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Assignment Content***** Please read the instructions carefully and the grading guided that is attached . This is a pass

Assignment Content***** Please read the instructions carefully and the grading guided that is attached . This is a pass or fail class with one try. ******* AB InBev (formerly Anheuser-Busch) is the company for the assignment

*****Include your name in your documents on the first page, upper left. Download and review the rubric. Use it as a guide when completing your assessment.

Once your faculty marks this activity as complete in the gradebook, the Competency Assessment will open for you to submit.

This reflection activity is comprised of two sections collectively totaling a minimum of 500 words. Complete your reflection by responding to all prompts.

Company Comparison

Select 2 global companies from the same industry – for example, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts; AB InBev (formerly Anheuser-Busch) and Miller-Coors; and Marriott and Wyndham.

Analyze how each of the selected companies applies its strengths and overcomes internal weaknesses to take advantage of external market opportunities, avoid threats, and create sustainable global marketing strategies that offer unique value to the customer. Address each of the following points in your analysis:

Methods of differentiation used to create sustainable customer value in global markets
Threats or opportunities created by changing demographics and social trends in global markets
Ways in which the companies demonstrate ethics and social responsibility in their marketing

Consumer Decision

Consider a purchase you recently made that was for $100 or more. Describe your decision process by answering the following questions:

How did you determine your need?
How did you search for information?
How did you evaluate alternatives?
What criteria did you use in making your choice?

After you describe your decision process, answer the following:

Once your purchase was complete and you experienced the use of what you purchased, how did you feel about your decision and why?
Compare your purchase experience with two colleagues. How do their experiences compare with yours?

Outcomes and applications of Ebola viruses.

Outcomes and applications of Ebola viruses..

What are the outcomes and applications (disease, immunology, epidemiology, applications, etc.) of Ebola viruses. Do NOT include viral structure and replication cycle in this paper, that will be part of another paper. Please do not create unnecessary space with the paper, it detracts from the essay. This paper really needs to be good!

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Quest Diagnostic case study

Assignment Content***** Please read the instructions carefully and the grading guided that is attached . This is a pass Quest Diagnostic case study.

 Description In July 2015, MaryAnn Camacho joined Quest Diagnostics’s National Customer Service (NCS) organization as its Executive Director. Quest was the leading provider of diagnostic services and solutions in the United States. Camacho was hired to turn around an organization that had gone through a complex consolidation process the year before, in which its 20 customer service call centers had been pared down to two. Labor costs were high as was absenteeism and turnover. Customers were dissatisfied with the quality of service and some were taking their business to Quest’s chief competitor. There was a lot to fix, and Camacho wondered whether to focus first on people or operations? Using what you learned in Data Driven Decision Making I & II read through this case, analyze the information provided and present your recommendations as to what Ms. Camacho should do to turn around Quest Diagnostics so that it can start being a successful, productive enterprise. case study:

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Critically assess academic perspectives on how leaders and managers analyse then adjust to their environment.

Critically assess academic perspectives on how leaders and managers analyse then adjust to their environment..



a)    First, critically assess academic perspectives on how leaders and managers analyse then adjust to their environment.

b)    Then, using insights developed in the first part of the assignment, analyse how well an organisation of your choice developed its management of people in relation to its environment


This assignment assesses the following course objectives:


  1. Analyse the existing human resources management (HRM) practices in an organisation in order to plan how to facilitate and manage changes.
  2. Provide an understanding of the relevant theories, origins and best practices involved in managing people in the workplace by establishing an understanding of the key elements of leadership/people management, including structure, culture, management, team working, training, development, coaching, mentoring, communication, influencing, performance and motivation.
  3. Incorporate behavioural theories in order to establish and implement strategies for the interaction of people and technology; benefits and pitfalls.
  4. Evaluate best practice in communicating with employees both directly and through trades unions/ workers cooperatives



Assessment criteria:

Nature of the topic/introduction                                                                           

A review of appropriate academic literature                                                       

Analysis and discussion                                                                                        

Conclusions and recommendations                                                                    

Presentation & referencing                                                                                   




General Guidelines

Nature of the topic/introduction (10% of marks = approximately 350 words).  In this section of your assignment it is expected that you identify the key issues associated with OBHRM, from the perspective of the employer. 


Review of appropriate academic literature (30% of marks = approximately 950 words).  In order to build knowledge, it is important that you access a range of relevant resources.  A literature review is concerned with judging the merit or otherwise of a body of research that addresses a research question.  A further definition is “In writing the literature review, the purpose is to convey to the reader what knowledge and ideas have been established on a topic, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. The literature review must be defined by a guiding concept

(eg. your research objective, the problem or issue you are discussing, or your argumentative thesis). It is not just a descriptive list of the material available, or a set of summaries.

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CYS563 Discussion module 1

Word Format Only
Avoid Plagiarism
Session hijacking is difficult and can only take place when certain factors are under the attacker’s control. What measures can security professionals take to minimize session hijacking? Discuss the steps needed to develop a session hijacking plan.

What is a Just State?

What is a Just State?.

What is a Just State?


Paper details:

Explain the idea that society should be based on virtue by discussing Confucius, Plato, and /or Aristotle Explain at least one version of social contract theory Illustrate your understanding of the classical and social contract approaches to justice with illustrative examples from contemporary political life. Remember to explain specific theories with supporting citations from the textbook and online lectures.

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Leading in the 21st Century

Leading in the 21st Century.

Reflect on your personal development as a leader throughout the module. (word limit: 2000 words) – Based on your experiences from group work throughout the module and other leadership experiences, which you might have alongside the module, examine your personal development as a leader. To do so, you are required to record reflections on your leadership experiences and development (e.g., presentation skills) in a reflective diary. The diary will be a portfolio of written entries. In the diary you should also include: • A reflections regarding your starting point, at the beginning of the module, in terms of experience of leading others. • And your insights about yourself as a leader reached at the end of the module.

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Nursing: Community/Public Health Nursing

Nursing: Community/Public Health Nursing.

Answer each question completely and thoroughly. No cover/title page is needed. Needs to be 1 FULL page. In-text citations and References need to be in APA format. Clarify any questions with me. The book is Community/Public Health Nursing by Mary A. Nies and Melanie McEwen, and any edition after the 5th will work.

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Organization Profile & Analysis – Conflict, Power, and Politics

Organization Profile & Analysis – Conflict, Power, and Politics.

Construct a profile of your organization and examine how conflict, power and politics surface. Conflict arises between individuals and work units and power and politics are used by managers to reduce conflict. What types of conflict occurs in your organization?

Are there design and structure factors that contribute to these conflicts? How does the management of your organization use power and political tactics? Are they effective in resolving conflict and getting the work accomplished? Does your organization foster collaboration between groups? As the leader, what changes would you make in to better manage conflict?

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Why is Augustine so important to Church history?

Why is Augustine so important to Church history?.

 Your research paper should be 7-10 pages in length. You must have at least 5 credible sources. Follow the MLA format for the research paper. Internet sources, like Wikipedia, Encarta, Sparknotes, etc., are not allowed as sources Thesis Statement: Augustine is so important to chuch history as he played a major role in shaping the way to understand orignal sin throug the Confessions and his other works. Thesis statement can be revised. Need to another piece of literature from Augustine, besides the Confessions, to help solidify the point of how he defined original sin to better understand it.

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Advocacy for a collaborative role of the nurse in the design and implementation of this program.

Advocacy for a collaborative role of the nurse in the design and implementation of this program..

 In a 2- to 3-page paper, create an interview transcript of your responses to the following interview questions: Tell us about a healthcare program, within your practice. What are the costs and projected outcomes of this program? Who is your target population? What is the role of the nurse in providing input for the design of this healthcare program? Can you provide examples? What is your role as an advocate for your target population for this healthcare program? Do you have input into design decisions? How else do you impact design? What is the role of the nurse in healthcare program implementation? How does this role vary between the design and implementation of healthcare programs? Can you provide examples? Who are the members of a healthcare team that you believe is most needed to implement a program? Can you explain why?

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