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Assignment: Critical Analysis In this assignment, you will respond to 15 statements and calculate your score in the experimental

Assignment: Critical Analysis

In this assignment, you will respond to 15 statements and calculate your score in the experimental exercise, and analyze a global problem faced by managers who function internationally.

This assignment will assess your knowledge based on the following Course Outcome:

GM500-4: Apply cultural literacy in personal and professional environments.

Step 1: Experiential Exercise — What Are Your Social Values

Reference the section called “What Are Your Social Values” on page 136 of the Daft textbook. As always, be honest with yourself as you respond to the 15 questions. Calculate and record your score according to the instructions. Your own score measures how effectively you deal with people and ideas from a variety of cultures and how well you are prepared to be a global manager. You will apply this information as you write the Integration section of your paper in Step 3.

Step 2: Case for Critical Analysis

The case called “Talley Guitars” sets the stage for this writing assignment to critically analyze a global problem faced by managers who function internationally. Please reference the section called “Apply Your Skills: Case for Critical Analysis” on pp. 138–139 of the Daft textbook.

A global workplace environment can be done in face-to-face interactions or conducted through virtual meetings and communication. Either way, it can be difficult when organizational members interact with different cultural perspectives. Thoroughly read the scenario of “Talley Guitars” on pp. 138–139. Be prepared to draw from insights you gained in reading “GLOBE Project Value Dimensions” on pp. 128–130, that describe how you can apply cultural literacy in your own personal and professional environments.

Include your assessment of the global management potential of the parties involved.

Step 3: Write and submit your paper

The next step is to compose a 4-page paper (1,000 words) that analyzes your own management aptitude and management theories that you could apply in a contemporary organizational context.

Introduction: What is the objective or purpose in studying and analyzing a case study and applying learning lessons from the text?

Problem: Identify the problem(s) in the situational context. Why do different people see problems in a different way? Explain and give examples.

Analysis: In your analysis, draw insights gained from the GLOBE Project Values Dimensions (pp. 128–130) as you describe how you can enhance your cultural literacy in professional settings to identify and manage cultural differences.

Integration: Evaluate how your management skills are advancing and how you will apply your knowledge to integrate people working in a global team environment. Apply knowledge gained in “What Are Your Social Values.”

Conclusion: Summarize the key learning lessons that you will take from this assignment.

Review the components below and the grading rubric for this assignment before you begin writing your paper. Construct and write your paper with subheadings that connect to the key components below. This is a sound structural strategy to guide performance of your critical thinking.

Title your paper: “Talley Guitars: A Critical Analysis of a Global Problem”


Reference Page

Attachments: Peer review article 1

Does money motivate employees? Why or why not?

Does money motivate employees? Why or why not?.

Answer the following questions from chapter 11 reading. Instructions to get to Reading will be provided. (3-4 sentences per question)

1. Does money motivate employees? Why or why not? 2. Why should compensation systems be equitable? How can an organization design an equitable compensation system?

3. Compare and contrast the four job evaluation methods. Give an example of an organization in which each of the four methods might provide an optimal strategic fit. 4. Discuss the pros and cons of employee pay being fixed versus variable and dependent on performance. How might such decisions impact recruiting, motivation, and retention? 5. Analyze your current job responsibilities. Determine whether the method by which you are compensated is appropriate. 6. Is performance-based pay effective? Why or why not? How can performance-based pay systems be better designed to ensure optimal results?

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Tim Cook of Apple.

Assignment: Critical Analysis In this assignment, you will respond to 15 statements and calculate your score in the experimental Tim Cook of Apple..

Write a paper to the below requirements on Tim Cook of Apple.

For Milestone One: Teams, you will submit a short paper or presentation assessing how your chosen leader structured the organization and his or her executive team, and evaluating the best practices used by the leader. In this assignment, you will use the text and your research on your chosen leader. In the assignment, identify specific leadership actions used by your chosen leader to build and structure a productive organization and culture such as policy, communication, and training. Explain at least two examples of best practices for leaders in team development and communication in the organization using the three dimensions of energy, engagement, and exploration. Identify planning methods used by the leader to align teams with organizational vision, and explain actions that built and fostered team development and teamwork. Include the utilization of resources to build teams, including training, projects, and programs. You will be evaluated on the analysis of executive team-building practices, theory, concepts and techniques; identification and summary of results of leadership actions that structured the organization for success; application of team-building and leadership action examples; critical thinking applied to your work product; and the articulation of your response in the writing process.

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CI case study

CI case study.

This course Case Study is your one & final CI paper accounts for a major part of your grade (20% per syllabus), and can also be called a Topic Study. The paper is due Thursday of Week 15. Student Case Study requires 10-12 pages in APA format with an abstract (a.k.a. executive summary). Your separate reference page(s) of authoritative references is an addition to the 10-12 pages, so you will probably prepare 11-14 pages. Quality is more important than quantity. The case or topic that students select must be from this course’s Objectives, topics provided in course materials: lectures and PowerPoint materials. It can include several topics such as ***comparing two captured US insider spies***(<-USE THAT ONE). Students may use CI-relevant discussion or journal data that is based on authoritative references.  All your papers must discuss the foreign policy impact. For example, concerning many dead Russian emigres in England, the British PM the US, and many European countries, including former Warsaw Pact nations and Ukraine expelled many Russian diplomats. This impacts many foreign policy efforts that involve Russia: gas exchange, bank transactions, cultural travel, etc. U.S. sanctions will freeze Russian financial assets.

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MBA 5101-Financial Accounting Writing Assignment

MBA 5101-Financial Accounting Writing Assignment.

 Select any Saudi Company and using its Financial Statements (Jarir), answer the following requirements in the textbook.


I have selected Jarir company and you can find the financial statement for it in the below link:


Question 1


Review the SEC 10-K form for Jarir, and answer the following questions:


A.    Compute the change in Jarir current ratio and working capital from 2011 to 2012. Which accounts are the most important in explaining that change?

B.     What is included in Jarir’s balance sheet cash account?

C.     How large are Jarir’s receivables relative to current assets and total assets? how important is receivable management to Jarir’s operations? How large is the reserve (allowance) for bad debts? Explain.  

D.    What percent of revenue and accounts receivable results from international sales? What strategies does Jarir’s employee to mitigate risks related to foreign currency?

E.     Why is the increase in accounts receivable listed in the operating section of the statement of the cash flows?


Question 2


Review the Jarir SEC form 10-K, and answer the following questions:


A. What percentage of total assets do property, plant and equipment and long-lived assets in total make up?


B. What is the largest category of property, plant and equipment?


C. How large is the depreciation and amortization expense relative to sales, and why is it listed on the statement of cash flows?


D. What method and estimated lives does Jarir use for its property, plant, and equipment?


E. What is the company’s largest intangible asset?


F. What is Jarir policy on asset impairments?


G. How much did Jarir invest in property, plant and equipment during 2012?



 You are limited to two single-spaced pages (12 point font). The assignment submissions should be well-organized, concise, and grammatically correct written business communications.

Length: The paper should be approximately 4-page long including the references. It may be little larger or smaller so concentrate on quality than on quantity.

Plagiarism: cut and paste will not be allowed at all. If you want to use other authors’ ideas word for word, do it properly by putting those under quotations. Otherwise, write in your words. Do not use too many quotations because it will reduce your own input.

References should be consistent. That is, only one type will be followed. You cannot mix various styles when giving references.

Grading: the writing assignment will be evaluated based on: Originality, effort, depth of discussion, simplicity,


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Diversity and Health Assessments

Diversity and Health Assessments.

  Review of Systems (ROS)

General: + weight loss of 25 lbs over the past year; no recent fatigue, fever or chills.
Head, eyes, ears, nose & throat (HEENT): no changes in vision or hearing, no difficulty chewing or swallowing.
Neck: no pain or injury
GU: no urinary hesitancy or change in urine stream
Integument: multiple bruises on his upper arms and back.
MS/Neuro: + falls x 2 within the last 6 months; no syncopal episodes or dizziness

  Objective Data

PE: B/P 188/96; Pulse 89; RR 16; Temp 99.0; Ht 5,6; wt 110; BMI 17.8

  HEENT: Atraumatic, normocephalic, PERRLA, EOMI, arcus senilus bilaterally, conjunctiva and sclera clear, nares patent, ornasopharynx clear, edentulous.

Lungs: CTA AP&L
Cor: S1S2 without rub or gallop
Abd: benign, normoactive bowel sounds x 4
Ext: no cyanosis, clubbing or edema
Integument: multiple bruises in different stages of healing – on his upper arms and back.
Neuro: No obvious deformities, CN grossly intact II-XII.

Write an explanation of the specific socioeconomic, spiritual, lifestyle, and other cultural factors associated with this patient. Explain the issues that you would need to be sensitive to when interacting with the patient, and why. Provide at least five targeted questions you would ask the patient to build his or her health history and to assess his or her health risks.

Ball, J. W., Dains, J. E., Flynn, J. A., Solomon, B. S., & Stewart, R. W. (2015). Seidel’s guide to physical examination (8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.
Chapter 2, “Cultural Competency” (pp. 21–29)Chapter 3, “Examination Techniques and Equipment” (pp. 30-49)
Dains, J. E., Baumann, L. C., & Scheibel, P. (2016). Advanced health assessment and clinical diagnosis in primary care (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.
Chapter 1, “Clinical Reasoning, Differential Diagnosis, Evidence-Based Practice, and Symptom Analysis”


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1Explain what an operations strategy is and its importance with regard to competitive priorities.

1Explain what an operations strategy is and its importance with regard to competitive priorities..


source: An Introduction to Operations Management: The Joy of Operations Ajay Das, 2016 Routledge

ISBN.13: 978-1-138-88457-1

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Explain the importance of it for social science/politics

Explain the importance of it for social science/politics.

 This will be a blue book exam. Please bring a blue book to the class the day of the midterm. There will be a short answer and essay portion. Students will be able to choose from the group of questions. The test will last approximately 60 minutes. The following list of items is not exhaustive. Please feel free to study in groups/consult the instructor as you prepare. For each item, be able to define it (no more than 1 sentence), explain the importance of it for social science/politics, and discuss how it might relate to other concepts listed here. Some terms are explicitly put next to each other with a “vs” to encourage you to compare and contrast them. Many items reference topics/phenomena discussed in research articles included on the syllabus. For these, discuss how the authors approach examining the topic and what their key findings were. —————————————— Bias (selection, confirmation) Decision theory Rationality vs. morality vs. logic Prospect theory Heuristics Game theory Principal agent models First law of causation Institutions vs. behavior Electoral college inversions Experimental tests of partisanship Voter identification laws and voter suppression Voter turnout and social pressure Public policy Public administration Judicial decision-making Privatizing prisons Storm bulletins, elections, and political representation Democratization Gender Kuznetz curve Regime types and development

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