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Ashford University Gender Gap and Compensation Discussion Paper

Ashford University Gender Gap and Compensation Discussion Paper.

For this assignment, you will write an essay that explores the topics of gender gap and
In your introduction, explain whether you think the gender gap is a women’s issue, men’s issue,
or both. Explain your response and reasoning within your introduction.
Then, divide the body of your paper using the headers below, and cover in that section what is
indicated under the header.
Closing the Gap
Explain why the gender gap continues to be an issue in our society and what can be done to help
close this gap in terms of opportunities and pay.
Legal Provisions
Identify legal provisions that are in place for addressing the gender gap. Hypothesize why legal
provisions have not been successful in closing the gap. Discuss how ethics may play a role in
future changes.
Recruitment Planning
Explain what human resource professionals should consider when planning compensation and
pay during recruitment planning.

Ashford University Gender Gap and Compensation Discussion Paper

Persuasive Interviewing.

Assignment 1: Discussion Question: Persuasive InterviewingDiscussion Question What are some of the similarities and differences between motivational interviewing techniques used in a counseling setting and persuasive techniques used in a business sales setting? What are the ethical considerations in each setting? Be sure to cite as appropriate, the online course, the textbook, and other credible, scholarly sources to substantiate the points you are making. Apply APA standards for writing and citations to your work.
Persuasive Interviewing

SSU Relationship Between Qualitative Analysis & Evidence Based Practice Essay.

Evidence-based practice is integral to social work, as it often informs best practices. Competent social workers understand this connection in general and the ways it benefits clients in particular. For this Assignment, consider your informed opinion on the relationship between qualitative analysis and evidence-based practice.Submit a 2-page paper that addresses the following:Choose two qualitative research studies from this week’s resources and analyze the relationship between qualitative analysis and evidence-based practice.Consider how the qualitative study contributes to social work practice and how this type of knowledge would fit into building evidence-based practice.The articles you can choose from are listed belowChoose Two of the Following Articles:Browne, D., & Moloney, A. (2002). Contact irregular: A qualitative analysis of the impact of visiting patterns of natural parents on foster placement. Child and Family Social Work, 7(1), 35–45.Crandall, M., Senturia, K., Sullivan, M., & Shiu-Thornton, S. (2005). Latina survivors of domestic violence: Understanding through qualitative analysis. Hispanic Health Care International, 3(3), 179–187.Jackson, L. A., Marentette, H., & McCleave, H. (2000/2001). Teenage moms living in Nova Scotia, Canada: An exploration of influences on their decision to become a mother. International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 20(1), 117–138.Larios, S. E., Wright, S., Jernstrom, A, Lebron, D., & Sorensen, J. L. (2011). Evidence-based practices, attitudes, and beliefs in substance abuse treatment programs serving American Indians and Alaska Natives: A qualitative study. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 43(4), 355–359.Luke, N., & Banerjee, R. (2012). Maltreated children’s social understanding and empathy: A preliminary exploration of foster carers’ perspectives. Journal of Child & Family Studies, 21(2), 237–246.Shek, D. T. L., Tang, V. M. Y., & Han, X. Y. (2005). Evaluation of evaluation studies using qualitative methods in the social work literature (1990–2003): Evidence that constitutes a wake-up call. Research on Social Work Practice, 15(3), 180–194.Venkatesh, S. A. (1997). The three-tier model: How helping occurs in urban, poor communities. The Social Service Review, 71(4), 574–606.Zeira, A., & Rosen, A. (1999). Intermediate outcomes pursued by practitioners: A qualitative analysis. Social Work Research, 23(2), 79–87.
SSU Relationship Between Qualitative Analysis & Evidence Based Practice Essay

Why did the Hawthorne studies and McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y have an impact on the study of organizational. Why did the Hawthorne studies and McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y have an impact on the study of organizational behavior? Explain why and how changes in the U.S. demographics affect the healthcare industry. How does attribution theory allow managers to “justify” workers’ behaviors? What tools and/or techniques could a manager used to ensure that the message communicated is understood by the receiver as intended.Why did the Hawthorne studies and McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y have an impact on the study of organizational

Sulfuric Acid as a Hazardous Substance Presentation

Sulfuric Acid as a Hazardous Substance Presentation.

Individual Research on Hazardous AgentSafety and Health Lab – Individual research project instructionsThe purpose of this assignment is to practice search for reliable information related to a topic of interest, preparing a presentation or a poster and presenting it in professional manner. This experience is of great importance for professional development and lifelong learning.This research project is individual and should be prepared as a presentation (no requirements or limit of number of slides) or a poster (single ppt slide with appropriate size). A pdf file of the research should be submitted on Bb – assignment Research Project (Assignment submission area).Please use proper file name (see electronic submission instructions on Bb) or follow coding:CourseCodeFirstLastNameResPro.PDFHow to proceed and what to include:Pick a hazardous agent by choice from chemical, physical or biological hazards. Search online as well as in the library for materials to describe the haz agent of choice. If you are not sure about the topic, before spending sleepless nights on that, you may submit a proposal for the research – a pdf text file with your intentions or short summary. Use the file name that you will use for the presentation, just add “-proposal” at the end of the file name and submit on Bb. The instructor may direct you and approve it then you can proceed with building your presentation. Note that researching biological hazardous agents requires more reading and explanations of detection and mitigation. These are usually not covered by the lab course. It is not required to go through approval route in order to complete this assignment.What the description of haz agent should include:Specificity of the hazard, description how can affect people, if a chemical – chemical properties, structure, in what physical phase (state of matter), how penetrates in human body (entry routs), known products containing it (SDS – if available)Known effects, levels of risk and toxicity – reliable sources reference dataExample of recent professional research (peer reviewed article – see UCM online database for Journals). A slide should show a snap shot of the title page of the article as appears on the web site, or a scan of the original. Another slide should shortly describe the article – the method and the findings. In case no peer reviewed articles found – find any reliable web based research on that topic and describe the methods and the findings.Industries or environments where this hazardous agent is found. What is the reason to use and if this haz agent is an ingredient of a commercial product why this product is used. Find and add snapshot of the MSDS. If the haz agent is due to use of a process or machinery or an instrument, explain how is generated, i.e. radiation or heat.Detection physical principle, monitoring methods and instruments, OSHA method – if any, NIOSH publications – if any. Example of instrument for detection – online search. If there is an instrument available how it works as a physical principal and operation mode (refer to description of detection and monitoring instruments in the instructions folder of this course on Blackboard). Strategy for sampling – area, personal.Method application examples – NIOSH case studies if available.Mitigation, engineering controls and personal PPE for this particular haz agent (examples from SDS if chemical)Known disasters or cases and events involving this hazardous agent.For all sources used comment on what makes them reliable.All reference sources should be clearly visible in the slides, no videos allowed but pictures only. Snap shots of websites, maps and so on can be added.Avoid fancy presentation effects, focus on content.The assignment will be graded by the level of completeness, but also important will be effort and enthusiasm to find reliable sources as well as being able to identify relevant and important information about the topic of interest. The main part of the grade will be the competence and professionalism of presentation. The presentation will be considered as an assessment and demonstration of understanding for the importance of such activities for the professional development in the field of occupational safety and health profession. Don’t forget all this is with educational purpose – don’t spend too long on this project! We will be looking at quality not quantity.In case a student is not able to actually present the project will be evaluated on completeness and clarity.
Sulfuric Acid as a Hazardous Substance Presentation

Languages homework help

help writing Languages homework help. I need someone to do this case study and follow all the instructions CAREFULLY PLEASE.Case Study: The Matador Casting CompanyMatador Casting Company has been in business since 1940.ÿ They make custom aluminum, iron, bronze and brass cast metal parts using a sand casting process.ÿ Traditionally the cost of a finished part is estimated on a per-pound basis for the finished part.ÿ The prices to customers are quoted based on how difficult the part is to cast.ÿ Parts that are difficult to cast require more handling, more finish work and have higher scrap rates.The problem Matador is facing is that they are losing money on many jobs.ÿ The per-pound method of costing does not accurately take into account differences in labor and materials between different jobs and, as a result the pricing to customers is inaccurate and often fails to be profitable.Your Industrial Engineering team has been hired by Matador to analyze and propose more accurate methods for estimating prime costs (labor and material) for different jobs.ÿ You will provide your proposal in the form of the engineering design process using the template that has been provided.ÿ You will follow the following sequence:úÿÿÿÿÿÿ define the PROBLEM;úÿÿÿÿÿÿ discuss current PRE-EXISTING KNOWLEDGE on determining labor and material costs (use the textbook, lecture and internet searches) and explain how these methods could be applied to the Matador problem;úÿÿÿÿÿÿ explain to Matador management how you would go about MODELING and testing the different methods to help them understand how they would provide better results;úÿÿÿÿÿÿ ÿand finally explain how you would EVALUATE the results of the Modeling to recommend the best method (if you recommend more than one best method then explain under what circumstance they might use each method).ÿIn the Evaluation section consider the implications for Matador if they should start quoting higher prices for some castings.ÿ Keep in mind that customers expect difficult castings to be more expensive but they will tend to choose the competitor with the best price (since casting quality tends to be pretty much the same between competitors.One suggestion for this project is to check metal casting and foundry websites on the Internet to better understand the process and possibly how other companies may be determining costs.Languages homework help


Globalization. I don’t know how to handle this Political Science question and need guidance.

In 1-2 pages, briefly summarize the changes in global politics and the advantages or disadvantages of globalization. Include your own perspectives on this topic. Also, reflect on whether you can observe politics evolve, and if so, how it evolves. Remember to include at least 2 credible and scholarly sources and cite your sources using proper APA format.


Topic 1: Do some research and find a computerized accounting system that you think would be appropriate for your

Topic 1: Do some research and find a computerized accounting system that you think would be appropriate for your needs based on your future career. For example, if you plan to open a small accounting firm you may want to look at QuickBooks. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of the system you found versus a manual system of accounting. Topic 2: Week 4 Discussion Image–Attached This illustration is known as the “Fraud Tree” and depicts various ways an employee can misappropriate assets. Notice there are three main ways employees can embezzle cash: skimming, larceny, and fraudulent disbursements. Pick one of the boxes under “Cash” and explain how an employee would embezzle money under this scheme. What internal controls can management put into place to prevent this type of embezzlement? **** Please title Each Topic and which sources belong to each topic as well. Thankyou!