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Assessment 2 Instructions: Protected Health Information (PHI): Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality Best Practices

Assessment 2 Instructions: Protected Health Information (PHI): Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality Best Practices. Paper details Prepare a 2-page interprofessional staff update on HIPAA and appropriate social media use in health care. As you begin to consider the assessment, it would be an excellent choice to complete the Breach of Protected Health Information (PHI) activity. The will support your success with the assessment by creating the opportunity for you to test your knowledge of potential privacy, security, and confidentiality violations of protected health information. The activity is not graded and counts towards course engagement. Health professionals today are increasingly accountable for the use of protected health information (PHI). Various government and regulatory agencies promote and support privacy and security through a variety of activities. Examples include: Meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR). Provision of EHR incentive programs through Medicare and Medicaid. Enforcement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules. Release of educational resources and tools to help providers and hospitals address privacy, security, and confidentiality risks in their practices. Technological advances, such as the use of social media platforms and applications for patient progress tracking and communication, have provided more access to health information and improved communication between care providers and patients. At the same time, advances such as these have resulted in more risk for protecting PHI. Nurses typically receive annual training on protecting patient information in their everyday practice. This training usually emphasizes privacy, security, and confidentiality best practices such as: Keeping passwords secure. Logging out of public computers. Sharing patient information only with those directly providing care or who have been granted permission to receive this information. Today, one of the major risks associated with privacy and confidentiality of patient identity and data relates to social media. Many nurses and other health care providers place themselves at risk when they use social media or other electronic communication systems inappropriately. For example, a Texas nurse was recently terminated for posting patient vaccination information on Facebook. In another case, a New York nurse was terminated for posting an insensitive emergency department photo on her Instagram account. Health care providers today must develop their skills in mitigating risks to their patients and themselves related to patient information. At the same time, they need to be able distinguish between effective and ineffective uses of social media in health care. This assessment will require you to develop a staff update for the interprofessional team to encourage team members to protect the privacy, confidentiality, and security of patient information. Demonstration of Proficiency By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria: Competency 1: Describe nurses’ and the interdisciplinary team’s role in informatics with a focus on electronic health information and patient care technology to support decision making. Describe the security, privacy, and confidentially laws related to protecting sensitive electronic health information that govern the interdisciplinary team. Explain the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to safeguard sensitive electronic health information. Competency 2: Implement evidence-based strategies to effectively manage protected health information. Identify evidence-based approaches to mitigate risks to patients and health care staff related to sensitive electronic health information. Develop a professional, effective staff update that educates interprofessional team members about protecting the security, privacy, and confidentiality of patient data, particularly as it pertains to social media usage. Competency 5: Apply professional, scholarly communication to facilitate use of health information and patient care technologies. Follow APA style and formatting guidelines for citations and references. Create a clear, concise, well-organized, and professional staff update that is generally free from errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Preparation To successfully prepare to complete this assessment, complete the following: Review the infographics on protecting PHI provided in the resources for this assessment, or find other infographics to review. These infographics serve as examples of how to succinctly summarize evidence-based information. Analyze these infographics and distill them into five or six principles of what makes them effective. As you design your interprofessional staff update, apply these principles. Note: In a staff update, you will not have all the images and graphics that an infographic might contain. Instead, focus your analysis on what makes the messaging effective. Select from any of the following options, or a combination of options, the focus of your interprofessional staff update: Social media best practices. What not to do: social media. Social media risks to patient information. Steps to take if a breach occurs. Conduct independent research on the topic you have selected in addition to reviewing the suggested resources for this assessment. This information will serve as the source(s) of the information contained in your interprofessional staff update. Consult the BSN Program Library Research Guide for help in identifying scholarly and/or authoritative sources. Instructions In this assessment, assume you are a nurse in an acute care, community, school, nursing home, or other health care setting. Before your shift begins, you scroll through Facebook and notice that a coworker has posted a photo of herself and a patient on Facebook. The post states, “I am so happy Jane is feeling better. She is just the best patient I’ve ever had, and I am excited that she is on the road to recovery.” You have recently completed your annual continuing education requirements at work and realize this is a breach of your organization’s social media policy. Your organization requires employees to immediately report such breaches to the privacy officer to ensure the post is removed immediately and that the nurse responsible receives appropriate corrective action. You follow appropriate organizational protocols and report the breach to the privacy officer. The privacy officer takes swift action to remove the post. Due to the severity of the breach, the organization terminates the nurse. Based on this incident’s severity, your organization has established a task force with two main goals: Educate staff on HIPAA and appropriate social media use in health care. Prevent confidentiality, security, and privacy breaches. The task force has been charged with creating a series of interprofessional staff updates on the following topics: Social media best practices. What not to do: Social media. Social media risks to patient information. Steps to take if a breach occurs. You are asked to select one or more of the topics and create the content for a staff update containing a maximum of two content pages. When distributed to interprofessional team members, the update will consist of one double-sided page. The task force has asked team members assigned to the topics to include the following content in their updates in addition to content on their selected topics: What is protected health information (PHI)? Be sure to include essential HIPAA information. What are privacy, security, and confidentiality? Define and provide examples of privacy, security, and confidentiality concerns related to the use of the technology in health care. Explain the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to safeguard sensitive electronic health information. What evidence relating to social media usage and PHI do interprofessional team members need to be aware of? For example: How many nurses have been terminated for inappropriate social media use in the United States? What types of sanctions have health care organizations imposed on interdisciplinary team members who have violated social media policies? What have been the financial penalties assessed against health care organizations for inappropriate social media use? What evidence-based strategies have health care organizations employed to prevent or reduce confidentiality, privacy, and security breaches, particularly related to social media usage? Notes Your staff update is limited to two double-spaced content pages. Be selective about the content you choose to include in your update so you can meet the page length requirement. Include need-to-know information. Omit nice-to-know information. Many times people do not read staff updates, do not read them carefully, or do not read them to the end. Ensure your staff update piques staff members’ interest, highlights key points, and is easy to read. Avoid overcrowding the update with too much content. Also, supply a separate reference page that includes two or three peer-reviewed and one or two non-peer-reviewed resources (for a total of 3–5 resources) to support the staff update content. Additional Requirements Written communication: Ensure the staff update is free from errors that detract from the overall message. Submission length: Maximum of two double-spaced content pages. Font and font size: Use Times New Roman, 12-point. Citations and references: Provide a separate reference page that includes 2–3 current, peer-reviewed and 1–2 current, non-peer-reviewed in-text citations and references (total of 3–5 resources) that support the staff update’s content. Current mean no older than 5 years. APA format: Be sure your citations and references adhere to APA format. Consult the Evidence and APA page for an APA refresher.Assessment 2 Instructions: Protected Health Information (PHI): Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality Best Practices

Use this format for your Unit 3 DiscussionSource materialsIdentify which article you will use for the economic analysis and which article you will be using for the non-economic analysis.Causes of the crisisList the causes of the crisis. You do not need to provide detailed economic analysis here; none of us are economists and the goal of this discussion is to see why analytics can fail, not to judge financial policy decisions. List ways that competition may have played a part in this. You should be citing from both articles to provide a multi-dimensional analysis.Why people failed to prevent the crisis.This is not the same as listing the causes, for example, the cause of poor tasting meals in a restaurant may be running out of fresh ingredients, but the reason the situation came up at all may be poor inventory control and tracking. When answering this question, in addition to your other arguments, also refer to the article you read in Unit 2 discussion and identify one decision trap that you think was at play in the crisis.Remember that the people involved in these crises are very smart and experts in math and statistics. Why did they fail? A common student error here is to say “they should have looked at the numbers, and then they would have seen…” Well, they did look at the numbers, and they did do various analyses- you need to go beyond “they did not know what they were doing.” The world is more complex than this. Try to be more insightful. Could collaboration have prevented this crisis? Explain.Would better analytics have helped?Would better analytics have helped the crisis? If yes, how? If no, why not? This is where you analyze what you have written above and provide your well supported opinion.

Case Facts Mitalio Software inc. was a key player in the business process management software industry with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Its offices were located in United States, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. The major product categories were divided according to the customers served and involved corporations in telecom, manufacturing, banking, financial services, healthcare and insurance. A core product family was ProcessEdge which comprised multiple products that helped create new software platform, acted as a bridge between multiple platforms, and packaged business applications for specific industries. These software involved many permutations and combinations of possible solutions, hence hard to implement. Part of the revenue came from services as the sales people had to undertake extensive customer education and consultative selling. Direct selling was the major determinant of Mitalio’s market performance. Products were licensed and services sold through a direct organization in most parts of the world. Selling through resellers was just a supportive sales force. The direct selling was accomplished through sales professionals and sales support consultants who provided pre-sale technical support to prospective customers. Mitalio Software put a special emphasis on marketing activities. Market spending was about 7% as compared to the industry average which was between 2% and 5%. Printing advertising in business magazine, industry events and tradeshows, and market services topped the list in the amount spent. Online/Web-based marketing was bottom in the list with only 5% of the total spending. Marketing productivity per employee was lower compared to peers and competitors. The marketing focus was on educating potential customers, generating new sales opportunities and improving awareness of various products. The marketing objective was lead generation or generating qualified leads that the direct force could pursue. Lead generation was a great disadvantage to Mitalio. Competitors had increasingly rolled out rapid fire promotion strategies. Instead of enticing people to buy products, Mitalio continued to target an almost fixed set of customers. In order to enhance brand loyalty, Mitalio was establishing thought leadership by increasing the time the sales people spent with customers. Electronic marketing becoming more common over conventional forms of marketing, thought leadership faced a great challenge. BEA acquisition was a great threat to Mitalio’s business. BEA had been a long time competitor and the acquisition was an added advantage to the firm’s strength. BEA had swiftly engaged in electronic marketing to advertise the acquisition. People had begun to respond to the competitor’s call and traffic had increased significantly. Mitalio had about 140 cases worldwide in the proposal stage and 60 pilot projects around the world which were directly threatened by the new wave created by competitors. Mitalio’s marketing organizational structure: Director of product marketing (Carlos Pintera), director marketing manager (Susan Marakos) and then an MBA intern (Oscar Smith). Director of product marketing Carlos was a very observant person and was known for his quick response to issues that affected the marketing department. One of his jobs was to oversee the development of marketing strategies. Director marketing manager Susan had been with the company almost since its inception. Her responsibilities were to communicate, mentor and support the development of marketing initiatives. The MBA intern Oscar had great experience in hi-tech marketing with CPG. He was to spearhead the team in developing a comprehensive e-marketing strategy. Problems/Dilemmas and Recommendations Problems Competition in the global market was intensifying as firms like BEA increasingly became stronger through acquisition and timely response to the changing marketing environment. The competitors were swift in adopting marketing strategies that aligned with the needs of customers and technology advancement. Mitalio marketing management was still pursuing thought leadership which did not support or was in opposition to the current trend of e-marketing. Thought leadership was a way of creating brand loyalty by aiming to shape customer perceptions through long term service. Arguably, this could not compete effectively in the present environment where customers sort for speed, interactivity and efficiency. The nature of Mitalio’s business did not allow for product diversification and most of the industry players offered similar product. This left the firm with no other choice but to maximize on marketing strategies in order to enhance brand loyalty and create a competitive advantage. A wave of uncertainty about the success of the many deals Mitalio had with global customers was emerging as a result of intense competition. Many global customers were being taken by e-marketing which the company was yet to implement. The BEA acquisitions might also take effect earlier than the six months Oscar claimed and surprise Mitalio. Indeed, the online communication of the acquisition was a surprise to Carlos and this could still happen for the implementation. Carlos is already discouraged by the level of Mitalio’s e-marketing activity, yet he is expecting the marketing team to come up with a comprehensive e-marketing strategy. As a leader, he should be in the frontline to motivate his followers rather than leaving the effort to them. The budget allocated to online marketing is the least and becomes a big obstacle to the success of the e-marketing strategy. The budget is just 5% of the total marketing budget. Mitalio’s executives are not active in online activities since no blogs from senior company executives could be found. This is also an indication that the rest of the organization is not aware of the significance of enhancing e-marketing strategies and might oppose the proposal from the marketing team. Susan is not ready to listen to Oscar suggestion that e-marketing is better than lead generation in term of expanding the customer base. As copartners in the development of an e-marketing strategy, this conflict of interest could have some negative impacts on the outcomes. The number of marketing employees is also large and Carlos might not want to lose them as it is expected once the e-marketing strategy is adopted. Also, there might be a need to reorganize the whole department which might certainly face rebellions from employees. Mitalio wanted to be a key player in the enterprise software industry, but did not make the necessary strategic changes on time such as revising and funding its marketing strategies appropriately. Also, competitors were more sensitive when developing marketing initiatives, forcing Mitalio to reconsider adopting e-marketing strategy. Alternative paths of action The marketing team implements an e-marketing strategy Pros Help Mitalio to lower the threat emerging from the BEA acquisition and the new wave of online communication. As Carlo noted, the present and a great concern was the increasing involvement of BEA in online activities. Eliminate the risk of losing the 140 cases worldwide in the proposal stage and 60 pilot projects around the world which were directly threatened by the new wave from BEA acquisition. This risk results from the lack of involvement in online activities by the marketing team and the firm as a whole. Increase the productivity per employee which is lower than the competitors as a result of ineffective marketing strategies. A change in the marketing strategies that responds to the situational needs might increase productivity as a measure of revenue. Increase the speed of sending the marketing messages which Oscar thinks is too slow at present. The higher speed means that more customers could be enticed to make transactions with the company. Addressing deeper, underlying problems at Mitalio that are probably the real reason as to why the marketing department is not doing well overall, such as employees productivity being lower that the competitors. Reduce marketing spending especially because some of the marketing strategies will be dropped as well as a reduction in the marketing workforce. Cons Some sales people especially those doing consultative task will lose their jobs due to adoption of information technology. Also, e-marketing will eliminate some marketing strategies such as advertising through magazines forcing the company to reduce the workforce. Extra spending will occur in outsourcing expertise, employee training and installation of the IT systems to enable online integration throughout the firm. This is because an integrated e-marketing strategy will require input from various departments to ensure that the customers get the confirmation on the marketing message. Demanding restructuring of the marketing department: the e-marketing strategy will define new roles and eliminate others, hence the need to restructure the department to accommodate the change. Also, this will not definitely be accepted by the affected employees and might in turn affect their motivation. The marketing team continues to focus on lead generation Pros Some employees will not have to lose their jobs neither will a restructuring of the department be required. Expertise and experience will be maintained as the sales people will continue with their jobs. Mitalio has always performed better than competitors largely because of the expertise of the marketing team. Avoid the risk of losing their competitive advantage which is embedded on the marketing strategies in place as defined by the marketing objective. Cons Allow competition to swell in as competitors achieve elevated competitive advantages. This will also lead to a loss of revenue as the competitors dominate the market. The firm will lose brand loyalty as consumers become more and more sensitive to technological changes which increase speed, interactivity and efficiencies. Recommendation Tony must oversee the implementation of a comprehensive e-marketing strategy and develop it to be more effective. Also, the marketing team should use web techniques such as search engine optimization and other tools to increase the effectiveness of the e-marketing strategy. This way, the marketing team is not putting the business at the risk of losing brand loyalty. Tony is the EVP of marketing and should increase his involvement in the strategy development. He should be there to motivate talented and experienced persons like Oscar to maximize their input towards the success of this strategy. Oscar is an IT expert and can help in reducing the cost of outsourcing expertise during the implementation process. Tony is also strategically positioned to link the marketing team with the top executives in order for them to support the strategy and its development. Three concepts from “Mastering the Three Worlds of Information Technology” Companies need to adopt information technology in the current information era in an effort to enhance efficiencies and speed in operations. This means that information technology has a central role in all functions of an organization and managers must take the responsibility of its implementation. This is something with which Mitalio marketing team is struggling to achieve. The marketing department seems much focused on its success, partly due to the changing business environment and the emerging wave of its competitors. The company could devise a way to adopt the necessary IT in order to succeed in the e-marketing strategy projected. It will be very important to involve all departments in the implementation process as a way of enhancing IT integration. Leaders have special responsibility in terms of IT adoption and should not distance themselves from abandoning a vital role. Tony and other leaders should not leave the responsibility of strategy development solely to team members. Leaders must help in selecting technologies, fostering their adoption and make sure their exploitation. They should not look at hi-tech marketing project as a system and consider it as an opportunity for organizational change that they are responsible to supervise. Network IT is the most pertinent category of IT in hi-tech marketing. This class will offer a way by which Mitalio stakeholders can interact with each other. The major reason is that the class supports internet activities such as e-mail, instant messaging, blogs and popups. This technology will give the stakeholders freedom to experiment with the company. It will come with supplements, but allow customers and employees to execute and change them over time. Mitalio top leaders will also have the opportunity to write blogs. Network IT will facilitate collaboration. It will allow employees to work together without defining what projects should be worked on or the teams that will be involved. Teamwork will be encouraged whereby the marketing teams will employ wikis to carry out assignments without directives from the supervisors. Network IT will permit expression of decision as it employs unrestricted technologies that permit people to present opinions. Mitalio will be able to understand customer needs and communicate the strategies adopted to meet those needs. Network IT fosters emergence or the manifestation of high level patterns because of low level interactions. Mitalio managers will be able to compare how marketing functions are done with how they are supposed to be done. Similarly, sales people can easily search and navigate Mitalio’s blogs and wikis for information without supervision. The e-marketing strategy will require systematic management of information technology involved. Mitalio marketing managers should first select the IT applications that are pertinent to the hi-tech marketing strategy. The company should invest in the internet marketing because others such as BEA are succeeding in it. Second, the managers should put the technologies they have selected into productive use. The major role of the managers will be to assist in the creation of the supplements that will maximize the value of the technologies. Finally, Mitalio’s managers should seek to extract the maximum benefit from internet marketing technologies. They should exploit technologies like blogs and wikis in order to help in sustaining and increasing the use of supplements to make the new technology continually more effective.
SFSU Marketing Analysis of 2019 Super bowl TV Commercials Discussion.

This has been my most popular – and entertaining – assignment. What I am asking you to do is view this entire youtube clip, the complete set of 2018 Superbowl television commercials. The YouTube clip is about minutes long. Here’s what you need to do: View all these clips (see URL below). Download the attached Excel form, complete it for 12 ads of your choosing. Try to pick the ads you find memorable, impactful, emotional, humorous or other criteria you define.After you have completed the Excel form, upload it back to iLearn. Grading will be on the basis of quality of analysis, completeness and following instructions carefully. Simply copy and paste this URL into your browser to get started:
SFSU Marketing Analysis of 2019 Super bowl TV Commercials Discussion

ENG 101 ELAC Operation Condor Pakistans History And Politics From 1947 to 1971 PPT

ENG 101 ELAC Operation Condor Pakistans History And Politics From 1947 to 1971 PPT.

Watch the Video on Operation Condor: this TedTalk by Alicia Partnoy: LinkResearch Project Steps:Now that you know a little more about the Dirty War, Operation Condor, Alicia Partnoy, it’s time to do some additional research about how artists and other political dissidents use art to respond to political oppression/repression. Here are your next steps:Step One:Pick one of the following countries involved in Operation Condor (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, or Uruguay) or a country you are familiar with having a history of political turmoil and state sanctioned violence/acts of terror. Step Two:Research the history of this country, from the indigenous peoples that lived there to the present time, paying special attention to the political turmoil from the 1940-80s.Research, specifically, this country’s coup (pronounced coo) or coups that were backed by the U.S. Googling Operation Condor or Coup and your country name will give you information right away.Step Three:Research artists, such as writers, poets, painters, sculptors, graffitists, and so on that created art in response to political oppression/suppression and or repression. Googling political art and your country name will give you information right away.Step Four:Create a presentation or visual report of some kind, record it (either video or audio over slides perhaps), and upload it to this assignment. The presentation/post should show your country’s artists response to political oppression/repression. Here is an example of a power point presentation another student made: History of Brazil.pptxPlease note they needed to include more historical information in their powerpoint, but I would like you to focus on the art side of it only.
ENG 101 ELAC Operation Condor Pakistans History And Politics From 1947 to 1971 PPT

Constitution Short Essay Assignment

online dissertation writing Constitution Short Essay Assignment. I’m working on a Political Science exercise and need support.

Constitution Short Essay Assignment
There are multiple parts to this assignment; for full credit, please respond to them all. Keep in mind that this is a graded assignment and I am primarily looking for inclusion of assigned course material. Have fun!
1. Federalist Papers: Expand your understanding of Federalist Paper 10, Federalist Paper 51, and Anti-Federalist Paper #1 by examining the arguments made in each of these documents and their role in contemporary government and politics. Do the limits on power enshrined in our Constitution and articulated in these Federalist Papers continue to work today? For Federalist Paper 10, Federalist Paper 51, and anti-Federalist Paper #1:
a. Explain the central argument made and why it was important in the context of then-proposed Constitution.
b. Apply the argument made to an example of contemporary politics. Do the arguments made in these Federalist Papers still apply today? Explain why or why not.
c. What would the Federalists have thought about the current conflict between the President and Congress over the funding of a border wall? Did the Federalists intend that the President should be able to get whatever he wants by holding government funding hostage?
2. The U.S. Constitution: If you were writing a Constitution for the United States today, what would be some of the major ideas you would like that Constitution to reflect?What is important is not which option you choose, but whyyou chose that option. Again, keep in mind that I am primarily interested in the integration of assigned course materials. You may also refer to contemporary media sources should you wish to do so.
a. Would you like the government set up by the Constitution to allow for majority rule on all issues, or would you rather allow minorities power to slow or even stop majority rule? Why?
b. Would you like a system that works rather rapidly to make and implement decisions, or would you like a system that works fairly slowly? Why?
c. Would you like a central government with great powers, state governments with great powers, or something in‑between? Why?
d. Would you like the power of the national government concentrated in one branch, such as in a parliamentary system, or diffused through two or more branches?Why?
e. How is the Constitution you have created similar or different from the U.S. Constitution? Have you always chosen the most democratic options (remember, the Founders of the U.S. Constitution often did not)? If not, what other values enter into the decision to choose the least democratic option? Were these the values that affected the decisions of the Founders of the U.S. Constitution?
Source Material:
Open to Debatee-text Chapter 2 –
American Government Examined e-reader Chapter 2: –

Aichinger, “The Relevance of the Federalist Papers”
Federalist #10
Federalist #51
Anti-Federalist #1

Video Lecture Clips:

Chapter 2 – , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Tips for Success:

I will be looking for direct references to assigned readings (author and page # or chapter and section citations are adequate). Again, this is an assignment in which I am looking for your ability to display your knowledge of course materials.
I recommend composing your content in an offline text editor and then copying and pasting in post. That way you will have an offline copy of all of your hard work.

Grading Rubric:

Federalist Papers Prompt

Constitution Prompt

Writing Mechanics

Total Possible:

Constitution Short Essay Assignment

Essay about COVID

Essay about COVID.

Read the article: Association of Treatment With Hydroxychloroquine or Azithromycin With In-Hospital Mortality in Patients With COVID-19 in New York State. Freely available at: Write the essay where you make a critical analysis and personal interpretation of it, taking into account at least the following elements: Relevance of the research, within the general context on which the researchers rely to carry it out. Consistency in the methodological development used, according to the research objectives. Consistency of the analysis of results and the conclusions presented.The essay must be presented in a maximum of two (2) pages (Arial 11 font). If required, there may be up to one additional page, exclusively, for bibliographic references.
Essay about COVID

Main Approaches Studying Human Cognition Psychology Essay

Main Approaches Studying Human Cognition Psychology Essay. Human cognition has been scientifically approached by the Cognitive Science as its main target and Experimental Cognitive Psychology is the first approach of Cognitive Science to get evaluated in this essay. It started focussing in cognitive processes with the systematic and scientific approach of Behaviourism but in contrast to it taking into account internal processes (Leahey, 2004). Also it provided most theories upon which the other approaches build-up their research with its flexible application to many cognitive task, i.e. Psychophysical methods (subjective judgement and discrimination methods), reaction and processing times methods (to measure mental events and components) while answering simple questions (PollatsekMain Approaches Studying Human Cognition Psychology Essay