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Arizona’s Fight Against Immigration focuses on the State of Arizona’s Immigration Law, which is directed at the illegal immigrants taking residence throughout the state. This paper will provide a complete background, analysis, and solution to Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070. A series of articles will be examined in order to come to a conclusion in regards to the extent of Arizona’s powers to enact and enforce such a bill.

Arizona’s Fight Against Immigration Arizona decided to take a stand against the vast amount of illegal immigrants in their state. Senate Bill (SB) 1070 was enacted to do just that and provide severe consequences to those residents that are found to be illegal aliens. According to PR Newswire, “the state of Arizona acted appropriately and constitutionally when it took action to target illegal immigration (PR Newswire, pg. 1). ” The bill impacts many individuals within Arizona and throughout the United States and the world.

Along with the major impact that SB 1070 has on residents of Arizona, the extent of the enforcement has to be questioned. Background Senate Bill 1070 or SB 1070 was enacted in April 2010. The intent of act “is to make attribution through enforcement of the public policy of all state and local government agencies in Arizona. The provisions of this act are intended to work together to discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens and economic activity by persons unlawfully present in the United States (Senate Bill 1070 pg. ). ”

This bill will strictly enforce the immigration policy against those deemed illegal aliens. Based on the bill itself, if there is any type of lawful contact made and there is reasonable suspicion existing that the person is an alien then the state, city, town, or county has the right to determine the person’s immigration status. The law enforcement official or agency has the right to verify a person’s immigration status with the federal government whether or not they have a warrant once there is probable cause, under SB 1070.

Along with these specifications, there are several more that fall under the bill. If an illegal alien is “convicted of a violation of state or local law, on discharge from imprisonment or assessment of any imposed fine the alien will immediately be transferred to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the United States Customs and Border Protection (SB 1070, pg. 2). ” Once an unlawful resident is convicted of a violation then they will have to be transferred offer to the federal level.

Another important caveat is that “a person may bring an action in superior court to challenge any official or agency of the state or county, city, town or other political subdivision of the state that adopts or implements a policy that limits or restricts the enforcement of federal immigration laws to less that the full extent permitted by federal law (SB 1070, pg. 3). ” SB 1070 puts the law in the hands of citizens of Arizona by being able to challenge government if they do not follow the guidelines outlined in policy. SB 1070 has brought a plethora of attention to the State of Arizona and immigration as a whole.

Reaction Senate Bill 1070 has garnered not just national attention, but international attention. There are definitely two sides when it comes to the reaction of Senate Bill 1070. One side is delighted about the policy and of course, the other side is complete enraged by such a bill. Based on who representatives talk to there are varying opinions on the immigration issue. However, there are many Arizona citizens that believe that the policy is not too strict, according to Appendix A. Also, these individuals do a lot to fight for the cause of illegal immigration. Within twenty four hours, more than $58,000 in donations poured in through a web portal that was launched as a state law authorizing Arizona to build and maintain a fence on its border with Mexico, per Arizona Capital Times (Arizona’s Border Fence, pg. 1). ”

This act demonstrates the large amount of people that agree with SB 1070 or the need for stronger border protection. There are still quite a few people that do not agree with SB 1070. Some feel that the policy is too stringent and it brings forth questions of discrimination and infringing on Amendment rights. Dozens of protestors took to Phoenix streets on July 29, 2010 to speak out against Sheriff Arpaio, who organized and immigration patrol the day the law took effect (Judge Finds 3 Guilty, pg. 1). ” These protestors strongly believe that SB 1070 is unconstitutional and goes against their Amendment rights. Activist groups believe that the Spanish are being targeted with the enactment of SB 1070. They consider that law enforcement officials will take advantage of their power by abusing it to conduct racial profiling against Spanish residents.

These reactions have been playing a major role since SB 1070 implementation and will continue to do so. Impact Many individuals in the United States can agree that illegal aliens and immigration as a whole are extremely important issues. Some illegal aliens receive the benefits of United States citizens without trouble, which is one of the main reasons why illegal residents are a big concern. Illegal aliens are taking away jobs from those that are legally entitled to work in the United States many say. However, if many of us consider the jobs that illegal aliens have this would not be an issue.

As someone not born in the United States, this idea not just personally affects me but thousands of other naturalized citizens and legal residents. Many of the jobs that illegal immigrants have are the jobs that many of us do not want to do. Also, if legal residents would do those jobs then they would turn them down because of the pay. Many legal residents and citizens in not just Arizona, but throughout the country take advantage of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants get paid little or nothing for the jobs that they do.

Also, they work long and difficult hours just to not even receive minimum wage because they have to work under the radar, per se. For example, some of people hire Mexicans to do home improvement and pay them three hundred dollars to do a job that costs a thousand dollars. Unfortunately, many individuals are guilty of taking advantage of illegal aliens in some way or another. Another area that Senate Bill 1070 impacts are the illegal aliens themselves and their family. Illegal aliens are being targeted with this bill, which has no sound reasoning behind a law enforcement suspicions.

Again, this goes back to the idea of discrimination, which is why many activists are suggesting that people stay away from Arizona and keep the longstanding boycott in place. According to the New York Times, Kat Rodriguez of Coalicion de Derechos Humanos believes that immigrants in this state are still suffering (Marc, L pg. 3). ” The immigration debate is still alive and well, especially when discrimination is taken into consideration. Law enforcement officials do abuse their power and can target individuals that they have preconceived notions of being illegal aliens.

Another way to look at the affect on illegal aliens and their families are the children that they do have that are actually legal aliens and citizens. Unfortunately, transferring residents that are found as illegal aliens to the federal government leaves behind children and spouses, which may very well be legal. Having children without parents puts those children into the government system like foster care. Analysis Arizona has used the federal immigration standards as the backbone for Senate Bill 1070. Arizona does have the power to actually enforce the immigration law as they see fit for their state.

Per PR Newswire, “there is no question that states can take action that compliments federal immigration law without violating it. That’s exactly what Arizona has done (PR Newswire, pg. 1). ” The state of Arizona does have an extremely high amount of illegal aliens. Therefore, they have to take matters into their own hands. However, in my opinion Arizona does their immigration law a little too far. The extent that SB 1070 goes is the difficult part of understanding Arizona’s immigration law. The fact that citizens are able to file action against government agencies or officials is too much.

Unfortunately, as humans personal beliefs and feelings play an important role in most decisions that we make. By allowing everyday individuals to be able to take the government to the Supreme Court for following a strict bill such as SB 1070 is taking illegal immigration to another level. Allowing this also goes back to the idea of discrimination towards racial groups. Despite the fact that law enforcement officials and agencies cannot simply pick someone out and ask them to proof that they are a lawful resident does not mean much. Discrimination is alive and well throughout the United States.

Many individuals consider illegal immigrants to be of Spanish descendent; however, that is not the case. There are illegal aliens from various countries and varying races and ethnicity. There are a lot of illegal aliens at occupy all over the United States, especially in New York, Florida, Arizona, and Texas. However, there is a stigmatism placed on illegal residents that they are Spanish, which is definitely not true.

Even “pro-immigrant groups are unhappy with the Arizona’s current administration, whose enforcement activities have led to record-breaking deportation numbers (Arizona Border Fence p. 2). Many pro-immigrant groups see where the possibility of racial profiling placing a role in SB 1070’s enforcement. Arizona has felt compelled to tackle illegal aliens in order to control their state and make it flourish for those that are legally entitled to live there. Conclusion Immigration is a tough battle to face no matter what direction that you approach the issue. In order to maintain their borders, Arizona has decided to take a strong stand against illegal aliens. Arizona’s law may be considered to be too strict; however, the state has to handle the vast amount of illegal immigrants in some way or another.

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