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ARH 2000 USF The Hallucinogenic Toreador by Salvador Dali Essay

ARH 2000 USF The Hallucinogenic Toreador by Salvador Dali Essay.

For this assignment, you will visit a virtual art museum and write an analysis of one artwork. Download and read the instructions in their entirety before proceeding with this assignment.For the Museum Report, you are asked to visit a virtual museum and choose one artwork to analyze. Please choose from any of the following venues.Remember to take a screenshot of your artwork within the museum of choice and include it at the end of your paper.Virtual ToursDali Museum (Links to an external site.)The Frick, Pittsburgh (Links to an external site.)The Louvre (Links to an external site.)São Paolo Museum of Art (Links to an external site.)Vatican Museums (Links to an external site.)British Museum (Links to an external site.)Getty Museum (Links to an external site.)Uffizi Gallery (Links to an external site.)National Gallery of Art, London (Links to an external site.)Van Gogh Museum (Links to an external site.)Musée D’Orsay, Paris (Links to an external site.)Digital CollectionsGetty (Links to an external site.)Guggenheim (Links to an external site.)The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Links to an external site.)Rijksmuseum (Links to an external site.)Whitney Museum of American Art (Links to an external site.)Art Institute of Chicago
ARH 2000 USF The Hallucinogenic Toreador by Salvador Dali Essay

Long Beach City College Behavioral Economics and TTM Questions.

Read and progress of the same study in class this week, you learnt about Behavioral Economics (BE) as well as TTM. Based on those and in relation to the above studies, please discuss the following:1. While it was not mentioned explicitly, TTM or its variants were used in the study. Explain how TTM was integrated into this study.2. This study used ‘nudges’ from BE to improve adherence via an app. Based on all aspects of BE that you learnt today and from your readings, what principles from BE can you potentially apply to make medication adherence effective in populations that are not tech-savvy? Explain how you will implement those principles. Word count must be at LEAST 300 words would prefer if you could go above and beyond.
Long Beach City College Behavioral Economics and TTM Questions

An investigation of the relationship between employee turnover and work satisfaction, Case study: Jin Jiang Tower Hotel, Shanghai

Literature review Jin Jiang Tower Hotel enjoys high prestige among the plush hotels in Shanghai, China. It is one of the five-star luxury hotels in Shanghai set out by gardens and European-style buildings. The hotel is unique in that it is attempting to offer the western lifestyle and prestige to both international and local visitors. Being one of the largest and most popular hotels, it receives visitors from around the world and throughout the year. Therefore, retaining its large workforce in a changing organization is a strategic issue to the hotel. The relationship between work satisfaction and employee turnover is an issues that is directly related to the capacity of the hotel to retain the right workforce. However, there is lack of a universal agreement among researchers regarding the relationship. It appears to apply in some cultural contexts and not others. This conflict justifies the interest in investigating the causes of work satisfactions on employee turnover of workers at Jin Jiang Tower Hotel. Indeed, not a single research has investigated this relationship in a Chinese environment that has adopted the western culture. For many years, both researchers and business people have realized that employee retention after hiring is important for the success of businesses (Tsai, Cheng

Explain the four main types of speeches. What the challenges of each of these delivery styles? Why is structure and organization of the speech important to each delivery method? Finally, how does your channel of communication impact which delivery style i

online homework help Explain the four main types of speeches. What the challenges of each of these delivery styles? Why is structure and organization of the speech important to each delivery method? Finally, how does your channel of communication impact which delivery style i. I’m working on a Psychology question and need guidance to help me study.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
When it comes to communicating in a public speaking situation, you must consider the different ways to deliver your message effectively. This means adapting your delivery style based on audience and channel of communication (ex: face to face, online conference, teleconference, etc).
Explain the four main types of speeches. What the challenges of each of these delivery styles? Why is structure and organization of the speech important to each delivery method? Finally, how does your channel of communication impact which delivery style is utilized?
Resource: Ruggiero, V. R. (2015). The art of thinking: A guide to critical and creative thought (11th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.
Explain the four main types of speeches. What the challenges of each of these delivery styles? Why is structure and organization of the speech important to each delivery method? Finally, how does your channel of communication impact which delivery style i

Theories Of Corporate Social Responsibility Commerce Essay

In the olden days, businesses were mostly with the idea of making profits and existing into the unforeseeable future. Gradually, it has changed dramatically and has shifted attention to responsibilities that firms have. For many years scholars have learnt firms’ public concerns (e.g., Berle, 1931; Bowen, 1953; Davis, 1960; Dodd, 1932; Frederick, 1960). Still, it is only currently that attraction in Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) has become extensive (Serenko

General Electric Sustainability Principles

Sustainability in Philips led light- Lighting improves lives and creates sustainable value beyond illumination for our customers, our company and society. How are they working towards this goal? To begin with, they recognize that the world needs more light, more energy-efficient light, and more digital light. That’s why they’re leading a global switch to LED and connected lighting that will bring economic, environmental and social benefits to both our customers and people around the globe. Our lighting systems and sustainability programs aim to save energy create safer and more liveable cities, boost office productivity, help people learn and heal, help grow food and alleviate light poverty. We’re also reducing resource use by working towards a circular economy through Light as a Service. And lastly, we’re committed to sustainable operations – we aspire to carbon neutral operations, zero waste to landfill, and zero injuries. GE sustainability principles- GE’s approach to sustainability is coordinated by a Sustainability Steering Committee, chaired by the vice president of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), and composed of leaders from across the company with deep subject matter expertise. The Committee meets to review stakeholder feedback and emerging trends and to assess our sustainability performance and reporting. Their findings inform our on-going work programs and are discussed with GE’s executive management as needed. Our sustainability efforts are one element of our industry-leading strategies for assessing and mitigating risks and evolving our environmental, social and governance practices. Risk oversight is carried out by senior management within GE as well as by key committees within the GE Board. The Policy Compliance Review Board within GE management, which is chaired by the Company’s general counsel and includes the chief financial officer and other senior-level functional leaders, has principal responsibility for monitoring compliance matters across GE. OSRAM principles in sustainability-As a leading provider in the global lighting industry, we base our strategic decisions on a holistic and integrated concept considering all three pillars of sustainability – economy, environment, society – which is setting the framework for all our thoughts and actions. We provide our major stakeholders with a comprehensive and transparent picture on the positioning of OSRAM, as far as sustainability is concerned, and are an acknowledged and reliable partner, promoting sustainability within the lighting industry and beyond. Implementation- The focus for Philips led light, the right lighting solutions to provide comfortable lux levels while also focusing on reducing energy consumption, and developing a sustainable light solution for the plants for the long-term duration of the project. Additionally, as part of this energy performance contracting project, Philips had to be able to guarantee these energy savings and lighting levels. Philips set out exactly the strategy and implementation plan for the LED lighting project. Philips began completely refurbishing the lighting in all in-scope areas, replacing the older, conventional mercury and sodium lights with Philips Green Vision Exceed LED luminaries. These LED road lights ensured light uniformity and maximum spacing between each lamppost, as well as significantly increasing the light levels are in line with expected international standards. In the turbine and storage areas, Gentle Space Gen 2 and Core Line High bay LED luminaires increased lighting levels and offered a consistent reduction in energy consumption, even at high ambient temperatures. Philips Tango LED floodlights were installed in other outside areas and around all fuel tank areas, which offer more than 40% energy saving compared to conventional floodlighting without compromising lighting levels in these critical areas. In desalination and transformer areas, Philips had to ensure that any fittings would be unaffected by moisture and installed Core Line Waterproof fixtures, while Core Line recessed lights were built into the power station offices. In GE’s company they select priority issues where both the need as expressed by critical stakeholders and GE’s unique potential for impact are greatest. For each sustainability priority, they employ GE’s deep expertise and advanced technologies to improve outcomes. Their strategy includes setting ambitious targets for minimizing their own footprint, developing products and solutions that enable their customers to meet their goals, and partnering with others to tackle challenges requiring a multi sector approach. Working with colleagues at GE and key external stakeholders, they then monitor their progress and evolve as needed. Next in OSRAM, they are an international company so it is of enormous importance that they take responsibility for all their activities throughout the world. For this reason, one of their objectives is to make sustainability an integral part of their company and to ensure that it is implemented throughout their entire value added chain and therefore in all aspects of the company. Their holistic sustainable approach is designed to create eco-friendly, innovative and creative solutions in all areas of the company. This includes the development of energy-efficient products, research into and selection of eco-friendly materials, and the implementation of energy-saving measures throughout the production process. In this respect, they ensure their corporate activities are in accordance with the “Triple Bottom Line” model.–figures/index.jsp Future planning of businesses in New Zealand- Maintainability being an unmistakable part of the organization’s vision and their solid objective of enhancing the lives of 3 billion individuals a year by 2025 has coordinated their supportability and development endeavours inside the organization. In spite of the fact that manageability is currently plainly enunciated in the organization’s vision, this centre is just the same old thi

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