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AS 2553A University of Western Ontario Financial Mathematics Exercises

AS 2553A University of Western Ontario Financial Mathematics Exercises.

1. It covers chapter 5, 6.2 and 6.3 (but you may need the material of section 4.5 to help you as well2. It consists of 8 questions in total, with the last two requiring the use of a spreadsheet program, such as Excel.3. You are to show all your work, as you will be marked on your full solution along with your final answer, and part marks will be available. You can type up your solutions or use a Tablet/iPad, or you can write them out by hand. You will ultimately need to upload them to Gradescope. That means you will need to scan your solutions (including your computer question solutions) and upload them as one PDF document to Gradescope (just like you had to do for Test 1). AND do not forget to “assign” your questions — let Gradescope (and thus by extension, the TA’s) on what page is the solution(s) to question 1, on what page is the solution(s) to question 2, on what page is the solution(s) to question 3(a), on what page is the solution to 3(b), and so on.Write clearly and darkly — best to use a DARK PEN or DARK PENCIL to write your solutions. The “lighter” your hand written solutions look, the HARDER it is to mark.4. For the spreadsheet questions, you do not need to show your formulas or equations. Just your results. It is probably best to print off your results and scan them as part of the solutions to your whole assignment. Or use whatever method you can to save your spreadsheet solutions as a PDF.And make sure your spreadsheet solutions look “nice”, just like how you would want them to look if you were giving a presentation to a room full of managers or customers. You will be marked on your values AND on how the output looks which means you may LOSE marks if your output looks “messy”. So make sure you round to the nearest cent for dollar figures (don’t show 3, 4, 5 or more decimals for dollar amounts) and maybe up to 4 decimals for any rates or percentages that you have to calculate/display..doc file
AS 2553A University of Western Ontario Financial Mathematics Exercises

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Essay 2: Rhetorical Analysis
Form: Minimum 1,000 words (roughly 4 or more pages typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, NOT including Works Cited). MLA format with a Works Cited page. Assignment: Ads are everywhere, and their persuasive skills are unmatched. It is a major goal of this assignment for you to analyze the language and images of an advertisement in order to understand how these elements are used to put forth an implicit argument. You will likely need some background information to provide a context for your analysis–this could be for either your ad or a technique it utilizes. For this reason, you may incorporate NO MORE THAN two sources other than your advertisement for this essay. Overall Guidelines: For this paper you are to find an advertisement and analyze its argument. While you are not restricted in the form of advertisement, your choice should be complex enough so as to have something to analyze. You may find that political ads and fast food commercials are equally dissectible, whereas a local auto dealer commercial may lack serious rhetorical motivations. You should make sure to identify and analyze the rhetorical situation and its constituents:
Audience (addressed and invoked)
Constraints and Bias
Also, consider the following questions:
What is the ad explicitly selling? Implicitly? To whom?
Is there a specific setting, location or time, utilized?
Are there slogans, mascots, or recognizable people in the ad? What effect do they have?
Is the ad part of an overall campaign? Does this affect your advertisement?
Who is the audience? Is it different than the demographic aimed at by the company?
What rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos) are present?
Are there logical fallacies present? Are they convincing despite themselves?
Would the advertisement work in another form of media?
These questions should be a reference point to being from, not the sole route to a quality paper, if only because answering just these questions would lead to a chaotic essay. Focus on claims, evidence, rhetorical appeals, and fallacies in your analysis of the advertisement and its argument. Some of these concepts might be foreign to you; we will discuss them in class. Furthermore, this essay should not be about whether you like the ad or not, as this is largely irrelevant; it may be a wiser choice to pick an ad you do not like so a critical eye may be maintained. Research: NO MORE THAN two reputable sources may be used in addition to your advertisement. They can be from popular publications or specialized websites, based on your topcs Before you submit, make sure your MLA formatting is correct, that you have proofread and spell checked the draft, that your draft meets all minimum requirements, and that you have cited your sources correctly (both in the paragraph and Works Cited). Upload only a .doc or .docx file (NO GOOGLE DOCS): any file that is not readable will be an automatic zero. Essays not meeting minimum word count (sans quotations, heading, and citation page) will not be graded. Essays turned in without a Works Cited page will get an automatic F. Cite your sources.
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According to Olade (2004), nursing practice using observed phenomena and evidences is an example of education which refers to formalized experiences designed to enlarge the knowledge or skills of nursing educators or practitioners. Through experiences and evidences, the ability to learn actual clinical practice and the orientation in health care protocols and policies in handling patients’ needs will be achieved. This method is also termed as Evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practice involves a combination of many disciplines, including aspects of multidisciplinary sciences to promote the restoration and maintenance of health in our clients (Davies, 2005). Much literature has been published on this topic in recent years, an evolving subject and concept for specific practices that promote more effective, safer and more efficient ways of caring (Drenkard
A research paper about Transnational Corporations.

I. Introduction that outlines the global history of your TNC and gives an initial answer to the WHEN and WHERE questionsInclude a screen shot of your own map or another map (with attribution) of the TNC’s global value networkII. Provide detailed account of the evolving reasons for WHY the TNC is going globalAddressing any rationales that relate including character of sourcing efficiency, market access interests and contract relations.Be sure to break-down sourcing efficiency into different types that might apply: including, accessing cheap labor, accessing raw materials and land, accessing technology and infrastructure, moving to areas where regulations are less well enforced, and so on.III. Describe HOW your TNC has gone global using everything you have learned in the quarter about the following:Types of global value network used (buyer chains vs producer chains, degree of market mediation and use of relational networks)Organization of global division of labor (pay and type of labor in different areas)Relationship with national government(s) and home country in terms of government support for the TNC, lobbying, business culture, financing and so onIV. Draw on all your prior work on TNC hype to examine how the company’s self-representation and PR relates to the claims of critics of the TNC over some particular global controversy (eg sweatshops, child labor, pollution, access to medicines)How did the company respond? How significant were changes to the company, and how effective was public and governmental pressure on the company? Did the company’s response apply universally, or did it make changes in some locations but not in others? Here it is important to be critical—don’t just take the company’s word for it that they have resolved all issues—dig a little deeper and try to find out if things have really changed.V. ConclusionHere you should “go big.” What implications does the story you’ve told in this paper have for globalization as we’ve discussed it in this class? All the materials are attached below. If there is any questions please post here!
A research paper about Transnational Corporations

Keiser University Impact of Currency Change on Business Essay

Keiser University Impact of Currency Change on Business Essay.

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Accessing Futures Quotes Go to a web site that provides quotations for currency futures. Determine the prevailing futures price of the main foreign currency for your business. Go to a web site that provides exchange rate quotations and determine the prevailing spot rate. What is the discount or premium of the futures price? (see equation below)Futures price website: (spot rate) website: sure all quotes are made relative to the U.S. Dollar. Calculate the premium (positive result) or discount (negative result):(Futures price – Spot rate)/Spot rateMonitoring Central Bank InterventionHow can your business be affected if the Fed attempts to strengthen the dollar in the foreign exchange market? If the Fed decides to weaken the dollar, how will your business be affected? How can indirect central bank intervention affect your business even if there is no impact on exchange rates?
Keiser University Impact of Currency Change on Business Essay

College of Central Florida Baldness Gene How Genetics Influence Hair Loss Questions

essay writer College of Central Florida Baldness Gene How Genetics Influence Hair Loss Questions.

Human Baldness: Sex Linked Genetic Trait?Purpose: Enhance understanding of complex human genetic traits and the means by which traits appear.Familiarize Yourself with the Following Terms: allele, dominant, genotype, heterozygous, homozygous, multiple allelism, phenotype, pleitropic, polygenic, Punnett Square, recessive, sex- linked trait, single-gene traitObjective: Explore human genetics trait of baldness and the various contributing factors for that trait (sex-linked allele, environment, etc.).Is it true you get the gene for baldness from your mother, and if so, how does that work?Perhaps you have heard “on the street” people sharing concerns and/or ideas about the likelihood of becoming bald. Many may have heard that baldness comes from the father’s side, so if your dad is bald, then you’re more likely to become bald. Others have heard that it comes from the mother’s side, but because very few women go bald, how to figure out if you’re a candidate for a “chrome dome” is a bit less obvious.Assignment:Using the internet research the following questions and prepare a Word document with your answers in complete sentences (note: this assignment is not to be done in essay format…justquestion numbers and your answers) (due date is posted in the Course Calendar on the Home Page) :Has a definite gene for baldness been found?If so, where is that gene located?How might the gene for baldness be transmitted?How exactly would a gene for baldness cause a person to become bald?Is baldness strictly a genetic trait or are there any environmental or physiological factors that can affect it?Is baldness influenced by more than one gene?Why do some women lose their hair (not including hair loss from chemotherapy orradiation)?Do hair loss products like Rogaine really work and if so, how do they work?The following web sites may lead to answers to some of these questions: pe=all
College of Central Florida Baldness Gene How Genetics Influence Hair Loss Questions

BLAW 321 University at Albany Rights and Liabilities Discusison

BLAW 321 University at Albany Rights and Liabilities Discusison.

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Steve Easterbrook, the former CEO of McDonald’s, left the company under a cloud of questions about his behavior and relationships with employees. After a brief investigation, Mr. Easterbrook left with a severance package worth about $40 million. The board found no breaches of his contract in the behaviors. After his departure, three employees came forward and indicated that they had relationships with Mr. Easterbrook. A deeper investigation following these employees’ reports also revealed some e-mails and photos that had been deleted from Easterbrook’s phone but were still on the company server. The board filed suit against Mr. Easterbrook, seeking the return of his severance package. The second investigation concluded that there was moral turpitude involved in Mr. Easterbrook’s conduct and that Mr. Easterbrook did not tell the board the truth about his conduct. Mr. Easterbrook denies the employees’ allegations and wants to keep his severance package. The shareholders have now filed suit against the board for its failure to adequately supervise the management team and take proper steps upon learning of issues with the CEO. Discuss the rights of the shareholders and the rights and liabilities of the board and Mr. Easterbrook.
BLAW 321 University at Albany Rights and Liabilities Discusison

SUNYOW Different Theories & Techniques to Apply on Judith Case Discussion

SUNYOW Different Theories & Techniques to Apply on Judith Case Discussion.

After reading the below background information about Judith, please take 3 of the following concepts that were discussed in Chapter 7 and in the lectures and discuss how a therapist might use them when working specifically with Judith providing examples of what Judith might say or how her background might be discussed in a therapy session to highlight the concepts you chose.The concepts to use are:Empathic understandingCongruence of the therapistUnconditional positive regardUnderstand childhood experiences that “block out” aspects of the clientEncourage the natural tendency to growNonjudgmental stance / acceptanceNondirective stanceGenuine therapeutic relationshipIncongruence within the client (real versus ideal self)An example of what is required for this assignment from a different case regarding the concept of a nondirective stance is:Fred comes into session and begins to discuss his need to control and the anger he displays when he is not in control. He begins to provide an example of an anger outburst that occurred when he was parenting his son. Midway through the example, Fred begins to feel uncomfortable with the conversation and the feelings it is eliciting. Instead of continuing on his train of thought, he goes into a tangential story about how his family had gone on a trip and how much fun his son had on the trip. Instead of pointing out the shift from the original topic or making an interpretation of why he shifted the discussion, I go with him and let him dictate where the session goes. I ask “tell me about how the trip made you feel?” and “what made you think about the trip?” From these questions, I can get a better feel for his subjective experience of this trip and how to better empathize, going where he wants the session to go.The Case of JudithJudith is a 25-year-old White female who works as a receptionist at a law firm. Six months ago she began dating Shawn, a 27-year-old man who lives in her apartment complex. Their relationship has deepened, and they now see each other two or three times a week, despite their heavy work schedules. Recently, they began to talk about getting married.Judith came to therapy because she is concerned about what she describes as her “sexual problem.” Judith told her therapist, “When Shawn and I make love, I get turned on at first but then I just shut down. It’s like my sexual feelings evaporate into thin air. Shawn is very understanding but I know it’s difficult for him.” Judith went on to say that she thought her strict religious upbringing was part of the problem. She said, “I grew up in a small southern town, and my family was almost fanatically religious. My parents thought sex was shameful and dirty and that premarital sex was a horrible sin. If they knew that Shawn and I were having sex, they would be appalled. I left the church when I was in college, and I no longer believe many of the things my parents and church taught, but I think my upbringing has caused me to block out my sexual feelings.”
SUNYOW Different Theories & Techniques to Apply on Judith Case Discussion