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Based Question in English Core (301) In class XII (2013-14) the written paper In March examination 2014 will be of 100 marks and there will be no formal assessment of speaking and listening skills In class XII English Core as was mentioned In the Curriculum document 2014 (Volume-I) for Senior Secondary. The modified syllabus with Values Based Question Is attached as annexure with this notification. In class XI 2013-14, weightage has been allocated to assessment of speaking and listening skills The reading project will be assessed internally.

The guidelines to conduct the Speaking and Listening Assessment (ASL) for class Xl had been uploaded on the CBSE Academic Website www. cbseacademic. in vide circular no. : 63 dated 12, September, 2012, along with Sample Papers for ASL. It is expected that all the schools affiliated to CBSE to have conducted the Speaking and Listening Assessment as per the guidelines uploaded at school level in class Xl and added the marks in the term end examination 2013 for class XI. All the schools are once again informed that the assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) has to be conducted by every school in class Xl (2013-14) also.

The eightage ot 20 marks will be added in the written paper ot 80 marks to make it 100 marks tor the final examination. As part of evidence of assessment, schools are expected to malntaln the files of audio recording of the speaking assessment of students to be sent to the CBSE along with the Award lists of Speaking and Listening Assessment. The modified guidelines along with the sample papers of the Speaking and Listening assessment will be uploaded on the CBSE Academic website very shortly.

All the head of schools may schedule the conduct of the school-based assessment for class Xl from 15 November to 1 5 December of each year. o avoid any inconvenience. The monitoring of the school based assessment of speaking and listening skills will be done by the C3SE with the help of trained Monitors and Oral Examiners. Therefore to sum up, the division of marks is as follows: Academic Class Marks/ Weightage Written Paper ot for ASL English Core Total Marks 2013-14 *2013-14 20 *2014-15 *Please see detailed syllabus in Curriculum document 201 5 for Senior Secondary (Volume l)

Intro to Sociology

There needs to be a discussion, following two replies to two other student’s and questions. However, I can’t send the student’s discussion until I submit my own discussion. I’ve attached the requirements for the discussion, replies. Discussion Question: Students this week will focus on Chapter 10 Sex, Gender, and Sexuality. Do the Media reflect Societal Atttitudes on gender, or do the media determine and teach Gender Behavior?
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