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Ashford University Business JetBlue Company Strategic Plan & Presentation

Ashford University Business JetBlue Company Strategic Plan & Presentation.

The Case Studies will be taken from the textbook. HOWEVER, EACH STUDENT IS TO RESEARCH AND UPDATE THE CASE STUDY COMPANY AS DATA AND INFORMATION HAS CHANGED OVER THE LAST SEVERAL MONTHS DUE TO THE PANDEMIC AND ECONOMIC DOWNTURN. Each student is to produce up to 11 PPT slides. Content and Style will be measured. Content is to be based on the analysis of the book’s information and the current real-time information collected. Reference the textbook page 357-365 (note Table 1 on page 364 is most important). Be judicious in what you present knowing you do not need to present each section of Table 1 in detail. MY CASE STUDY IS ABOUT JETBLUE COMPANY.I only want bullet points on the presentation, and then a paragraph for each slide so I can read from it. below I will attach the book. my case study is from page 26 to 36 in cases.
Ashford University Business JetBlue Company Strategic Plan & Presentation

MTH 156 CSU Brazil Population Growth Rate Statistical Analysis

MTH 156 CSU Brazil Population Growth Rate Statistical Analysis.

Option #2: World Populations
There are 195 sovereign countries in the world today that are
officially recognized. One can choose to look at many types of data
coming from these countries, as there is a plethora of existing
information. For this assignment, you will be looking at populations of
cities within Italy at four different points in time (depending on when a
census was taken). The data for these cities can be found in the file
named Populations. Use all of the data points for each of the years given, but note that not every city has a population for each census.Prepare a report (see below) using the numerical methods of
descriptive statistics presented in this module to show how the
populations of the cities vary over the years (growth rates). Be sure to
include the following three (3) items in your report:
Compute descriptive statistics for each of the years along with an
explanation of what the descriptive statistics tell us about the
different years. Are the cities continually growing or is there a
decrease in the number of people? The descriptive statistics will
include the mean, mode, range, standard deviation, and the five-number
summary (minimum, first quartile (Q1), median (Q2), third quartile (Q3),
and maximum).
Determine which cities, if any, should be considered outliers in
each of the years. If there are any outliers in any year, list them and
state for which year each one is an outlier. Use the z-score method to
determine outliers for this question showing the z-score calculations
for each city and year in your spreadsheet.
Determine the correlation coefficient between the first year and
each of the other years. Provide an explanation of these relationships.
Show your calculations for each correlation coefficient within the
Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length (not counting the title
page and references page) and cite and integrate at least one credible
outside source. The CSU Global Library is a great place to find
resources. Your textbook is a credible resource.
Include a title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and a reference page.

The introduction should describe or summarize the topic or problem.
It might discuss the general applications of the topic or it might
introduce the unique terminology associated with the topic.
The body of your paper should address the questions posed in the
problem. Explain how you approached and answered the question or solved
the problem, and, for each question, show all steps involved. Be sure
this is in paragraph format, not numbered answers like a homework
The conclusion should summarize your thoughts about what you have
determined from your analysis in completing the assignment. Nothing new
should be introduced in the conclusion that was not previously discussed
in the body paragraphs.

Include any tables of data or calculations, calculated values,
and/or graphs referenced in the paper. (Note: The minimum required
length excludes any tables or graphs.)
Document formatting, citations, and style should conform to the CSU Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.). A short summary containing much that you need to know about paper formatting, citations, and references is contained in the Template Paper (Links to an external site.). In addition, information in the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.) has many helpful areas (Writing Tips, Template & Examples/Papers & Essays, Figures and Tables, and others).
NOTE: You MUST submit your Excel file with your report. This will
allow you to qualify for consideration for partial credit if any errors
are found in your report.
MTH 156 CSU Brazil Population Growth Rate Statistical Analysis

HUM 410 Aspen University Wk 5 Academic Search Systems Suitable for Systematic Reviews or Meta Analyses Essay

best essay writers HUM 410 Aspen University Wk 5 Academic Search Systems Suitable for Systematic Reviews or Meta Analyses Essay.

Please review the Discussion Topic portionModule 5: Discussion QuestionDiscussion Topic Start by reading and following these instructions:You are responsible for minimally at least 3 posts for each question in your discussion boards; your initial post and reply to two of your classmates. Your initial post(s) should be your response to the questions posed in the discussion question. You should research your answer and cite at least one scholarly source when appropriate, and always use quality writing. The discussion board is never a place to use text language or emoticons. You will also be asked to respond to your classmates. This is designed to enhance the academic discussion around the topic. It is all right to disagree with something posted by another, however your responses should always be thoughtful and respectful and reflect your opinions professionally.Discussion Question: Pick one topic that you need references for to write your synthesis paper. Utilizing ProQuest, ERIC, and Google Scholar, please enter the one topic in the search box, evaluating the various features of the search engine. Which did you prefer? Explain why and discuss your experience navigating the three search engines. Please be thorough in your answer regarding your experience, noting specific examples. When you are ready for the discussion, do the following:Click on the discussion link above.Start your answer by clicking “Start a New Thread” button with the title of your answer and the body of text following the guidance above.To properly post your answer, please click on the “Post” button.After posting your contribution, you must read what others have posted, reply to at least two of those posts, and respond (when appropriate) to those who have responded to you.To reply to a classmate’s post:Click on the title of another student’s post.Click “Reply to Thread” and type your response to the student.Click the “Post” button to post your reply.Module 5: AssignmentWeb Page Module 5: Assignment UploadAssignment Starts Aug 31, 2020 5:00 PMWhen you are ready to submit your work, do the following:1. If you don’t see “Submissions” below, find the Dropbox submission for this Module.2. When you submit your assignment it goes through Turnitin, a plagiarism software, to be sure that your work is less than 20% duplicated from other sources unless otherwise noted. Take the time to correct it so the report verifying your work is less than 20% or as required by your instructor. You may edit your paper and resubmit it up to three times or per your instructor’s directions.3. Submit your assignment by dragging the file into the Dropbox on top of the “Drop files here” or click on the Upload button, navigate to the file, and upload it.4. Be sure to use the appropriate naming convention on your paper.FIRSTINITIAL.LASTNAME-COURSENUMBER-MODULENUMBER Example: J.Smith-540-1.docx
HUM 410 Aspen University Wk 5 Academic Search Systems Suitable for Systematic Reviews or Meta Analyses Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a literature review. Post a brief summary of your peer-reviewed article,

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a literature review. Post a brief summary of your peer-reviewed article, the database you located your article in, your database searching experience, keywords utilized in the search, and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Support your Discussion assignment with specific resources used in its preparation using APA formatting. You must provide a reference for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course. For further instructions and grading information, please view the assignment instructions and rubric document.

Week 7 Discussion

Week 7 Discussion. Paper details Discuss the role that the electoral process and government plays in one’s daily work and family life. As nurses, health policy can influence both arenas of our lives. What policy issues might drive nurses to lobby Congress and/or get involved in campaign politics? What strategies might nurses use to have their voices heard? Image result for electoral process The American Nurse: 7 Discussion