As a student at UMGC, you have been asked to join a fictional committee that will partner with new

As a student at UMGC, you have been asked to join a fictional committee that will partner with new students in various programs of study. You will work alongside UMGC students from other programs to coordinate a weekend event that includes a tour of the campus, an informal meeting with students who are interested in your program, and a lunch-and-learn session with a panel of experts from various fields.

During the meeting with students who may be interested in your field of study, one student mentions that a program requirement is statistics. That student asks you why statistics is needed in this program. Do research online and create a thoughtful reply to the student, including a list of at least 3 specific ways in which statistics is used in your field. Include references from the online sources.

My field of study is Social Science please apply this to how statistics may play a role in the assignment noted above.

Thank you for your assistance[supanova_question]

US realist, neorealist, liberal or neoliberal tenets.

US realist, neorealist, liberal or neoliberal tenets..

Please answer the following with answering all the required questions, Please clearly paragraph every question if needed.

Questions should be answered analytically. Would you say that US foreign policy during the 19th century adhered more to realist, neorealist, liberal or neoliberal tenets? Explain. Could the same theoretical approach be used to explain US policy during the first half of the 20th century? Explain why, or, why not? What about the second half of the 20th century? Explain. What about today?

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The Isle of Man TT

As a student at UMGC, you have been asked to join a fictional committee that will partner with new The Isle of Man TT.

You will briefly review the body of knowledge as you know it and then address the issue that you identified while working on you review essay. To give research paper greater validity, you’ll refer throughout it to the works you’ve reviewed. it should go with saying that you must have correct citations and a works cited list. ( 7 Pages not counting Works Cited ) I will provide a copy of the Annotated Bibliography on this topic “The Isle of man TT” to help steer you in the right direction, however you will be doing a research paper so plz don’t copy the info Very Important: – You must indicate that you’ve looked at a range of view points, and you must address those that do not support your conclusions. Papers that don’t offer a balanced view of the topic will not do good. – The point of constructing knowledge in this paper is not to agree with some sources and disagree with others. The point of the paper is for you to recognize an area that needs further research and to do some of that research yourself. – This is “NOT” a paper about opinions (Leave Opinions out)

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Discuss how the work done by both organizations compares with your understanding of ‘Theatre for Young Audiences’ and ‘good’ theatre.

Discuss how the work done by both organizations compares with your understanding of ‘Theatre for Young Audiences’ and ‘good’ theatre..

Locate and read reviews of the production read/viewed(if you can not find any review of the theatre company or the production just mention it in the paper, and try to build up your own review and thoughts, what age is the production focusing on, how is the story works for the children from that age, is there any ways it can be improved, etc). 4. Summarizes company information including, but not limited to, types of productions, mission/ value, administration/ staff, target audiences, etc for both organizations. 5. Discuss how the work done by both organizations compares with your understanding of ‘Theatre for Young Audiences’ and ‘good’ theatre.

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”What Are The Ethical Costs of Modern Health?”

”What Are The Ethical Costs of Modern Health?”.

This essay is about analysis and synthesis, my class is reading the textbook Element of Argument, On page 441, there is a chapter called”Debating the Issues,” which includes two essays taking opposite sides on a contemporary issue. And on page 479, there is a section called”Multiple Viewpoints” which has multiple essays on a variety of issues, but I want to write on that topic above. The professor makes hard this time for me but, I’ll try to explain.

First, the professor wants us to pick one of the issues. next, read all the essays in the in the chapter, pick two essays that you will want to work with by integrating them into a writing assignment. Next, construct a synthesizing grid for the essays you’ll want to work with. The Grid will show, at a moment’s glance, what common issues your readings share, and what each essay has to say about that issue. Finally, write an argument essay on the issue, like what is your position on it, and incorporate aspects of your chosen essays into the essay to support your position.

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Quality in Customer Focused Operations

Quality in Customer Focused Operations.

You are required to conduct a review of the literature in the subject area of Quality Management. Specifically, how the purpose of quality management systems is to represent and deliver the expectations of customers within business processes. You are also required to use the ITO framework to describe two operational processes of a specific company and then identify shortcomings in one of the processes and propose solutions for the shortcomings identifiedments. amework to using the ITO rocesses . This should take the form of the improvement changes you would like to make. Finally, you have to discuss the challenges to implement the recommended improvement changes. Assessment Breakdown 1. (5% of word count) Establish the scenario for the assignment by selecting an organisation of any sector to focus your report on.


a) Which organisation is it?

b) What are the main products and/or services provided by the organisation?

c) Who are the main customers?

2. (20% of word count) Describe two operational processes that are needed to deliver those products and services to the customers. Use the ITO framework to map each of the two processes. The framework requires you to identify ¥ Input Resources ¥ Transforming activities ¥ Output products/services

3. (45% word count) Prepare a review of the literature on the subject of Quality Management as a reflection of customer expectations. Discuss the authors, their views on the subject and their frameworks describing the concepts, applications and benefits available to business in general and appropriate for an organisation similar to the type you have chosen. Consider at least 8 journal articles no older than 10 years. 4. (30%word count) For your chosen organisation, identify potential quality problems (customer expectations and perceptions) in the operational delivery/design of the processes you have described in item 2 above. Propose improvements to resolve the problems identified and discuss the issue:

“What could be the challenges faced by the company to implementation the suggested improvements?” 

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Richard Bolles’ What color is your parachute

Richard Bolles’ What color is your parachute.

Write a two-third page summary of Richard Bolles’ “What color is your parachute” chapter 6. Include a question that could be used for discussion. Summary should discuss a portion of the chapter that had the most impact and why.

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Hardware and software types of distributed enterprise systems.

Hardware and software types of distributed enterprise systems..

 Identify the types of hardware and software that are appropriate for use in distributed enterprise systems. Include examples of systems and the hardware and software used in those systems.

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