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Assignment 5 (ML – Lab 1)

Assignment 5 (ML – Lab 1).

Read chapters 1,2 &3 of: azure-machine-learning-essentials.pdfAssignment 5 (AzureML Lab1).docxMACHINE LEARNING TECHNIQUE FOR PRODUCT.pdfWhat to submit: See MACHINE LEARNING TECHNIQUE FOR PRODUCT.pdf as a guide.Be sure you follow the structure and contents of this article. Use only titles and subtitles that are necessary and appropriate.Helpful Videos to watch for this assignment:Intro to Azure ML: Building a Machine Learning ModelIntro to Azure ML: Splitting & Categorical CastingAzure Machine LearningAzure Machine Learning Demo
Assignment 5 (ML – Lab 1)

Yangzhou University Operations Uses for Income Statement of a Restaurant Questions.

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Hello!I am a hotel management student. I have a questionnaire assignment about the income statement. There are pretty easy questions that need someone who works in the restaurant and familiar with the income statement to answer. I believe it will only take less than 10 minutes but I have been refused many times. Now the due date is coming, I am willing to pay $25 for anyone who can help me interview the answer.Could you help me with this? I appreciate it.1. What is the name the operation uses for its income statement (e.g. income statement, P&L, or other name)?2. Who prepares the report?3. How often is the report prepared?4. What is the term the operation uses to identify its revenue (e.g., revenue, sales, or income)?5. How many different revenue sources are identified on the report?6. What are the names of the major expense categories used to prepare the report (e.g., controllable, noncontrollable, variable, fixed, or some other classification)?7. Are revenue and expenses also expressed as their percentage of sales? 8. What is the term used on the report to identify the operation’s profits?9. Who receives copies of the report?10. Who is responsible for analyzing the data in the report?11. Could you describe some examples of how you use information in the report to make operational decisions?Need to attach the specific restaurant or hotel address, as well as the name of the intervieweee.
Yangzhou University Operations Uses for Income Statement of a Restaurant Questions

Interrelation Between Bullying and Youth Suicide Paper.

So everything you have here is correct, but we’re looking for you to do more with the material than just repeat what the article says; we’re looking for synthesis. We’re looking for you to make broader statements and connections rather than just listing data from the articles.
The methodologies aren’t that useful to understanding the overarching points.
Please use the section headers as recommended.
Could cite just a little more frequently in the last few paragraphs.
If you need help finding themes to organize your paper around, set up an appointment with me and we can work on it.
Interrelation Between Bullying and Youth Suicide Paper

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management Report

Introduction Each society has its own unique culture. This uniqueness of culture affects the values of the members of a given society. Studies and theories on diversity and culture are particularly important for multinational companies that intend to establish their presence in more than one country in the world. Geert Hofstede is one of the researchers who have focused on international management, with greater focus on cross-cultural psychology among other pertinent issua es. This paper will borrow from the theory of cultural dimensions as proposed by Hofstede to evaluate the critical dimensions of the United Kingdom’s national culture. The paper will also make reference to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in trying to explore deeper the aspect of organizational culture and management. National Culture Dimensions Power distance Power distance is about the extent of inequality that is inherent in a culture and which is agreeable, as well as acceptable among the members of the society who have and those who do not have power. According to Hofstede’s studies, the UK’s score on this aspect is 44 (Needle, 2010, p. 143). This implies that the organizational structures in the UK are mainly flat, with bureaucracy having been lowered to optimum levels. It also implies that accountability is distributed in an equal manner. This is because employees are considered to be equal with their supervisors. One important observation out of this is the fact that the organizations are able to achieve flexibility, dynamism, as well as resilience. In addition, teamwork is also looked at as a valuable competency because the process of making decisions is highly inclusive owing to the involvement of many people. UK’s low power avoidance index is highlighted by the teaching of teamwork right from the early education stages. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive body capable of tackling a wide range of challenges and situations through combining the capabilities of individuals. In the UK school system, for instance, team sports are emphasized as an indication of the support that is being offered to teamwork. An all-round participation when it comes to decision-making process is nurtured in both private and public the institutions through corporative communication tools and the availability of numerous communication channels. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The British Airways is synonymous with its flat organizational structure that mainly seeks to achieve high efficiency at the company. The company has introduced a leaner and agile organizational structure (British Airways, 2009, p. 34). In 2008, the company allowed up to one-third of its management to leave on voluntary basis and took the opportunity to redesign the orga anization such that it would be in a position to achieve greater customer focus (British Airways, 2009, p. 34). These arrangements also target to achieve improved governance and leadership. Through the formation of its flat organizational structure, British Airways currently encourages more of its workers to move between the functions in a bid to achieve wider experience and discover new outlets in as far as their respective skills are concerned (British Airways, 2009, p. 34). Uncertainty avoidance This dimension measures the level of anxiety that members of a society develop when they encounter unknown or uncertain conditions. A high score by a nation on this dimension indicates countries making efforts to always avoid ambiguous situations, while a low score indicates that members of the society are comfortable with the varying societal differences in their country. Hofstede gives the UK a score of 35 points in terms of uncertainty avoidance (Schlägel, 2010, p. 49). In essence, the general attitude amongst the people in the country is lack of formal business attitude. In other words, more attention is given to the essence of a business rather than is done to the business form itself. Most organizations in the country can actually achieve their objectives in a business environment that is more relaxed. The society gives more importance to long term strategy as a way of achieving objectives. In terms of the society’s acceptance to risk and general change, UK people will often face the change by proposing options that would be appropriate to transform the scenarios that they live in. One notable character about the people is the fact that they rely on structures and frameworks to enable them identify their course of action. Plans need to be clear and well understood concerning the expectations and parameters. We will write a custom Report on Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The UK government, for instance, sets out long term vision through programs that propose actions meant to address national problems. The reforms on welfare and banking sectors are good examples of strategy plans that highlight long term vision. In terms of frameworks, the UK has established standards to ensure products and services produced in the country meet the requisite standards. Throughout the world, British standards are popular, with some of them even being adopted as the de facto standards within certain industries. The bail-out strategy that the UK administration adopted in the face of the global financial crisis that began off in 2007 underline the change acceptance as well as the resilience that is synonymous with the UK culture. Being one of the countries hardest hit by the crisis, the regulatory bodies managed to analyze the situation and offered proposals that would limit the effects of the crisis as well as avoid similar crises in the future. The British Airways has set out its long-term vision on becoming the leading premium airline globally (British Airways, 2009, p. 26). British Airways wants to emphasize on ‘passenger and cargo flights’. As a matter of fact, the company plans to introduce new products together with new services in order to compliment the core service. The focus on achieving global leader is aimed at ensuring that wherever the airline operates, both individuals and the business travelers will always want to fly with the British Airways (British Airways, 2009, p. 26). Targeting the premium goal or objective, British Airways is seeking to ensure that all customers flying the carrier will enjoy unique premium services. To enable it achieve the above vision, British Airways has particularly focused on five key goals (British Airways, 2009, p. 26). These goals include being the airline worth choosing when it comes to long haul premium customers, delivering a unique service for all its customers at all the touch points, and expanding the airlines’ presence within all the major cities throughout the world (British Airways, 2009, p. 26). Other important goals identified include building on the company’s leading position in the city of London, which also happens to be the airline’s home city, and meeting the needs of the customers. This will be done while the company also focuses on improving its margins through the acquisition of new revenue streams (British Airways, 2009, p. 26). To further accentuate the corporate vision, British Airways launched a change program for three years, dubbed as Compete 2012 (British Airways, 2009, p. 27). The program was linked to British Airways’ sponsorship of the Olympic Games that were later held in London in 2012. Not sure if you can write a paper on Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The program was rolled out across the company’s business in a progressive manner for purposes of refreshing the organizational culture while targeting to revolutionize the way the company works (British Airways, 2009, p. 27). Future orientation This dimension evaluates the extent to which a given society values long-term, in contrast to short term, values, and traditions. According to Hofstede’s study, the UK’s index on future orientation is 25 (Cooper-Chen, 2005, p. 9). A low score on this dimension is characterized by general equality in the society, high creativity, as well as individualism. The implication of such characteristics is that individuals living in such a society are bound to be less attached to the existing customs and traditions. The people consider others as equals, while they seek self-actualization. Members in the society hold others with high respect and would not hesitate to introduce changes that they deem necessary. In the UK, various examples point at the constant innovation as well as changes that are inherent in the society. The country’s music industry is popularly known for producing both new popular bands and new musical styles that are later accepted in the rest of the world. UK’s entrepreneurship has particularly played a significant role in enabling the improvement and invention of machinery, devices, sports, and even services that have eventually succeeded in transforming world history. With the change of generation comes the transformation of customs and traditions, paving way for the invention of new ones. As Davila, Epstein, and Shelton (2007, p. 117) note, British Airways was in the 1970s reputed as the last choice airline. However, this weakness was changed progressively as the company sought to introduce innovation as the best strategy of transforming the work culture in the early 1980s. The strategy involved putting the whole frontline staff, which included 40,000 personnel through a program dubbed Putting People First that lasted for two days. In the program, the main point that was dealt with was the building of interpersonal relations. The move bore positive results as the employees became sensitive to aspects of good relations both with the customers and amongst the workers themselves (Davila, Epstein

What is the Relationship between Race, Poverty and Prison? Research Paper

online homework help Table of Contents Introduction Examining Social Structural Inequality Understanding the Connection between Race and Criminal Behavior Conclusion Reference List Introduction Racial discrimination in the American Justice system is an ongoing problem within the U.S. that indicates a deep societal inclination towards bias for certain ethnic and social groups within the general population of the country. Ever since the 1980’s a boom in prison construction has occurred fueled by America’s war on drugs wherein arrests related to possession and use has been met with ever lengthening prison sentences. Yet a majority of those arrested have been African Americans who actually represent one of the smallest percentages of drug users in the country. In fact various studies examining the proliferation of drug use within American society today all indicate that a majority of users are in fact Caucasians. Other studies examining the inter-relation between criminal arrests and race show that African Americans, Mexicans and even Latin Americans are more likely to be arrested as compared to Caucasians. The reason behind this is an apparent racial predilection connecting race to criminal behavior wherein police concentrate their efforts in areas with large groups of minorities as compared to areas with high percentages of Caucasians due to an apparent assumption that if a crime will happen it will most likely happen in those areas. The inherent problem with this is that it becomes a “self fulfilling prophecy” in that a higher predilection to suspect minorities for crimes does indeed result in minorities being arrested for crimes but this leaves out the much larger Caucasian population resulting in various individuals going un-arrested due to the lack of police suspicion in particular areas. It must be noted that this apparent racial discrimination is not limited to criminal arrests but rather extends to various social situations related to economic opportunity, education and even the way people are treated in public. This in effect creates social segregation wherein American society is becoming increasingly divided over racial lines. Today, forms of segregation are also evident in society where wealth is increasingly being isolated towards the majority; in the case of the U.S. this represents the Caucasian population. The end result of such actions is that minorities remain minorities with wealth, education and connections being increasingly isolated to the upper echelons of society. What this means for various businesses is that often when minorities apply for jobs they lack the educational capacity, experience and networks that a person from a majority possesses which affects hiring decisions despite the presence of affirmative action programs and reverse discrimination policies. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Various studies conducted examining the hiring practices of various HR departments have also shown that despite the presence of affirmative action programs most HR personal tend to call people for interviews with names that sound like they belong to a majority while at times ignoring those that belong to minorities unless upper management says that they need to round out the talent pool with minorities. It based on this that it can be seen that there is a distinct connection between race, poverty and the inevitability of a prison sentence. As such this paper will examine the causes behind racial discrimination, the resulting lack of economic opportunity for minorities and the resulting inclination towards criminal behavior. This will be done by utilizing various scholarly articles and journals, census data as well as various newspaper articles that examine the current social problem that is plaguing the U.S. Based on the data presented this paper will attempt to answer whether racial discrimination results in the inevitability of poverty and criminal behavior or if there are other social factors that contribute to the apparent inevitability of extensive criminal behavior among various groups in minority populations. Examining Social Structural Inequality Structural inequality in essence is an inherent bias within social structures which can provide some advantages to a select group of people within society while at the same time marginalizing others. This can be seen in instances related to racism, education and discrimination wherein certain segments of the population are categorized and marginalized depending on the color of their skin and their particular race. For example the recent law involving illegal immigration passed by Arizona has in effect created a form of discrimination against many Mexicans living within the country who are in fact here legally. The fact is structural inequality is one of the main reasons behind the continued limitation behind the school system and various careers wherein minorities are in fact being discriminated against due to connotations involving their propensity towards illegal or criminal behavior. One example clear example where structural inequality promotes discrimination can be seen in the current U.S. school system and their use of tracking in order to segregate performers from nonperformers. We will write a custom Research Paper on What is the Relationship between Race, Poverty and Prison? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More While on paper it can be seen as a viable way of providing the proper type of education where it is needed the most the fact remain that the tracking system has actually resulted in racial lines being drawn with white Americans normally being segregated into the upper tier of the tracking system while minorities are usually set in the lower tier system. While it may be true that some minorities do have difficulties in learning due to their origins the fact remains that such a system actually perpetuates the concept of societal inequality where it has come to be believed that white Americans are more predilected towards success while minorities are leaning towards marginal careers at best. This is not only limited to the current school system in lower grades but also in higher education wherein the basis of college admission is the use of SAT scores as a indicator of talent in an individual. The one problem with using SAT scores as the main criteria for evaluating college admissions is that they fail to accurately represent the true value or abilities that a person possesses. Take for example an individual who works to support his family, gets marginally good grades in school and average SAT results, it can be assumed that the average SAT results and the marginally good grades could be attributed to the fact that this individual has to work to support his family rather and as a result could not devote the same amount of time into studying. Most individuals would not be capable of balancing work, family obligations and going to school yet here is a person that is able to do that. Based on an examination of various applications of minorities to several colleges it has been shown that on average the SAT score of white Americans outclassed that of their minority counterparts yet this is not an indicator of superior talent but rather white students were given more opportunities to learn and develop as a result of their social advantage. This particular form of structural inequality this denies the possibility of certain minorities from entering particular colleges resulting in not only a degree of inequality in lower education but in higher education as well. Other forms of structural inequalities that can be seen take the form of community marginalization wherein particular types of races are concentrated in certain communities (Kaye, 1982). What this cause is an imbalance in the distribution of wealth where money is consistently isolated in white populations while minorities are made to stagnate in their respective income niches (Kaye, 1982). Understanding the Connection between Race and Criminal Behavior What must first be understood is that all types of criminal behavior have some form of trigger that causes itself to manifest in a person. No one is born a criminal or is inherently criminal, rather, attributes in the surrounding environment influence the way in which a person acts which causes the criminal behavior to manifest in the first place (Farrington, N.D.). Not sure if you can write a paper on What is the Relationship between Race, Poverty and Prison? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More For example, various social scientists indicate that a person’s race is invariably connected to that person’s propensity or possibility of being able to commit a crime (South

19th-Century Labor Movement in the United States Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Main body Conclusion Works Cited Introduction In the United States, the 19th century was marked by numerous social changes, the rise of the labor movement being one of the essential characteristics thereof. While the tension in the interracial relationships in the United States was increasing rapidly, the resurgence of the labor movement occurred, with the socialist principles serving as its foundation (Nichols and Unger 370; Eidlin 155). However, when dissecting the phenomenon of the massive labor movement observed in the United States in the 19th century, one should attribute it to the sharp increase in the rates of industrialization on the national level. Main body Being a direct response to the force that jeopardized people’s chances to retain their jobs, the labor movement was far from quiet in the U.S. Starting with major unrest, the movement continued challenging the changing perspective of the American social environment with the following farmer revolt in the 1890s (Foner 651; Knock 89). Therefore, one may posit that not only technological changes but also the inability of the government to transfer to the new type of economy without affecting the working class was among the main reasons for the movement to emerge and have a lasting effect on the American industrial environment. Furthermore, the increasing opportunities for introducing people to the political system of the United States and participating in it actively in accordance with the newly established democratic principles also played their role in spurring “the era’s greatest political insurgency” (Foner 652). The creation of the People’s Party in the early 1890s signified that a huge leap was made in society as the American population was provided with a chance to shape the political system and the economic environment (Foner 652). Conclusion Due to the introduction of industrialization into American society, the premises for the labor movement to originate and gain traction in the United States were built. While American society had not been established yet, and its values were very pliable, the foundation for the labor movement as the voice of ordinary citizens was laid. Despite the challenges that America had yet to overcome, including political, social, and economic concerns, U.S. society was evolving at a fast pace. Works Cited Eidlin, Barry. Labor and the Class Idea in the United States and Canada. Cambridge University Press, 2018. Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty! 3rd ed., W. W. Norton

Social Norms and Antisocial Behaviors Question

Social Norms and Antisocial Behaviors Question.

Re-write essay about problems in the neighborhood. Essay must be rewritten and be exactly according to the outline. I attached the essay in the file. This is the outline- must have the exact number of sentences and content according to the sentences. SampleThis is my introductory strategy. It is related to the thesis; that is, it covers the same topic
as the thesis does. The introductory strategy is at least 5 sentences long and fully developed
using one type of introductory strategy. Any outside information, whether quoted or
paraphrased, is cited. You may use a transitional word or sentence between the introductory
strategy and the thesis. Indeed, the thesis then follows. Be sure your thesis is 1-2 sentences long
and contains the limited topic, argument, and opinion. The first body paragraph begins with a topic sentence. It may define any terms in the
topic sentence to clarify ideas for the reader. Next, there may be a transitional sentence, phrase,
or word. Next, there will be evidence to prove the thesis, properly cited. The quote is introduced
and “the quote is in quotation marks” (Last 345). Further, the paragraph explains the evidence in
my own words. Most importantly, it provides analysis that explains how or why the evidence
proves the thesis. This analysis must be developed and explicit. Next, there may be a
transitional sentence, phrase, or word. Next, there will be more evidence to prove the thesis,
properly cited. The quote is introduced and “the quote is in quotation marks” (Last 345).
Further, the paragraph explains the evidence in my own words. Most importantly, it provides
analysis that explains how or why the evidence proves the thesis. This analysis must be
developed and explicit. The body paragraph ends with a concluding sentence. This is my concluding strategy. It is related to the thesis; that is, it covers the same topic
as the thesis does. The concluding strategy is at least 5 sentences long and fully developed using
one type of concluding strategy. Any outside information, whether quoted or paraphrased, is
cited. You may use a transitional word or sentence between the concluding strategy and the
thesis. Indeed, the restated thesis then follows, using different words than the thesis (a thesaurus
can help). Be sure your restated thesis is 1-2 sentences long and contains the limited topic,
argument, and opinion.
(new page begins here) Works Cited
Last, First. “Title,” Source, date, location (webaddress). Access date if required.
Dean, Cornelia. “Executive on a Mission: Saving the Planet.” The New York Times, 22 May
2007, Accessed 29 May
2019.RUBRICCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLengthEssay meets length requirements as specified by the directions.30 ptsMeets or exceeds length requirementsEssay has the required number of paragraphs (or more) and each paragraph has the required number of sentences (8-12 sentences long).15.6 ptsAlmost long enough…keep working8.4 ptsAbout half done…set aside extra time to catch up0 ptsIs too short; schedule time to add to this essay’s length.Essay doesn’t have enough paragraphs and/or sentences in each paragraph.30 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOn TopicEssay is on topic as described by the directions.5 ptsEssay is on topic3 ptsEssay is generally on topic but not specific enough.The essay may seem like it was written for another class.1 ptsEssay is off topic0 ptsNo submission received.5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUses Quotes (each body paragraph needs 2)5 pts2 quotes per body paragraph2.6 ptsOnly has 1 quote per body paragraph OR offers more than 2 quotes per body paragraph1.4 ptsOne body paragraph has quotes, but one does not.0 ptsHas no quotes at all.5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMLA Format5 ptsFormat, or the way the paper looks, follows proper MLA format. with no errors.2.6 ptsFormat, or the way the paper looks, follows proper MLA format. with 1 error.1.4 ptsFormat, or the way the paper looks, follows proper MLA format. with 2 errors.1 ptsFormat, or the way the paper looks, follows proper MLA format. with many errors.0 ptsNo submission or in APA format rather than MLA.5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIn-Text Citations and Works Cited Page5 ptsAll source material is followed by an in-text citation and the essay offers a works cited page at the end. Very few errors.3 ptsAll source material is followed by an in-text citation and the essay offers a works cited page at the end. Many errors.2 ptsNot all source material is followed by an in-text citation and the essay offers a works cited page at the end. There may be many errors.1 ptsEssay uses citations but does not offer a works cited page.0 ptsEssay has no citations and no works cited page OR neglects MLA format. May be in APA style instead.5 ptsTotal Points: 50PreviousNext
Social Norms and Antisocial Behaviors Question

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