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Assasin’s creed analize from game desinger perspective

) narrative (fantasy, or medival or sci-fi etc.) and Is is casual game or hardcore game. (How the game engage the player) Also I need to refer to Maria B. Garda’s text- “Interactive Fantasy” (I will attach it in the attachment)

SLA Final Project­Resource Development Guide

SLA Final Project­Resource Development Guide.

Grading Rubric for Resource Development Guide Points

Required Sections

Title Page:

• Report Title, Nonprofit organization name, Student Name(s)

Table of Contents:

• Include section headings and page numbers 5


• Tell the reader what you are covering in the guide; use the sections as guides to describe how thisdocument can help the reader understand the organization and basic fundraising principles

• Provide an introduction and overview of the nonprofit organization (don’t forget to include the

mission statement). 10

Case Statement

• Describe what a case statement is and why it’s important for a nonprofit to have one.

• Identify and describe the information that should be included in the Case Statement.

• Include the completed Nonprofit Overview Assignment as a template (with any instructor

recommended revisions) in the Appendix.

• Refer the reader to the appendix to find this template. 10

Fundraising Methods

• Describe each of the four Standard Fundraising Methods: Annual Campaign, Major Gifts, Capital

Campaign, Planned Gifts

• Identify which methods the nonprofit is currently utilizing and describe briefly how they are

engaging in each one.

• If there are any methods they are not using, which one(s) do you suggest they consider and why?


LOI/Grant Proposal

• Describe how grants benefit nonprofit organizations.

• Describe what an LOI is and what information should be included in one.

• Grant Opportunities: Identify three (3) grant opportunities that would be appropriate for your

organization. Granting opportunities can come from government agencies, private foundations,

corporate foundations, family foundations, and community foundations. *You must also include

grant contact info, description of the opportunity, why it is appropriate for the nonprofit

organization, and any deadlines/due dates for the grant application.

• Include the completed LOI/Grant Proposal activity as a template (with any instructor or student

recommended revisions) in the Appendix.

• Refer the reader to the appendix to find this template. 10

Special Events

• Describe how special events can benefit nonprofit organizations.

• Describe some of the most common special events that nonprofit organizations can consider.

• Describe the events that the nonprofit currently conducts annually.

• Describe the event that you have created for the nonprofit and what benefit this event can provide

to the organization.

• Include one completed Special Events Plan Assignment as a template (with any instructor

recommended revisions) in the Appendix.

• Refer the reader to the appendix to find this template. 10

Donor Relations

• Explain why nonprofits must focus on donor relations.

• Identify at least 4 types of people who could be potential donors to the nonprofit organization

(donor characteristics, not names of potential donors).

• Describe five donor expectations that you feel are relevant to this nonprofit organization.

• Discuss the importance of properly handling donor records and the value of Donor Management

Systems (fundraising software).

• Research and provide your recommendation of two (2) donor management systems the nonprofit

could consider, describe why you recommend these companies for the nonprofit, and include contact

information for the two companies. 10

Communication/Marketing the NPO

• Discuss the importance of marketing with respect to fundraising.

• Describe the various ways the nonprofit organization can promote their organization and raise funds


o Value of Social Media:

? Provide examples of how the nonprofit organization can use social media to encourage donor


o Website:

? Explain how the nonprofit’s website conveys their mission, programs/services, and asks for support.

? What do you suggest be added / revised on their website to make it stronger?

o E­mail and e­newsletters:

? Describe how these can be useful tools for your nonprofit.

? What should nonprofits take into consideration when using these forms of communication? 10


• Summarize what you’ve talked about in this guide using the section headers for guidance. 5

Reference List & In­Text Citations

• Minimum of three (3) references in addition to the course textbook – so a total of 4 references in

total. Grant funder websites and donor prospect company websites are NOT references.

• Use in­text citations for your sources using the correct APA format.

• If you need help with APA format for citations and references, please visit this great resource:


Appendices – Templates (each template must be referenced in its corresponding section – e.g. “A

sample of the special event plan created for XYZ Nonprofit is located in Appedix X.”).

• Nonprofit Overview

• Grant Proposal Letter

• Special Event Plan (including the flyer)

*These should be your final versions of the graded course activities, including any revisions after

receiving instructor comments earlier in the course. 10

Logic, Flow, and Understanding of Material

The quality of writing reflects upper­level, collegiate work demonstrating clarity of ideas and an

integration of course concepts. The use of subheadings and transitional sentences between

subsections is required. 5

Grammar, Spelling

• Points will not be given for this; however points may be deducted for poor grammar and poor




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Designing a batch reactor unit operation.

Assasin’s creed analize from game desinger perspective Designing a batch reactor unit operation..

This is a final year design project for chemical engineering which requires designing a batch reactor unit operation. The chemical process is to produce 20000 tonnes/year of erucamide from reaction of erucic acid with ammonia. The reaction formula as follows,

C22H42O2+ NH3



         Mass, mole and energy balances: I need detailed calculations for mass, mole and energy balances on excel. The output of the unit operation is around 3000 kg/hr.

       The temperature in the reactor should be 200

 and pressure of 10 bar.

         Equipment data sheet (Reactor sizing such as volume, width, thickness and height). Knowing that the reactor should be able to produce 20000 tonnes/year and extra 20% for volume as pre-caution for further demand on the product (erucamide), and the operation time is 8000 hours/year.

          The reactor is one major unit to produce erucamide which consist of 5 major units which are: splitter, distillation column, reactor, distillation column and crystalliser.

          The efficiency (conversion) of the reactor should be 95%.

          Material of construction: can you please mention the material that we could build the reactor with and the reason for your choice. Take into consideration cost, safety, and corrosion resistance.

          Process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID): The P&ID is needed for the reactor unit operation (control valves, temperature indicators (TI), pressure indicator (PI), level indicator (LI) flow indicator (FI), pressure safety valves(PSV), flow control valve(FCV), temperature control valve (TCV), pressure control valve (PCV), pumps, heat exchanger if needed (especially the one necessary to transform liquid ammonia to vapour ammonia before it enters the reactor). Discuss each element used and the reason for using them.

          If the procedure based on calculations needs more than one reactor to produce 20000 tonnes/year of erucamide, do mention it please and include it in the P&ID. Based on the size of the reactor and the cost in addition to the efficiency it will result if used in parallel or in series reactors (Mostly Parallel is the required choice but based on your references, it could be the other option).

          Area of responsibility:  the area that I’m responsible about is the plant lay-out, it should be included in the report before the conclusion. Briefly, the location is important and take in concern the effect on production process, economic aspect, administration, storage dispatch and physical health of the operatives. This include the canteen, toilets, workers’ rest rooms, access routes and the car parks and Hygiene. The location of the plant will be in the UK, Hull city.

          Calculation of the reaction residence time and concentration:  In the report, residence time and concentration of the reaction should be calculated and discussed.

          The calculations to be included in appendices.

          Type of catalyst will be used in the reaction: Life-span of the catalyst and how it can be reactivated or poisoned depending on the power of the catalyst should be discussed in the report.

          All the calculations should be done on excel.

          I need to know the ratio of the reaction mentioned above.

          The reactor will consist of:

 Two inlets (Erucic acid) & (ammonia) and

Two outlets (steam + unreacted ammonia as vapours) and (unreacted erucic acid + erucamide as liquids).

          Discuss how can you maintain the temperature when you drain the product from the reactor.

          The words count should be 4000 words: appendices don’t count in the words count.

          Provide a section for the unit operation HAZOP [hazards operability analysis] (safety, pre-cautions, if something went wrong i.e. high or low flow, temperature and pressures what is the consequences. What could be done to prevent any mistake and any action needs to be taken).

          Include any relative drawings, diagrams or tables.

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Imformational Essay,What of this goldfish would you wish” and “the lottery”different approaches your writer take to develop their thems. Stories:

Imformational Essay,What of this goldfish would you wish” and “the lottery”different approaches your writer take to develop their thems. Stories:.

Write an informational essay in which you analyze and compare different approaches your writer take to develop their thems.
“What of this goldfish would you wish” and “the lott

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Rhetorical Analysis of Declaration of Independence

Rhetorical Analysis of Declaration of Independence.

Rhetorical Analysis of Declaration of Independence 

3-5 pages Rhetorical analysis of the declaration of the independence. How logos, pathos and logos are conveyed. How can I upload the formal assignment?

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Roots Raggae

Roots Raggae.

 Your thesis statement should IMPLY a guiding research question. After analyzing the cultural context, what conclusions can be drawn? Generally speaking, your paper should not promote a neutral stance. How does the repertoire you’ve chosen relate to issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, or other definers of identity? Gives complete biographical background. Gives a complete description of the music including genre, style, tempo and instrumentation. Critiques the music in depth using musical terms and citing many specific examples. Topic is well connected to the Saint Leo Core Value “Excellence” Provide a listening example of the genre that can be played by your classmates. Include lyrics, if your music has lyrics and some guide or explanation of the music itself that guides the listeners through the performance.

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Health Informatics Consultant

Health Informatics Consultant.

Imagine that you are a newly hired Health Informatics Consultant for a small private physician’s practice. The head physician would like to expand their electronic service offerings so that they can better serve rural patients. The head physician is on board for the expansion, however, his/her associate is reluctant to make the changes in their current healthcare delivery model. Select one (1) of the following types of healthcare technology: Tele-health, E-visits, E-health, m-health, Health Information exchange, connected health or Tele-psychology and create a persuasive argument as to the benefits of this technology for patients and the practice. Create a PowerPoint presentation. 1. Presentation is 10–15 slides in length. (Title and reference slides are required but are NOT counted as a part of the PPT). 2. Include an overview and a detailed description of the healthcare technology of choice. 3. Give pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages) of the chosen technology. 4. Explain why the particular chosen technology is a good business decision. 5. Explained how the selected technology facilitates effective communication. 6. Include and discuss at least one slide that is a visual representation the workflow/communication process using your selected technology. ****Speaker notes are required: Use of the speaker’s notes for areas that contains detailed information, while the slides appear uncluttered. A min. of TWO (2) references are required in APA format

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