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Asia’s Economic Slowdown college admissions essay help Powerpoint coursework help

A discussion of the factors responsible for the slowdown in Asia’s economic performance and its move towards recession in 2000 – 2001.

This paper discusses the several factors responsible for the economic slowdown in South East Asian countries in recent years, including headings like the Asian Crisis and the Second World Economic Crisis. Graphs. There are statistics cited throughout the paper to support and balance the discussion.
`The East Asian economic miraculous growth since the 1980s has came to an abrupt end with the Asian financial crisis from 1997 to 1998 (Cheong, 2001), and it has contributed significantly to the slowdown of Japan and the four Asian Tigers. There are several factors that led to the Asian Crisis in July 1997. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (1999), the difficulties that East Asian countries faced were not primarily the result of macroeconomic imbalances. Rather, these stemmed from weaknesses in their financial systems and governance. Most were having budget surpluses, external surpluses, but low inflation. The maintenance of relatively fixed exchange rates led banks and corporations to borrow large amounts of international capital, much of it short-term, that are denominated in foreign currency, and unhedged. Also, as the contagion spread to Korea, the world’s eleventh largest economy, the possibility of a default by Korea raised a potential threat to the international monetary system (IMF, 1999).`

Evaluating retail locations

Evaluating Retail Locations
For this assignment, you will evaluate the location of two different stores in your local area
Select two retail stores that are located in different areas to contrast them. Describe the location (shopping center, power center, mall, urban, box store, etc.)
What is the size and shape of each retailer’s trade area?
Describe the positive and negative aspects of each retailer’s location. Include traffic flow and accessibility, parking, visibility, adjacent tenants, etc.
Compare the store’s location with the location of it’s competitors.
What suggestions would you make to the retailers about their location.
Your grade will be based on your content, how thoroughly you answered the required questions, and the clarity and format of your report.