Assignment: Evidence-Based Project, Part 3: Critical Appraisal of Research

Realtors rely on detailed property appraisals—conducted using appraisal tools—to assign market values to houses and other properties. These values are then presented to buyers and sellers to set prices and initiate offers.

Research appraisal is not that different. The critical appraisal process utilizes formal appraisal tools to assess the results of research to determine value to the context at hand. Evidence-based practitioners often present these findings to make the case for specific courses of action.

In this Assignment, you will use an appraisal tool to conduct a critical appraisal of published research. You will then present the results of your efforts.

To Prepare:

Reflect on the four peer-reviewed articles you selected in Module 2 and the four systematic reviews (or other filtered high- level evidence) you selected in Module 3.

Reflect on the four peer-reviewed articles you selected in Module 2 and analyzed in Module 3.

Review and download the Critical Appraisal Tool Worksheet Template provided in the Resources.

The Assignment (Evidence-Based Project)

Part 3A: Critical Appraisal of Research

Conduct a critical appraisal of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected by completing the Evaluation Table within the Critical Appraisal Tool Worksheet Template. Choose a total of four peer- reviewed articles that you selected related to your clinical topic of interest in Module 2 and Module 3.

Note: You can choose any combination of articles from Modules 2 and 3 for your Critical Appraisal. For example, you may choose two unfiltered research articles from Module 2 and two filtered research articles (systematic reviews) from Module 3 or one article from Module 2 and three articles from Module 3. You can choose any combination of articles from the prior Module Assignments as long as both modules and types of studies are represented.

Part 3B: Critical Appraisal of Research

Based on your appraisal, in a 1-2-page critical appraisal, suggest a best practice that emerges from the research you reviewed. Briefly explain the best practice, justifying your proposal with APA citations of the research.

By Day 7 of Week 7

Submit Part 3A and 3B of your Evidence-Based Project.[supanova_question]

How have Gandhi’s ideas influenced Dr. King’s ideas as he expresses them in his Letter”?

How have Gandhi’s ideas influenced Dr. King’s ideas as he expresses them in his Letter”?.

 Answer with your ideas supported by cited examples from each of the author’s essays. Cite the page numbers of supporting examples from the readings in MLA format in parentheses. It is evident that Gandhi’s ideas on morality influences Dr. Kings philosophy of a non-violent civil disobedience. The Indian thinkers philosophy of non-violence is closely related to his conception of morality .On the other side, Dr Kings understanding of concept of civil disobedience is concerned with his interpretation of social morality. since Gandhi’s ideas on morality emerged before Dr Kings philosophy behind the civil rights movement, it is safe to say that Gandhi influenced Dr Kings most prominent political ideas. for example, both Gandhi’s and Dr King’s ideas were formed in a subversive perspective on political and social reality.Both of them aimed to act within their respective communities.Gandhi made several comments on the relationship between moral progress and economic progress.Namely,,this theorist and civil rights activist saw a connection between social morality and economic progress. He claimed that the imminent economic progress of any society strongly and negatively affects its morality and that, ” their moral growth has become stunted”( Austin and Austin 561). This means that members of an economically progressive society lack several moral principles. On the other side, Dr King addressed the public justice system that does not recognize the concept of righteousness because justice ” must be demanded by the oppressed”(Austin and Austin 426). The very concept is connected to the concept of justice, but it proves to be more important that the latter, since Gandhi saw righteousness as a moral virtue that both public systems of justice and individuals should posses. Dr Kings emphasis on finding righteousness within the context of public justice systems revolves around the concept of social morality. He did not think that individuals should seek justice through conventional means such as public courts,since the majority of them were prejudiced towards African Americans and other members of marginalized communities. He stressed the importance of individual subversive engagement in the political system that is economically, in order to transform certain irregularities and deform existing discriminatory attitudes. The engagement itself is one example of moral behavior.

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Becton Dickinson and Needle Stick

Assignment: Evidence-Based Project, Part 3: Critical Appraisal of Research Becton Dickinson and Needle Stick.

Chapter 6. Becton Dickinson and Needle Sticks – page 335 of Text. Thoroughly read case study and fully answer questions 1 and 2 at the end of the case study. You should use concepts and theories presented in the chapter as you analyze the case by responding to the questions asked. No more than two (2) pages single-spaced.

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Strategic Sourcing Process in Procurement and Supply Management.

Strategic Sourcing Process in Procurement and Supply Management..

Complete the two remaining chapters: a. Results, Findings Analysis, and Discussion (4500 words) b. Conclusions and Recommendations (1500 words) use qualitative and quantitative methods employing Thematic analysis (NVivo Software) and Chi-squared test based on my own questionnaire questions and interview questions (semi-structured interview) making sure it is consistent with the Research Methodology.

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Globalization in Italy

Globalization in Italy.

 Throughout this semester you will explore various family concepts and issues using a global perspective. In order to fulfill the requirements for the “Globalized Course” you will examine family concepts and issues in a country of your choice which is Italy. You will use information from the textbook “The Family” (second Edition) From Chapter 2 lectures for information related to sociology in the United States, as well as independent research on the same issues within your selected country. You will keep the same country throughout the semester and create a final presentation to summarize your findings from the entire semester. While some assignments are open to various sources of information on the internet, others require academic research only. Regardless of your source requirement, ALL sources must be cited and included in a references list. All assignments follow APA format. Failure to provide citations/references will result in an automatic zero on the assignment. In Chapter 2 you learned that US families have evolved in many ways throughout US history. Not only do we live longer, we have fewer children, perform fewer functional tasks at home, and the structure of the family has become increasingly diverse. Using the concepts covered in chapter two, research the changes in family life in your selected country. Examples include: changes in family structure (nuclear, single, extended, nonfamily, living alone), women’s employment outside of the home, changes in birth rate, changes in age at first marriage, and other related topics from Chapter 2. Identify four changes in family structure and/or function in both the US and your selected country. You must include the years in which the changes happened, what the change is, and statistics to back up your claim. Here is an example for one change in US family structure. For example: Change #1: Family Structure In the United States married couple households accounted for 65% of all households in 1880 (Cohen, 2014). By 2010, married couple households only accounted for 45% of all households (Cohen, 2014). Individual households, or someone living alone, was uncommon in 1880 (4%; Cohen, 2014). By 2010, 27% of households were individuals (Cohen, 2014). These changes represent a change in family structure. Each family change should be at least 4-6 sentences in length. All facts, findings, and information used must be cited using APA format, including a reference page. For information on APA, you can use The Owl Purdue’s various APA resources.

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