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Arizona State University COVID 19 Pandemic Academic Stakeholders Research Journal

Arizona State University COVID 19 Pandemic Academic Stakeholders Research Journal.

Writer’s Journal #10 Bookmark this pageBackgroundDeciding on a broad research approach for a project can sometimes be daunting or confusing, and researchers may initially choose to progress immediately to secondary research to see what others have said on their topic. However, this can miss some opportunities that may be afforded by some basic primary research.PurposeIn this journal entry, you will do some reflection on your research project’s rhetorical situation and how it might be explored through primary research. Later in this module, you will be conducting some primary research, and this early reflection may help to shape the direction of that research.Skills and OutcomesSummarizing the rhetorical situation of a larger research project (Rhetorical Knowledge; Critical Thinking, Reading, and Composing)Differentiating the hypothetical utility of three primary research modalities for a larger research project (Critical Thinking, Reading, and Composing; Processes)Habits of Mind PracticedOpennessFlexibilityMetacognitionTasksYour journal entry should summarize the rhetorical situation of your larger, course-long research project. Who is your audience? What is the context of your work? What is your purpose (what are you trying to achieve)?Your journal entry should also reflect on the potential usefulness of the different types of primary research for your larger research project. (NOTE: you will be learning more about these primary research modes soon–this task is just to get you thinking about these modes now).How might direct observation be useful for your larger project? What could you observe to gain insight about your work?How might interviewing be helpful for your larger project? Who could/would you interview?How might conducting a survey be helpful for your larger project? Who would you survey? What might you try to learn through a survey?*NOTE: There are many different ways to approach these tasks, but you should aim to be as thorough as possible in your response (approximately 500 words is a good target length).Criteria for SuccessIn each Writer’s Journal, you should: clearly address each question or task;employ many details, examples, and explanations in answering each question or task; and,create an internally organized text, employing sentences (or notes where applicable) that clearly relate to one another.
Arizona State University COVID 19 Pandemic Academic Stakeholders Research Journal

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp A long term condition (LTC) is defined as an incurable syndrome. However, some LTC can be managed through medication (Goodwin et al 2010) whereas for others, it can be managed by healthcare providers facilitating health promotional support to patients in order to self-manage their conditions effectively (examples, maintaining healthy diet and physical activities) (Hutchison

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Scenario: You are the Information Security
manager of a regional bank based in Abu Dhabi. Your team has been funded
to develop a customer-facing, cognitive system that interactively
answers customer questions online. The conditions of funding include
that the SDLC must incorporate security best practices in all phases of
the life cycle.Directions Write a paper that includes the following:A description of the four SDLC stages of your end-to-end project.A detailed explanation of the security measures you would
incorporate into each stage of the SDLC in order to ensure security best
practices are followed all along the life cycle of the project.Include a description of under what circumstances you would employ HTTP protocol versus an SSL protocol.Keep in mind, we are most interested in your ability to describe
the SDLC stages and the steps you would take to enforce security during
each stage. Use diagrams, where appropriate.Deliverables:Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.You must include a minimum of two (2) credible sources and
information from the module to support your writing. Your paper must follow University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, as appropriate.You are strongly encouraged to submit all assignments to the Turnitin Originality Check.Textbook:Harwood, M. (2016). Internet security: How to defend against attackers on the web (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN-13: 9781284090550
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Bronchial Asthma: Case Study Presentation

order essay cheap Bronchial Asthma: Case Study Presentation. 1. Abstract: Introduction: Bronchial Asthma as a chronic and non -stable disease needs more attention to control the symptoms and to prevent exacerbations. Asthma exacerbation can be triggered by different factors. Each patient has a different cause of exacerbations, and different management plan that must be tailored according to his medical history and triggering environmental factors around him Objectives: In this case, we will study peak flow meter as a tool in management of asthma. In addition, we will study the role inhalant allergens in asthma exacerbations and scrutinize the available therapeutic options. We will apply diagnosis and treatment guidelines in the clinical setting, with stress on managing the patient’s symptoms. Case presentation: A 30 years old female patient came to the adult allergy and respiratory outpatient clinic presented with breathlessness, and cough. She had a history of allergic rhinitis. She was on regular medication on short acting beta agonist, budesonide inhalers and regular use of intranasal corticosteroids and oral antihistamines. According to national and ARIA guidelines, the patient had diagnosed and treated as exacerbation of allergic asthma and perennial allergic rhinitis. Conclusion: Exacerbation is one of the most serious problem facing asthmatic patients. Dust mite has a role as triggering the exacerbations in atopic patients. A written management plan should be given to the patient including instructions related to his medications, peak flow meter usage and how to use inhalers. 2. Introduction and objectives: Bronchial asthma is an unstable disease and the changeableness of exacerbations which causes the main problem for patients. Asthma exacerbations have been clinical and economic importance. Asthma exacerbation is describing the decreasing changers in PEF or the need to oral corticosteroids. These changes followed by rapid changes over 2-3 days. These changes can be measured and confirmed by handheld Peak Flow Meter (PFM) instruments or spirometry. These measures interpreting the severity of the exacerbations that could be managed at home if are mild or moderate. However, the management should be at the hospital in case of severe exacerbations (Tattersfield, Postma, Barnes, et al, 1999) Exacerbations can be initiated by viral or bacterial infection(Busse, LemanskeBronchial Asthma: Case Study Presentation

Float Vector & the Implementation of Coding Classes C Programming Exercise

Float Vector & the Implementation of Coding Classes C Programming Exercise.

I’m working on a c++ multi-part question and need support to help me understand better.

Q1The class Student represents a student’s record having a B00 number and 3 marks stored in a float vector. Complete the implementation of the class Student by writing the prototypes and the definitions of the methods of the class. Do not modify the main program.Declaration of Class/* File: student .hA class representing a student’s record having a B00 number and 3 marksstored in a float vector called marks, with the following class methodsisSextonScholar() returns true if the student’s average mark >= 85.0,false otherwise.updateMarks() stores its 3 arguments into the vector of floats, reads 3 student marks. The updateMarks() method is called duringread() to update the marks vector……..please fill the .cpp, .h, test.cpp file which in the zip file
Float Vector & the Implementation of Coding Classes C Programming Exercise

MGMT 2115 PU Human Resource Organization of Walmart Inc Paper & PPT

MGMT 2115 PU Human Resource Organization of Walmart Inc Paper & PPT.

I’m working on a management Research Paper and need a sample draft to help me learn.

The course project represents a culmination of what you’ve learned in this class. Your research project will be about a publicly-traded company from the list provided. You must gain approval from the instructor to proceed with the company you choose. Your project will be to research a listed company and summarize into a paper your research of their HR organization. Areas to be researched are in the list of sections provided below. From your research of the company prepare a paper that will include these items and prepare a power point presentation. The presentation will be given during the last week of class. The paper must consist of a minimum 8 pages of content, typed, and double spaced. The 8 pages of content do not include the title page and reference pages. The title page includes.a. your project name (The approved company you selected)b. your namec. course title (MGMT 2115 Human Resources Management)d. time and day that the class meets. (Tuesday 10:30 – 11:55)e. DateYou may insert pictures, clip art, graphics, or charts into your paper, but only if they further or enhance paper content (you can’t provide pictures in lieu of content). You must include correct APA in-text citations and an APA formatted reference page.Here are the sections you will need to cover in your paper, in the following order:1. What is the mission statement of the company? (This is to be included in the paper’s introduction).2. Provide a brief history of the company up through the present day? (Summarize major events and tell how those significant events affected the company. A timeline is a great way to show significant events). 3. Company demographics4. Do your selected company have a succession plan.5. Write about their diversity strategies to attract the right people. Please provide examples to support your statements 6. Write about their hiring process. Do your company use outsourced services for their HR process. Again, give examples to support your statements.7. Have your selected company been involved in any HR litigation for any Law violations? If yes, what was the law violated8. Write a summary for your paper to wrap it up at the end. 9. Provide a reference page in APA format listing all the references you used (websites included) in this paper. If you are unfamiliar with APA format, please look at the examples on this website:…1011. The due date for this paper is April 25 @11:59 pm 12. The presentations will not be given in the class because of the need for COVID-19 safety. Your power point presentation (summary of project paper) is to be provided in place of the in class presentation. Note: in this project; points can be earned during the individual presentation performance. Your overall performance will be graded by the instructor. Choose from this list of Publicly Traded Companies:AmazonHome DepotUnited Parcel Service AT&TJohnson & Johnson Verizon CommunicationsBank of AmericaJPMorgan Chase Wells FargoBoeingProctor & Gamble Wal-MartComcastMicrosoftFord MotorTeslaGeneral ElectricTarget
MGMT 2115 PU Human Resource Organization of Walmart Inc Paper & PPT

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