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“Disorder, alas, is the natural order of things in the universe”, Cole’s way of describing entropy in her life. In The Arrow of time K. C Cole uses personal experiences to involve the reader into the matter of entropy. Cole’s uses entropy to portray how things are moving onward and we can’t go back. When something is done it can’t be easily undone, but it can be fixed. Cole uses a lot of everyday lifestyle issues, such as “After all, what was the point of spending half of Saturday at the Laundromat if the clothes were dirty all…Friday? No matter how much she cleans and does chores she will have to do it all over again the next week. That is entropy the order of things in this universe.

She continues to talk about how entropy is seen in day to day and how she encounters it in her everyday life. According to Cole, entropy is chaos, loss of purpose as it creates nothing else but disorder in life. Everything in this world has a price, that you have to pay and so does creation. As she stated,” The road to disorder is all downhill but the road to creation takes work. When something is created it has to go through entropy. To make a person strong, a person has to go phases of difficulties which us human beings will say as “disorder” as in “entropy”. Cole life is greatly affected by entropy; her car broke down, and so did her refrigerator, baby sitter is not showing up.

These all are signs of entropy in the life of Cole, as it states” Entropy wins not because order is impossible but because there are always so many paths toward disorder then toward order. Ghostbusters, a movie related deeply to entropy shows how ghosts are creating disorders in people lives. This entropy is fixed by three men. As entropy has always been known for the series of disorder, and which cannot be stopped. In the movie, entropy plays the role when ghosts are free, and there is chaos and rush all over the city. Entropy in movie is when ghosts are free and the men are not allowed to capture them or not even given them a chance to prove their point.

Problems’ coming within a cluster is entropy. Cole and Ghostbusters have to face a line of problems at a same time, which creates a similarity. Cole has problems in her personal life affecting her career life, while Ghostbusters has entropy in their career life, resulting problems within their personal life. This comparison shows the same results for entropy, an increase of disarray in Ghostbusters and in Cole’s life. When there is a big line of disorders waiting for you, it efinitely takes you to the point of frustration. It plays a major role in everyday life.

Entropy is to be found everywhere, in every other life, without entropy a person doesn’t have a goal in life. Entropy creates hurdles in life, and that’s why there is a goal to overcome these hurdles. Cole realized that entropy is what brings things to its place, and ghostbusters proved that it’s not easy to deal with entropy, but in end no matter what, wherever we go entropy will be there.

Visitors’ motivation for attending wine festivals

Visitors’ motivation for attending wine festivals.

Topic: Visitors’ motivation for attending wine festivals


Paper details:

The objective is: To review literature on gastronomic events with a focus on wine festivals, motivation to attend events and the factors influencing attendees’ motivation. The literature review for my Master’s dissertation should include: -Gastronomic events and festivals -Motivation and Motivation Theories -Attendees’ motivation to attend Special events -Attendees’ motivation to attend Wine and food festivals Please focus on gastronomic/wine events rather than tourism (I am studying Events management)

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