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Assignment For this essay, you can use any and ALL of the four articles that you read for this theme

Assignment For this essay, you can use any and ALL of the four articles that you read for this theme on freedom and conflict. “The Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson “Three Ways to Meet Oppression” by Martin Luther King, Jr. “Thoughts on Slavery” by Abraham Lincoln “Freedom” by Paul Kengor Question: What happens when government preserves or harms freedom? Discuss 3 positive and/or negative effects that government can have on freedom. Below are many topics discussed in the readings. You can choose three ideas from below. They can be all positive, all negative, or mixed. You may also use other ideas or other possible effects that government could have on preserving or harming liberty, but your ideas should be supported with quotes from the readings. Positive Effects on Freedom prosperity diversity criticism promotion of freedom abroad hope other Negative effects on freedom slavery violence regulations/taxes hopelessness acquiescence other Structure Write a cause/effect essay of at least five paragraphs including the following: Introduction (5-7 sentences): a hook general connecting information you do NOT need a summary of a particular article this time, but instead discuss the topic in general transition from the general topic to your more specific thesis statement a thesis statement discussing the impact of government on freedom. Body (8-10 sentences each): Choose one effect (positive or negative) that government has on freedom for each body paragraph. Remember a clear topic sentence for each body. Use your ideas and experience on freedom, and then use ideas from the readings to support and help your ideas. Use at least one quote in each body paragraph to support your idea. These quotes can come from any of the readings as long as they support your idea. Remember when you use a quote to first introduce the quote with the author and the reading title in quotation marks. Do not use quotes that are not from the readings. Conclusion (5-6 sentences): Paraphrase the thesis statement briefly summarize the main points from body paragraphs and offer a final opinion, recommendation, or prediction. Format Your essay must be at least 2 to 2 1/2 pages (about 800 words) typed in MLA format. Double spaced Times New Roman, size 12 Last name and page number in upper right hand corner Heading on the top left (your name, professor’s name, class, due date) 1” margins Title must be centered