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Aspen University Hepatitis A Virus Causes Symptoms Prevention and Cure Paper

Aspen University Hepatitis A Virus Causes Symptoms Prevention and Cure Paper.

Assignment:Write a scholarly paper in which you apply the concepts of epidemiology and nursing research to a communicable disease. Choose one communicable disease.Epidemiology Paper RequirementsInclude the following in your assignment:A thorough description of the disease including causes, mode of transmission, symptoms, treatment and complications. Discuss the demographic most affected-incidence, prevalence, morbidity and mortality.What are the determinants of health affecting this disease? the epidemiologic triad including host, agent and environmental factors as related to this disease.Discuss the role of the public health nurse in relation to this disease. How is the public health nurse involved in finding, reporting, collection and analysis of data and follow up?A minimum of three references is required. The written essay should be at least 1250 words in length.APA format is required., check for pragiarism
Aspen University Hepatitis A Virus Causes Symptoms Prevention and Cure Paper

CC Modifiable Determinant of Health and Disease Studies and Risks Essay.

I’m working on a public health multi-part question and need support to help me learn.

1. Pick a modifiable determinant of health (a social one is easier) and a disease. You will use this couple during the entire course.2. Explain (using epidemiological knowledge and based on review of the literature) why there may be a causal association between the determinant of health and the disease you selected. Hill criteria, path and web of causation.3. Describe the risks that have been measured for the determinant of health and for the disease.4. Describe the study that have been used to study the connection between the determinant of health and the disease in question.
CC Modifiable Determinant of Health and Disease Studies and Risks Essay

We’re often taught to go with our first impressions. My first impression after reading Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem “In Goya’s Greatest Scenes We Seem to See….” was that Ferlinghetti was just having some fun with hyperbole by making an exaggerated comparison between the tragedies of war and the troubles Americans face on the highways. Of course I quickly remembered this was indeed Ferlinghetti and it couldn’t be a simple poem of hyperbole. After a second read I noticed a good amount of alliteration, but still found myself dealing with his undeniable use of hyperbole. So, expanding my first impression I decided to study the use of hyperbole and alliteration as the main poetic devices in this poem. After continued re-readings it also became clear how Ferlinghetti brilliantly combined those two devices to achieve contrast and understatement as well. Let’s start with a simple read through to pick out as many examples of hyperbole as can be found. Doing a quick review of Goya’s paintings, most commentaries on this poem, including Linda Sue Grimes The “people of the world” can hardly be seen in one scene of any picture, especially considering the relatively narrow focus in most of Goya’s work. Catching the “exact moment” of anything is almost impossible, never mind that fact that “human suffering” while indeed evident during Goya’s time was certainly evident during the Plague and throughout prior history. Paintings are inanimate so the subjects can’t “writhe on the page”. There is a mention of “cement skies” and “carnivorous cocks”. Moving to the second half of the poem Ferlinghetti references “legionnaires, false windmills and demented roosters”, all examples of hyperbole at some level. I’ve been in Dallas, NYC, Chicago, Miami and Paris but have never seen a freeway “fifty lanes wide” and my small back yard, which is hard tack clay, it still refutes the notion of a “concrete continent”. Despite claims of the ecology movement the engines of the painted cars of the citizenry cannot devour America. There are prisoner transfer vehicles occasionally seen on the American highways but they are no tumbrils on the highways. Ferlinghetti’s starts his use of alliteration in the title with “Goya’s Greatest” and “Scenes we seem to see”. He references “Babies and bayonets” (alliteration and amazingly stark contrast), blasted trees, bent statues, bat wings and beaks. Cadavers and carnivorous cocks complete the first section. In the second segment contains the following alliterativephrases; “ranged along roads”, “further from home on freeways fifty lanes wide”, “concrete continent”, “bland billboards” , “illustrating imbecile illusions”, “scene shows”, and “more maimed”. The two halves of the poem also represent hyperbole on a larger scale. Only the truly naïve would not see that comparing the tragic suffering of the subjects in Goya’s paintings to the suffering of people on US highways is an extravagant exaggeration. That is the definition of hyperbole according to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. This last point, comparing people being mutilated by inhumane soldiers to commuters, gave me cause to reflect. Surely Ferlinghetti wasn’t ignorant to the degree of distress and anguish the Spanish patriots experienced during the war. As I looked to research Ferlinghetti’s life I found life experience I didn’t expect. His ability to take an emotionally detached view comes from a life in which he encountered loneliness and loss and isolation that “ quote from book” There are many instances in his life that make it clear he was more familiar than most with the atrocities of war, so he certainly can’t claim ignorance of the horrors being suffered in the paintings of Goya. “ More quotes from book about his military experiences and the stories he heard from WWI, visa vie Hemingway”
Boston College Business Recession Questions.

I’m working on a finance question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Answer the following four questions. How many recessions have there been in the US economy since 1959? When did the mostrecent US recession begin (peak) and end (trough) ( this is not a trick question. this question refers to the most recent complete recession)? When was the longest post World War 2 business cycle expansion in the US? (trough to peak, give the trough and peak dates, again this refers to the complete expansion)When was the deepest post World War 2 recession in the US? (peak to trough, give the peak and trough dates)Why do we need seasonally adjusted data to analyze business cycles? Provide examples.Submit a summary of your answers to the questions as a text entry or as a Word or PDF file. Provide sources and references where needed.
Boston College Business Recession Questions

School of Visual Arts History of Design Reading Response Essay

School of Visual Arts History of Design Reading Response Essay.

Each week I will post a question on Canvas related to the weekly readings and class topic. The question should be responded to after doing your weekly readings and is seen as a short exercise to get you writing and thinking critically about the texts. For guidance, you should only take between 15-20 minutes to respond and I expect the response length to be 3-5 paragraphs. I am looking for responses that specifically cite the assigned texts, please make sure to use your own voice instead of using an author’s quotes. Your response will be graded with a ?, ?-, or ?+. 
Please read  
• David Raizman, Chapter 5: “The Joy of Work,” and “Design Reform in France: L’Art Nouveau,” in History of Modern Design: 81-88 and 120-128.
• Debra Silverman, “Art Nouveau, Art of Darkness: African Lineages of Belgian Modernism,” Part I, West 86th 18, no. 2 (2011): 144-163.
Q: What are some of the characteristics and key ideas of Design Reform and Art Nouveau? Please use specific example examples from the readings. 
School of Visual Arts History of Design Reading Response Essay

computing spreadsheet help

online homework help computing spreadsheet help.

1. State University must purchase 1700 computers from three vendors.
Vendor 1 charges $500 per computer plus a total delivery charge of $5,000.
Vendor 2 charges $350 per computer plus a total delivery charge of $4,000.
Vendor 3 charges $250 per computer plus a total delivery charge of $6,000.
Vendor 1 will sell the university at most +600 computers, vendor 2, at most
1100, and vendor 3, at most 700. The minimum order from a vendor is
200 computers. Determine how to minimize the cost of purchasing the
needed computers.
a. Interpretation “a” – Each vendor must supply at least the
minimum. Hence all vendors are used and all delivery charges are
b. Interpretation “b” – Each vendor must supply at least the
minimum only if that vendor is used. Hence delivery charges are
incurred only for those vendors used. Hint – A fixed cost can be
modeled by using a binary integer variable.

computing spreadsheet help

crj 308 Final Comprehensive Case Report Topic and Outline

crj 308 Final Comprehensive Case Report Topic and Outline. Help me study for my Law class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Examine the criminal behaviors involved in your case using a minimum of four scholarly and/or credible sources.
In your paper,

Analyze a minimum of two particular psychological factors that explains the client’s criminal behavior, such as specific environmental/situational, biological, or mental health issues that may explain this individual’s crimes.
Create an outline that examines a minimum of two particular psychological factors explaining your client’s criminal behaviors.

Each topic or step of the outline should include two to three sentences regarding what will be discussed in that section, focusing on the particular psychological factors that explains the criminal behaviors
Cite specific examples from the sources that support your research and analysis. For example, if you find that your sources show early childhood trauma is a factor in criminal behavior and your client suffered early childhood trauma, or had a high ACES score, write about that connection between your source and your client’s case.

crj 308 Final Comprehensive Case Report Topic and Outline

Purdue University Social Inequality Patterns and Processes Questions

Purdue University Social Inequality Patterns and Processes Questions.

WRITE 250 WORDS FOR PART 1WRITE 250 WORDS FOR PART 2PART 11.Ethics: Let’s keep it simple this week:How much do you agree with Carol Gilligan that there is a difference between a female and male ethics?Do you think this difference is largely biological or cultural (nature or nurture)?… 2.Trade:Explain why exchange‐rate quotations stated in different financial centers tend to be consistent with one another.3. Social inequality patterns and processes by Martin Marger 2Read The American Class System: Pages 54-77, 96-98, 105-107, and read over the Power Elite1) Explain the growing social inequality in the United States. Focus on 2 reasons why this gap exists and why this inequality is predicted to grow. Support your claims with examples from the readings.…2) Read over the Mill’s Power Elite and Domhoff’s Governing Class. Show in 3 ways how the power elite leverages power over the government and society, use aspects of the readings in your response. Watch the following TED TALK: your own words explain what happens in a society when there is too much inequality between the wealthy and poor (such as our society.) Drawing from the Ted Talk, how can we fix poverty?
Purdue University Social Inequality Patterns and Processes Questions

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