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Assess Acculturation Assistance for Adolescents

Adolescents from immigrant families may face special stresses and tensions, due to differences in gender roles, family structure and cohesiveness, and differences in emphasis between individual and group values between the family’s original culture and the host culture. Too often, this can lead to alienation from both the positive elements of the host culture and of the family, with resultant problems such as psychological distress, delinquency, and substance abuse.For this task, you will look at evidence-based and model programs aimed to ameliorate the stress of acculturation for adolescents. Then, you will write an essay that includes the following:Identify and list the names of at least three programs (evidence-based or model programs) aimed at ameliorating the negative impact of acculturation on adolescents. Each program should target a different ethnic group or nationality.Identity the particular characteristics of this group and how immigration and acculturation challenge the adolescents of this group.Describe how Berry’s acculturation model might be applied to the group described in the research.Explain the program and compare the mechanisms for healthy acculturation in the program to the ones mentioned in the text, such as language, education, and support groups.Identify unanswered questions and needs for further research.Support your paper with at least three research articles published in peer reviewed journals.

Literary Analysis Project

Literary Analysis Project.

 For this project, you will take a turn teaching a lesson. Here’s how it will work: •First, you will pick and order one of the following works: ◦ Service, by Bruce Lack (ISBN: 978-0896729209) ◦ The Shallow End of Sleep by Jose Antonio Rodriguez (ISBN: 978-1882688418) ◦ How to Be Drawn By Terrance Hayes (ISBN: 978-0143126881) ◦ Balloon Pop Outlaw Black by Patricia Lockwood (ISBN: 978-0985118228) ◦(The easiest way to get ahold of one of these books is through Amazon, but you might also check local library stock, just in case. These are new books by well regarded contemporary poets, and any one is fine to use. If you have another contemporary poet you are interested in, you can always check with me to see if it’s ok to use that poet’s work. I’ll let you know but check with me first. Finally, before you order, make sure the book will arrive in time for you to complete the assignment) •Second, you need to: ◦read as much as you can about the author (googling is fine for author research) ◦read the book, and pick three poems you’d like to analyze. •Finally, you need to put together a powerpoint presentation like those I’ve put together for you over the semester. You are used to these now, and you should follow the basic format: ◦One slide for relevant author biographical information. ◾We don’t need to know everything about the author. Some of these poets are not even that well-known and don’t have things like Wikipedia pages. You can use things like interviews that you find online, info from the back of the book about the author, etc…. Also, whatever you can find on google is probably ok. Just be sure that you pick two or three biographical details that you think are MOST relevant to understanding the poet’s work. Sum these up with bullet points, or however you see best fit, and add a little audio recording to clarify your bullet points with discussion. ◦One slide for an overview of the author’s major themes. ◾This slide should simply point to patterns that you notice in the author’s work overall–over all the poems in the collection, and maybe even in other places (poems you’ve found online, other works, etc…) ◾You should pick two or three major themes to focus on. For instance, in Bruce Lack’s poetry in Service, you will probably find that many of the poems are devoted to recounting his experiences as a soldier in war, so it would be appropriate to discuss war as a theme in his work). Again, you should provide audio for this, with some elaboration of your thinking. ◦Three slides focusing on individual poems. ◾Pick three poems you’d like to analyze further, and devote one slide to each, breaking down the poem, focusing on major issues in the poem. ◾Major issues may arise because of the content of the poem–the ideas being expressed. ◾Major issues may arise because of the structure of the poem–the way it the ideas are presented or put together. ◾For each of these slides, use two or three bullet points with text that clarifies the major issues, and again provide some audio to provide context. Here are the requirements in sum: A Powerpoint slide presentation on the book of your choosing with one slide devoted to author biography, one to major themes in the author’s work and three slides devoted to discussion of individual poems (the poems are of your choosing). Each slide should have two to three bullet points focusing the reader’s attention on what you want to highlight. 

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IMC-Digital Media – Under Amour

Assess Acculturation Assistance for Adolescents IMC-Digital Media – Under Amour.

IMC-Digital Media – Under Amour Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Type (double-space) at minimum a one-page Report on a company of your choice. Find an example of company or brand that has reduced its spending on traditional mass-media advertising and is allocating more of its IMC budget to digital media. Do you agree with this decision or do you think this company or brand should be maintaining its spending on traditional media advertising? Make sure you cite References.

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Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario.

Your bibliography should include no less than 5 significant academic sources that you have found relating to Art Gallery of Ontario • No more than two can be online sources (appropriate academic sources only: i.e. no Wikipedia, blogs, etc. • For each source, write at least one paragraph describing the main argument and/or information contained within that source. • It should be clear from reading your bibliography that you have found the key sources on your topic, and that you have the core information that you will need to proceed with your writing. • You may use whichever reference style you prefer, as long as it is consistent.

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Benchmark – Strategic Planning: Action Plan

Benchmark – Strategic Planning: Action Plan.

Use your completed strategy map to formulate functional-level strategy for the primary business functions included in your plan. Functional-level strategies are the action plans used by departments within organizations to support the execution of business-level strategy at the managerial level. Create a 500-750 word action plan that addresses the following: Identify which management tactics and strategies you will implement to meet your strategic goals for each of the stakeholders, departments, or business functions impacted by your plan: MBO, MBM, single-use or standing plans, competitive advantage, contingency planning, building scenarios, crisis planning, and innovation. Provide an explanation of how you will apply managerial decision-making methods throughout your action plan. Which business functions will be impacted by your action plan? What tactics will you use to manage implementation across business functions? What can you do to enhance collaboration/cross-functionality to ensure the success of your plan? Identify leadership strategies you plan to implement throughout the execution of your action plan. In particular, explain which strategies you would implement to foster team collaboration among the multiple stakeholders who must collaborate to successfully implement the plan. Why do you think these will be successful? While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite Reference articles (UPLOADED) Southwest article shows labeled as doc 9 sorry only way I could save it had restrictions DOH, J. P., & QUIGLEY, N. R. (2014). Responsible Leadership and Stakeholder Management: Influence Pathways and Organizational Outcomes. Academy of Management Perspectives, 28(3), 255–274. Relph, A., & Parker, D. (2014). Outsourcing: A strategic risk? Management Services, 58(3), 20-24. Retrieved from Kaudela-Baum, S., & Endrissat, N. (2009). Practicing Human Resource Strategy: Understanding the Relational Dynamics in Strategic HR Work by Means of a Narrative Approach”. Zeitschrift Für Personalforschung, 23(2), 125–146. Fang Lee Cooke, & Saini, D. S. (2010). (How) Does the HR strategy support an innovation-oriented business strategy? An investigation of institutional context and organizational practices in Indian firms. Human Resource Management, 49(3), 377–400. 10.1002/hrm.20356. Bhadani, R., & Kotkar, S. N. . (2015). Big Data: An Innovative way to Gain Competitive Advantage Through Converting Data into Knowledge. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, 6(1), 168–170. Retrieved from


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Describe the psychosocial theory as outlined by Erik Erikson

Describe the psychosocial theory as outlined by Erik Erikson.

Describe the psychosocial theory as outlined by Erik Erikson. Be sure to include each of the eight stages of development, as well as the principles that underlie the theory.

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Creative Cloud Libraries

Creative Cloud Libraries.

Description Learning Objectives Covered LO 04.04 – Discuss advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud libraries to organize assets Career Relevancy The Adobe Creative Cloud libraries were introduced so designers could store and retrieve project assets across a variety of programs and platforms (i.e., different computers, phones, tablets or iPad and more). Sharing the libraries within a work environment ensures that all projects maintain consistent components, colors, and structure regardless of who is working on the project. This is something vital in corporate brand development and maintenance. Background Wk4Disc.jpgCreative Cloud Libraries are collections of design assets such as colors, brushes, graphics, and text styles. Most often, the collections maintained in CC Libraries pertain to specific projects or clients. For example, a client’s logo can be stored up in a library, along with the colors generally utilized for their work and so on. If, during the process of design development, an asset changes – for example, the client decides to change the tagline on a logo. (A tagline would be like “Just Do It” for Nike – it’s the small line of text close to a logo which tells you about what they are selling or how it is being sold.) Once the asset is changed and re-uploaded to the cloud, all instances of its use will be updated automatically. This saves time, dollars and ultimately many headaches in the fast-paced world of design. CC Libraries assets are available across several platforms like desktop apps, phones, or tablets. They are also available within all of the Adobe programs, and the assets can be shared with colleagues and clients alike. The CC Libraries can be found under Window>Libraries. The libraries panel can be used to create, view, rename, edit, sort, view or remove items from a library. Additional libraries can be created according to need. For example, each client or project may have its own library. While sharing assets can be great, it can also be scary. Why? What if a well-meaning colleague did some house cleaning in the library and deleted assets that are still being utilized? That could be a major problem! While the owner of the library can control whether a colleague has permission to edit or not, big problems can still occur. Being aware of these potential problems will help to avert disaster in the first place. Prompt For this week’s discussion, you are going to pretend you are working out in the field as a graphic designer. Your boss has approached you with a task: They have heard of the CC Libraries and are wondering which of the following clients it might work well for and which it won’t and why. Client A is a regular customer – an auto parts store. They bring in project work every single week, each project requiring that the manufacturer’s logos be utilized, along with photos of the parts, pricing and so on. The store handles parts from just five manufacturers and regularly creates large window banners that look very similar, just highlighting different things. Client B has a newspaper that is created once a month. The overall format (logos, typeface, etc.) of the newspaper is always the same, but the elements used within change with every month. Client C is a marketing company that specializes in marketing materials for dentist offices. They have pre-formatted brochures and websites, so Client C looks to your company for logo work: a custom logo, business card, and stationary, but nothing further. Research how, when and where Adobe CC Libraries are utilized and then decide the following for each scenario presented above: Would it be beneficial to create a CC Library for this company? Why or why not? What elements would you recommend housing in the library and why? Are there any disadvantages to using CC Libraries in each scenario? Why or why not? For your citation, you might use articles that show examples of CC Libraries in use within the workplace. You can also find articles from experts that suggest when and how to utilize CC Libraries. Your initial and reply posts should work to develop a group understanding of this topic. Challenge each other. Build on each other. Always be respectful but discuss this and figure it out together. Instructions (if needed) to upload and embed images to the discussion: (make sure you reference all images you use)

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The Court System, the Constitution and Litigation

The Court System, the Constitution and Litigation.

The Court System, the Constitution and Litigation A

If a “whistle-blower” (an employee of Castle & Cook) filed an action against Castle & Cook for employing a public official in a foreign country (an alleged violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), which US Court can the lawsuit be filed in? State or Federal? Make sure you discuss “jurisdiction” overCastle & Cook, both “subject matter” and “personal jurisdiction” and the “ethics” of the whistle-blower.

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Service Learning Reflective Essay;You will need to write an essay describing your reflections on your community service experience. Your reflection may include your reactions, feelings, observations, and ideas regarding your activity. At a minimum, the cr

Service Learning Reflective Essay;You will need to write an essay describing your reflections on your community service experience. Your reflection may include your reactions, feelings, observations, and ideas regarding your activity. At a minimum, the cr.

Critical reflection

You will need to write an essay describing your reflections on your community service experience. Your reflection may include your reactions, feelings, observations, and ideas regarding your activity. At a minimum, the critical reflection should include: (1) a brief history/description of the organization that you are working for, its component parts, roles, activities, purposes, goals, the services it provides, etc.; (2) a description of the nature of volunteer experience, the skills you used and/or developed through your activities; and most importantly, (3) what you learned as a result of this process, about yourself, the organization, the political system, the political process, etc. In essence, you are asked to critically reflect on the experience, and your essay will be evaluated on how well you analyze the experience and how well you integrate what you’ve learned in the class with your community service project. This last part is the most important part of the essay and should be at least half of your paper length. We will workshop in class how you can make connections to the course with the work you’re doing.

The organization where I volunteered in my political science class was Vote Yes on Proposition 10- Affordable Housing Act.

To have more information about this organization, please look for it on google.

What I have learned in class regarding the book American Government from chapter 1 to chapter 17. Here is the link of the book:[email protected]:[email protected]/Defining-Foreign-Policy

To integrate what I’ve learned in class with my community service project, please also watch these videos such that give you ideas about my lessons in the class: 

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Leveraging Human Capital

Leveraging Human Capital.

Description Throughout this course, you analyzed your current work environment to identify their acquiring, developing, and training practices. Employees are the biggest asset and contribute to the culture and overall performance of the organization. The final part of this project requires you to determine how to leverage on the human capital within your organization. Use the research you have complied throughout this course to determine how to appropriately develop and motivate your employees. Develop a final written proposal (1,250-1,500 words), discussing performance indicators, rewards and incentives, and a plan for motivating employees. Your proposal must include the following: An evaluation of the current employee status. Describe tasks and performance indicators that contribute to the overall performance on the job. Develop strategies to encourage employees. How will you reward them for their performance and support them during difficulty? Describe strategies to leverage on employee assets. How will you identify their strengths and use them to better the performance and skills of individual employees? Describe a vision for the overall culture you aspire to develop in your organization. How will you integrate rewards and incentives to remain competitive in your market and appeal to your employees? Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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This is statistics,You have to master the contents of the entire syllabus to do well in this examination.Your answers must be neatly typed in a Microsoft Word Document. You must use Times New Roman, 12pt font with one-inch margin all around. • All the co

This is statistics,You have to master the contents of the entire syllabus to do well in this examination.Your answers must be neatly typed in a Microsoft Word Document. You must use Times New Roman, 12pt font with one-inch margin all around. • All the co.

You have to master the contents of the entire syllabus to do well in this examination. 
• Your answers must be neatly typed in a Microsoft Word Document. You must use Times New Roman, 12pt font with one-inch margin all around. 
• All the computation work MUST be performed in Microsoft Excel. 
• Graphs and tables must be properly inserted in the Microsoft Word document. 
• The Microsoft Word file must be named as FirstName_LastName_TNumber_Writeup
• The Microsoft Excel File must be named as FirstName_LastName_TNumber_Computation
This examination uses the data contained the attached Excel file named 

This file has Medicare charges and payment data for 1219 hospitals from around the country for MAJOR JOINT/LIMB REATTACHMENT PROCEDURE OF UPPER EXTREMITIES for the Fiscal Year 2015.


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