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arguemntative critical analysis between the book metamorphosis and black ass

Write a comparative argumentative critical analysis in which you respond to the following
prompt in a 1,000-1,200 word essay:
In what way(s) do thoughts and notions expressed in both Franz Kafka’s short story “The
Metamorphosis” and A.Igoni Barrett’s novel Blackass speak to contemporary cultural and
societal truths and realities? Apply one of our literary theories to express your response.*
To do this, be sure to: 1) craft a claim that speaks directly to the prompt provided above (this is
your argument); then 2) support your claim throughout your essay using evidence in the form of
quoted text taken directly from the pieces in question (this is your analysis), while 3) using
relevant literary terminology (our vocabulary words), as taught throughout the course term thus
far, to express and support your points (this is your criticism).
*This assignment requires you to offer an intertextual analysis of the two literary pieces in
question, in order to properly respond to the question. As well, you will need to apply at least
one theoretical approach in order to yield proper criticism. The theoretical approaches we have
discussed thus far include:
 Feminist theory
 Gender theory
 Psychoanalytic theory
 Edgar Allen Poe’s literary theory
 Colonial theory
 Postcolonial theory

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