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Ashford University E Bay Electronic Discussion Post

Ashford University E Bay Electronic Discussion Post.

Read Chapter 11 in the text before beginning work on this discussion. There are advantages to engaging in the global market, and, no surprise, there are also disadvantages. Assume that you have decided to initiate your global sales strategy by entering the global business environment by using eBay as your sales channel. Evaluate this channel and define at least two risks you must plan for. How will you mitigate these risks?You are going to create an initial discussion post that address the following: The risks you offer for discussion must be relevant to an electronic sales channel located in the United States. As such, do not offer risks such as your business being confiscated by a hostile foreign government.
Ashford University E Bay Electronic Discussion Post

Independent Orthopedic Clinic Investment Analysis Methods Decision Discussion.

An independent orthopedic clinic is considering expanding by opening a small surgery center instead of renting space in a local hospital. They ask their financial department (you) for methods of calculating whether or not they should consider the project. They are unfamiliar with the methods and just want an understanding of how they work.Choose the capital investment decision method (Payback, Net Present Value, or Internal Rate of Return) that you think would work the best for this situation. How would you describe the method so that the doctors can understand the way it works? What outcome would they need to achieve in order to go ahead with the project?It was then decided that a new imaging machine needed to be purchased as part of the project. What financial and other factors do you think they need to consider when making a decision?
Independent Orthopedic Clinic Investment Analysis Methods Decision Discussion

Use Software as a service Case Study

Table of Contents Introduction Software as a Service Conclusion Works Cited Introduction The software industry is a dynamic industry which has undergone several changes and one of the current trends in the industry is cloud computing. This technology is known as software as a service (SaaS), using this technology service delivery has improved in the software industry. Several outsourcing tools are available online for different uses and purposes. Outsourcing tools rely on the technology of cloud computing whereby all processes are run on a web browser. Several cloud computing technologies are available online and they include from simple tasks such as scheduling meeting, backup solutions. All these solutions are run or processed using software technologies. Software as a Service Cloud computing relies heavily on software to undertake the processes needed by customers. Several cloud computing tools were developed to make processes and other activities easier for customer use. This essay is going to investigate one cloud computing tool used in management of data centers on a pre-defined environment. OpenNebula is cloud computing tool that is used in enterprise-class cloud computing management. Through, customers get the opportunity to download an enterprise management cloud computing tool (FornesThe Software as a Service Dilemma). The OpenNebula project was dedicated to making a total virtual machine (VM) software toolkit. OpenNebula runs on different software platforms in providing deployed solutions in networking, storage, user management and virtualization. The importance of using a cloud computing system like OpenNebula is that it makes operations effective by providing different resources at one go. Cloud computing systems like OpenNebula are developed as bundled applications into one suite. As a result, operating such softwareis cost effective compared to other software because operating different software which is license based are expensive. Operating different software on one platform is challenging and it not scalable since it takes a lot of computer resources (Buyya 138). The biggest advantage in using open-source software like OpenNebula is the availability in many versions. Open-source software is designed by a team of developers who form a community of developers. In the development of OpenNebula, several developers were involved in the development of the software and thus they test the software to come up with high-quality software (Chee 42). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Compared to use of other software or systems such as telephones or e-mail communication is that cloud systems operate remotely. Total control over cloud systems is difficult considering the fact that some companies offer cloud computing services at a fee or free. These companies could go bankrupt or be bought out by a competitor and therefore the services offered might disappear. The use of OpenNebula cloud computing suite could be replaced by Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing system which is operates on a user managed web interface (Buyya 141). EC2cloud is not open source and the configuration options are set by the admin and the software is compatible with various computer operating system environments like OpenNebula. Conclusion Cloud computing is the new wave in processing activities through the use of online computer resources. The benefits of cloud computing are endless but several challenges lie in the implementation of cloud computing technologies. Some of these challenges outlined include cost and trust issues. The cost of procuring a good cloud computing software or service is costly and it is difficult to trust cloud computing firms with your data (Chee 28). Although, the adoption of open source cloud computing software has lessened the challenges and revolutionalized the IT industry in resource allocation, data storage or data manipulation. Works Cited Buyya, Rajkumar, Broberg, James, and Gościński Andrzej. Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms. Boston, MA: John Wiley

Discuss the heroes of two of the following works, arguing for one as hero, one as antihero: Charlotte Temple,

cheap assignment writing service Discuss the heroes of two of the following works, arguing for one as hero, one as antihero: Charlotte Temple, and Heart of Darkness. Be sure to define the terms “hero” and “antihero,” using Frye’s relevant types and the “consensus” definition, and show how your characters exemplify the specific features of those definitions of the hero and antihero. Also, professor states this: The best advice/instruction I can give for the midterm and final essays: A) Please be sure to edit your final draft carefully–after all, I’m an English professor. Proofread and make any handwritten edits you want to make even after it’s printed–neatness doesn’t count; clean, effective writing does. And please attach a scoring sheet–they’re on BB. B) Don’t quote/discuss all the definitions or all of Frye’s types at the beginning of your essay: your essay should quote/discuss only the relevant ones, and do so only as they become relevant in your discussion. If you tell us all of that in detail at the start, we’ll be distracted by the definitions you’re not going to use and we’ll forget the ones you are going to use before you get around to the real discussion of them. I’m doing question 3 so this is sort of how he wants it: Question 3 1) Set up your essay and argument in the first paragraph: frame the question or problem you’re discussing for us, provide any contexts, titles, characters we need to know about, and above all state a thesis that outlines the argument you’re going to make (that is, suggest briefly your answer to the question–e.g., for #3 tell us who the hero and antihero are and what definitions or arguments you’re going to use to prove it ). 2) In your next paragraph(s), introduce your first character and the first definition/type you’re going to use to argue s/he’s primarily a hero or antihero. After you’ve quoted/explained (if necessary) the first definition, most of your discussion will consist of showing how your character matches the specifics of the definition–this is where you discuss the character and the text and quote from it. 3) In the next paragraph(s), introduce the second defiinition you’re going use to argue s/he’s primarily a hero or antihero. Then repeat “2” above with this definition/type. 4) At some point in your argument for the first character, be sure to anticipate objections and discuss your counterargument: e.g., if you’re arguing that Cool Hand Luke is a type 3 hero, what’s your response to the (very strong) interpretation that he’s an antihero? 5) Repeat steps 1-4 with your second character, and you’re done with #3. Lastly, use source from the book, Charlotte Temple and Heart of Darkness. I don’t have a doc for the books but I know the link to view it as ebook. It’s : -Heart of Darkness: -Charlotte Temple:

Write an essay of 200, A sinking situation by Clare Bartlett

Write an essay of 200, A sinking situation by Clare Bartlett. I don’t know how to handle this Engineering question and need guidance.

Write an essay of 200 words in Microsoft Word using the text below as well as the ASME code of ethics. Make sure to include both references in your essay.
Grammar/Spelling mistakes have a penalty of 3% each.

A sinking situation by Clare Bartlett
Roscoe is the head of engineering at a systems engineering company. His company has been contracted by a company, U-sub, to make firing assemblies for torpedoes. This contract calls for additional safety testing to ensure that the systems work properly.
The contract stipulated that it was the responsibility of Roscoe’s company to pay for this expensive additional testing. However, the CEO reminds Roscoe that their company is in financial trouble and asks Roscoe to skip the extra testing and falsify the paperwork by saying that the testing had occurred and that the systems passed. He then goes on to tell Roscoe that if he does not sign off on the testing, he will be fired.
Roscoe decides he cannot give in to his boss’s demands and quits. However, he suspects that his former boss will promote someone else who will be willing to sign off on the testing.
Should Roscoe report the ethical violations of his former company?
Write an essay of 200, A sinking situation by Clare Bartlett

American University Health Status of Internally Displaced Persons in Uganda BIBLIO

American University Health Status of Internally Displaced Persons in Uganda BIBLIO.

I’m working on a english question and need guidance to help me understand better.

Dear AllPlease prepare an annotated bibliography for four of your sources. Your annotated bibliography should be 1000 words in length at least. It should include FOUR entries arranged alphabetically. Each entry should give:Proper MLA citation for one of your sourcesSummary explaining the controlling idea of the source and how it is developed.Analysis evaluating how reliable this source is based on the CRAAP.Synthesis detailing how you plan to use this source and its similarity/difference to other sources.This assignment represents 10% of your total.We will do it over two steps: Step one: Prepare annotated bibliography for two sources, due Wednesday, April. 21, 2021.Step Two: Prepare annotated bibliography for two more sources, due Monday, May 10, 2021.Each bibliographic entry will be a minimum of 200 words, though it may be longer. Single-space paragraphs, double-space between paragraphs. Each of your entries should include (use these as headings in bold): citation, summary, analysis, and synthesis. Include full publication information in the citation. Use MLA format. Be sure to use a hanging indent for all lines after the first in the citation (see example below). Skip 2 lines between entries. Annotated BibliographyCitation:”Clean Vrindavan Project to Promote Spiritual Tourism.” The Times of India. The Times of India. 21 July 2008. 13 Apr 2010.Summary: What is this (e.g., news article, blog, website article, scholarly article, dictionary entry, magazine article, trade journal article, news opinion piece, etc.)? What is the main argument? What are the major ideas in this source? What is the point of this article, website, blog? What topics are covered? Analysis: Is the information reliable? Why or why not? Is this source biased or objective? Who wrote this? Who published this? Where was it published? When was it published? What is the purpose of this source? Who might its primary audience be? How do its purpose, publication, publication date, publisher, audience, and author affect the information it contains? How does the information presented in this text reflect a particular perspective or representation of the issue you’re researching? Synthesis: In what particular ways was this source helpful to you? How does it help you shape your argument? Will you analyze this text? Will you use it to support your own argument? Will you use it to show how travel websites represent your issue? How/where can you use this source in your research project? Has it changed how you think about your topic? How does it compare with other sources in your bibliography? What are the connections between this source and your other sources?
American University Health Status of Internally Displaced Persons in Uganda BIBLIO

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