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The long-awaited new release from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony has come. Their fourth album, a double CD, shows once again Bone’s excellent ability to produce music. Despite the recent loss of Eazy-E (the men who gave the four thugs their first chance at “rappin”), the thugs have managed to produce, with the help of D.J. U-Neek, a new smash album. The four thugs second album “Creepin on a Come up,” was a hit, and then the third album, “E.1999 Eternal,” went triple platinum, proving this new album is sure to be a hit. It shows a lot of different styles of rap, one song featuring 2-Pac, and in most songs, Flesh-N-Bone, the fifth thug who left the group, returned to sing with them. Director of the group D.J. U-Neek, also shows his rapping talent. Of course there is still that fast lyrical action with serious bass. As usual with Bone, the more you listen, the more you love it. This double CD is a great buy and is worth adding to your collection. It features everything from slow rap to that fast, knock-your-socks-off music that Bone is so well known for. Expect to see this release a chart-topping smash hit, once again for Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Enforcement of International Law

Enforcement of International Law.

 Reasoning clearly with examples, briefly explain why the UN has often failed to enforce international law despite so many motives listed. Reasoning clearly with examples, briefly explain why the ICJ (not the ICC) has often failed to enforce international law despite so many motives listed. Given the norms and ethics which govern Christian thought and practice generally, why do Christian citizens in some cases alternately embrace, tolerate, or act as bystanders in the face of US foreign policy practices (or indifference) that appear contrary to their faith tradition, practices, and principles (alliances with dictators and authoritarian rulers or non-support for or indifference to humanitarian intervention even in cases where mass murder is known to occur)? Reply Prompt: Staying focused on the themes of the prompt, offer at least two responses to (different) colleagues that critically yet respectfully engage their initial posts with affirmations, agreements, questions, alternative frameworks, different or nuanced interpretations, or additional facts that provide added perspective to the discussion. For the sake of critical focus, feel free to emphasize only one theme or aspect of their post. Remember: the goal is to be the ‘iron that sharpens iron’ (Prov. 27.17) to one another, so tailor your responses to this aim, and be likewise challenge

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