the first step of writing: constructing a thesis and outline. That isall that is required.
Albany College of Pharmacy Under the Skin of the City Film Thesis Paper

case study

case study. Need help with my eCommerce question – I’m studying for my class. Case StudyMntrni is a mobile application that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced and successful mentors in lots of different areas and specialties. The goal is to help them answer important questions and make crucial decisions. In the beginning, the platform attracted mentors in entrepreneurship only, however, now there are more than 30 mentors in 13 different areas. The process of booking a session with a chosen mentor is done through the application only. When a new client signsup, he/she will choose the area of mentoring, then choose from the available mentors who have experience in that area, finally choosing the time of the session. The mentors have the capacity to set the times for the mentees to choose from as well as accepting or rejecting the sessions. The platform is looking to expand soon and is currently looking for investors. Up to date, Mntrni had over 7500 minutes of free mentoring since its launch in November 2017

Assignment Questions
1.Build the ultimate buyer persona for Mntrni?
2.Suggest 3 to 5 different revenue streams ideas that will work with this brand, you can use single or hybrid revenue sources and justify your reasons for each.
case study