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As the Sun rose its hour began to awaken the every pulsating wonders of everything in its path. I found myself in an unsettling state of mind with thoughts of what troubles and worries this new day would bring. As I sat there in the car with my cup of French vanilla because coffee was too bitter for me, I watched my sister’s every step to the door. My French vanilla scent took my mind off everything, as I continued to search for something set my gaze upon. It was still dark, with a very cold and damp touch from the night’s rain. The air had a dew feel to it, and the traditional smell of rain on dirt.
I finally fixed my gaze on the horizon, the clouds began moving and forming a slightly distorted version of the daily morning sun rise. The rain had somehow altered the clouds, because the sky was crowded and it seemed as if the sun would not get to shine through like it did so many mornings before. It looked as if there was a battle being fought for the sky’s canvas with purples, grays, blues, and slight hints of yellow, red and orange paint. The endings and beginnings of these colors could not be discovered no matter how long or hard I stared. I watched as the invisible artist ran its brush side to side, up and down changing its painting every second. The air began warming and the birds chirped as if they had an unknown secret. It was the strangest thing even though the sky was being blocked the darkness from the night began to lighten and soon vanished until everything was able to be seen. Of course the day was gray rather than its normal bright sunny day, but still the shade was remarkable.
The sun could be spotted if sufficiently focused on. But by this time five sixths of the sun was in the sky. A minute later, fine traces of yellow broke the bonds of the clouds. The scent of the rain on dirt grew stronger and so did the dewiness. Puddles then showed of the nights shower, everything was covered by splashes of wet droplets. Once the sun regained its day position, the clouds had surrendered its grip and soon openings revealed the bright blue sky and all its passion of sun light.

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Do you think that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints should be considered Protestant Christians? Why or why not? What about their religious belief system seems too far outside of “orthodox” Christianity? How were they able to create such a flourishing community so quickly once they moved out West? Do you have any direct experience with the Church (family, friends, personal experience, etc)? If you’re willing, you could share these here too.

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