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Argosy University DSM 5 Psychological Disorders Research Paper

Argosy University DSM 5 Psychological Disorders Research Paper.

Evaluation of Treatment Approaches in Clinical PsychologyFor this Assignment, pretend that you are applying for a position as a clinical psychologist. You have already submitted your resume and application, and have now been moved to the next stage of the interview process! This round requires a research paper providing evidence of your knowledge of mental health and different treatment approaches.Select a psychological disorder from the DSM-5 that you are likely to deal with in your chosen career. Using the proper APA formatting guidelines, please write a 6-10 page report that specifically addresses all of the following:Name of this disorder.Symptoms of this disorder.Number of people or percentage of the population diagnosed with this disorder each year.Suspected causes of this disorder.Write a paragraph for each of the four major schools of psychotherapy (Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Behavioral, and Cognitive). How would each of these different schools of thought approach the treatment of this disorder?Which therapeutic approach do you think is best for this problem? Why?What kind of resistance would you expect in treating this kind of problem?How might the Prochaska Model of Change assist with your treatment efforts? What motivational interviewing strategies might be applied to the treatment of this disorder? Explain.How might manualized approaches to therapy help or hinder your treatment efforts? Explain.Discuss any dual diagnosis issues that are likely with this diagnosis. Please include at least one source external to the text to support your conclusions regarding possible dual diagnosis.Writing Requirements and Assignment GuidelinesYour Assignment should be 6-10 pages, not including the title and reference pages, and should include the following elements:Title page: Provide your name, title of Assignment, course and unit number, and dateBody: Answer the questions in complete sentences and paragraphsReference page: Sources in APA formatInclude a minimum of three scholarly or peer-reviewed resources to support your responses (the textbook and two others)Use Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced, and left-alignedUse standard 1” margins on all sidesUse APA Formatting and Citation styleTextbook-Pomerantz, A. M. (2013). Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture: DSM-5 Update.
Argosy University DSM 5 Psychological Disorders Research Paper

easy calculus homework. I don’t understand this Calculus question and need help to study.

Hey guys so I really need help with this project. It is Saturday and I need help, It is for calculus and we have to make a pamphlet. I will attach a document for the full instructions, but the instructions I need you to focus on is written below. I need a paragraph written as well as visual aid to demonstrate.Talk about how derivatives represent the rate of change of different types of functions such as profit, cost, revenue, etc and they could demonstrate the concept using business related applications. There are many more concepts of what a derivative represents and many more ways to illustrate those concepts, so be creative! I need a visual representation

Chapter 11 Collaborative Project For this project, you will be working together as a group to create an advertisement for derivatives. Tasks: Before January 18th, as a group, decide which of the following you would like to create for your group project (pick one that everyone in your group will work together on):A webpageAn ad with visuals and textA commercial video A pamphletBefore January 25th, if your role is W, X, or Y, pick which derivative concept you want to advertise (see examples below) and then submit your information on that concept to person Z. Everyone must do a different concept so work together to decide. If you aren’t sure what your role is, you can find it next to your name on the group spreadsheetBefore February 1st, if your role is Z, assemble all the information that your group contributed into a single webpage or ad or video or pamphlet, make it look nice and cohesive, save the final product, and submit it by going to Canvas, clicking on Assignments, clicking on Ch 11 CP, and following the instructions. Then please send me an email telling me which part of the advertisement came from each person in your group. If one of the people in your group did not contribute, please mention that in your email as well. Requirements: Your advertisement must address at least 3 of the different concepts that a derivative can represent (one thing per person W, X, and Y) and you must explain each concept in detail and give examples.Your advertisement should be mathematically accurate but also easy to understand.Do not copy and paste information. It must be your own work in your own words.Bonus points will be awarded for creativity.

easy calculus homework

Empirical Investigation of Student Achievement & Satisfaction Article Critique Paper.

Using the readings and lecture, critique the article (Lim, Kim, Chen, & Ryder, 2008) (I will send it to you) included in Learning . Use the key questions for evaluating research described in Mertler & Charles, such as: Is the research design appropriate for studying this research questions? Is sampling plan appropriate? Are the data collection techniques reliable & valid? Is the data collection method used in the article the best fit for the topic being studied?What ethical issues does this study raise? Would the findings make sense in your school/district? Post your critique here and then respond to two classmates’ posts.(i will send them to you ) Offer suggestions for how the issues identified could be improved in a new or alternate form of research inquiry. Be sure to use course readings and citations to explain the key concepts you are applying to your critique.
Empirical Investigation of Student Achievement & Satisfaction Article Critique Paper

Make a discussion about both assigments, The miniature Wife and Mermaid in a Jar. Watch the picture(example)

Make a discussion about both assigments, The miniature Wife and Mermaid in a Jar. Watch the picture(example). Need help with my English question – I’m studying for my class.

Review the definition of “the gaze” and evaluate its relationship to literary fiction and the concepts of power and powerlessness.
Discuss the literary elements of the short stories in this Unit, particularly (though not limited to) plot, characterization, point of view, setting, and theme.
Identify and assess bias, credibility, and relevance in your own arguments and in the arguments of others whose posts you will respond to in this Unit.

Manuel Gonzales, “The Miniature Wife”:
Sheila Heti, “Mermaid in a Jar”:

If you need help with “The Miniature Wife,” use these questions to guide your reading and writing so that you have enough depth in your analysis.
Can we trust that the narrator is telling us the truth? Why or why not? Did the narrator really shrink his wife unintentionally? Does he really never bring his work home? Why doesn’t he have an ally—a friend—at work?
What was their relationship like before she was miniaturized—is her appearance a clue? Are they getting along before she shrinks?
Is it significant that the narrator’s wife became mad at him when she realized that she was shrinking?
Why does she look better to him now that she has been miniaturized?
What impression is he making at the office now? Why is he falling apart?
Why does he build a dollhouse? What does it mean to build a dollhouse for an adult woman to live inside? Why doesn’t he just call it a “miniature house”? Why does he love the doll house? Why does she keep vandalizing it? Is there a difference: “doing for her, for us” –or is he only doing it for himself? Does he want to restore her to normal size? How does he envision their future life together?
What is strange about his missing his wife?
How has the wife changed?
What is the meaning of the notes the wife leaves?
How does the husband find out that his wife is cheating on him?
When the narrator tells us that he’s killed his wife’s lover, why does he do it in the form of a question? Is this typical of him?
What do we think of how he punished his wife? What precautions does he take against her revenge? How does he plan to kill her? Is he being unintentionally revealing about himself?
At the end of the story he shrinks himself, why? Is it, in a sense, she shrinks him down to size?
Optional Reading on “the gaze”:
“The Male Gaze in Retrospect,” The Chronicle of Higher Education
“The Male Gaze,” The Harvard Crimson (Harvard University’s student paper), Christina Qiu
Make a discussion about both assigments, The miniature Wife and Mermaid in a Jar. Watch the picture(example)

Holistic Report on Older Adult and Alcohol Abuse as a Co-exsisting Problems

assignment writing services 1.0 Introduction Kaumatua (older adult) identifies as the demographics age of 65 years and older (Santrock, 2014). Currently, there are around 600,000 adults aged 65 years and older living in New Zealand. In the next ten years, there will be close to one million (Hodges, 2014a). New Zealand has the second highest portion of seniors that consume alcohol being 83 percent. Alcohol addiction was once construed as a youth to an adult problem. However, research integrates that up to 40 percent of older adults of 65 and older are being categorised as hazardous drinkers that could potentially cause hazardous consequence (Hodges, 2014b). It is estimated that 800 people in New Zealand will die each year from alcohol-related causes (Conner et al, 2013). Mental illness affects 582,000 adults in New Zealand and are diagnosed with a common mental health disorder at some stage of their lives. Anxiety and depression disorder are the seconded leading cause of health decline in the older adult in New Zealanders and is predicted to become a major concern by 2020 (Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, 2014). The most common mental and neurological disorders in this age group is dementia, depression, and anxiety. People who abuse alcohol are more likely to suffer from major depression or alcohol induced dementia (Ministry of Health, 2017a). Overall, alcohol is the fundamental substance abused in the older adults and often coincides with mental health disorders and is frequently overlooked or misdiagnosed, or there is an unwillingness to diagnose individuals because they are seen as old (Bogunovic, 2012). Older adult’s problem drinking in New Zealand tend to be classified as either, early onset or late onset drinkers (Health Promotion Agency, 2017b). This report will discuss the holistic nature of a co-existing mental health problem, using Te Wheke, the Maori health model. The report will analyse the effects of alcohol use in the Kaumatua (older adult) and identify effective strategies with interventions that can be installed to mediate the consequences of individuals and their Whanau/Family, Iwi and communities within New Zealand. 2.0 Definition of Co-existing problems Mental health and substance abuse often coincide. The relationship of alcohol abuse is somewhat complicated as problem drinking can cause mental health conditions and, conversely, a mental health condition may cause problematic drinking. The two factors lead to substance and mental health problems occurring. Alcohol is strongly associated with social phobias, anxiety, depression, and dementia in the older adult in New Zealand. Alcohol addiction has a vast impact on one’s physical being. Alcohol abuse can contribute to health problems such as cancers, cardiovascular disease diabetes and self-harm due to falls. One of the biggest risked with alcohol in the older adult is mixing their prescribed medications and alcohol (Alcohol Rehab, 2018). 3.0 Critically examine the holistic nature of co-existing problems using the Te Wheke Framework The Maori health model designed by Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere. The octopus and its eight tentacles represent the link between the holistic nature of the individual and whanau health, each tentacle focuses on a pacific health dimension (Ministry of Health, 2017b). 3.1 Hinengaro – The mind Conditions such as depression, anxiety, suicide and substance misuse, delirium, dementia, and schizophrenia all fall in the contexed of mental health disorders in the older adult, but do not occur due to aging. Depression is one of the most commonly studied mental illnesses of the elderly. Depression in the elderly is believed to be associated with vascular brain changes. People with depression experience low mood and a loss of interest or pleasure, feeling extreme sadness or guilt and low self-worth, sleep disturbance and low appetite, low energy, and poor cognition. Diagnosing depression in the elderly population can be compounded by the difficulty of differentiating it clinically from dementia as dementia both present with impaired cognition fatigue, sleep disturbance and as mentioned above (Evans, Nizette,

Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. Primary Discussion Response is due by Friday (11:59:59pm Central), Peer Responses are due by Tuesday (11:59:59pm Central).Michelle, Elena, and the Mobile Manufacturing, Inc. (MM) board of directors know how important it is to understand the environment in which it is operating. They hired you?a highly-regarded marketing consultant?to bring a fresh perspective to the marketing plan. You are scheduled to meet with Michelle and Elena next week to discuss the environmental conditions that are relevant to introducing the new product. As you prepare for the meeting, you consider all of the possible environmental issues. You recognize that Elena brings an interesting perspective to the process because she has experience designing mobile phones for the Eastern European market, and she is pushing for a new product that can be marketed worldwide. On the other hand, Michelle is more concerned with the domestic marketplace and is worried that trying to market a new product anywhere outside the United States?much less worldwide?could be very risky. You sit down to start your work on the marketing plan, and you begin by drafting some goals that the marketing plan needs to address. Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, writeÿ400-600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.Walking through the halls at MM, you ponder the job that lies ahead. Coming out of her office, Michelle spots you and heads in your direction.”I’m so glad you’re here,” she says. “Have you settled into your office?””Yes,” you say. “I’m eager to get started.”Michelle enters your office and takes a seat in a chair. “I’m scheduled to make a presentation to the board at the quarterly meeting next week. I know it’s short notice, but I was wondering if you could pull together a 30-minute presentation for them?” she asks.”What would you like me to present?” you ask.”As you know, you and Elena have been brought on to revitalize the product line for the company. Your role is to create a winning marketing plan that will allow us to capitalize on the new product that Elena is designing. The board would like you to discuss some of the issues that you will be considering as you develop the marketing plan for the new product. I know they’re especially interested in your thoughts on the global market.””That sounds like a great idea,” you say.Consider the environmental variables (i.e., technological, demographic, economic, political, and cultural variables) that you must include in your marketing plan, and answer the following:Which of the environmental factors do you feel is the most critical, and why?What might someone with an opposing viewpoint think is the most important?Given this opposing argument, how would you argue your opinion?What solutions should be considered as you seek to develop a sense of ownership of your plan?What solutions would you recommend to the board, and why?Is a compromise feasible?Psychology homework help

UP A Modified Swot Analysis of Walmart Global Retail Industry Discussion

UP A Modified Swot Analysis of Walmart Global Retail Industry Discussion.

Successful businesses regularly analyze their processes to ensure they’re operating as efficiently as possible and maintaining their competitive advantages. Although you can assess a company in many ways, a common technique is the SWOT analysis. In this assignment, you’ll practice using SWOT analysis to better understand the factors involved in making business decisions that promote sustainable competitive advantage. Select and research a company from the 2019 Fortune 500 list that demonstrates a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.Evaluate the selected company’s sustainable competitive advantage using the SWOT analysis technique.Write a 700- to 1,050-word modified SWOT analysis that includes the following:An introduction with a detailed description of the companyA SWOT Analysis Diagram that includes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threatsAn evaluation of how specific internal factors (strengths and/or weaknesses) support and/or promote a competitive advantage; examples may include:Financial, physical, or human resourcesAccess to natural resources, trademarks, patents, or copyrightsCurrent processes (employee programs or software systems)An evaluation of how specific external factors (opportunities and/or threats) support and/or promote a competitive advantage;examples may include:Market trends (new products or technology advancements)Economic trends (local and/or global)DemographicsRegulations (political, environmental, or economic)Conclusion with an evaluation of how the company has retained its competitive advantageInclude APA-formatted in-text citations and a reference page with at least 2 sources. Note: You may include your textbook as 1 of the sources.Note: You can view sample SWOT Analyses by visiting the University Library > Databases > B > Business Source Complete: SWOT Analyses.NO PLAGARISM AND INCLUDE REFERENCES
UP A Modified Swot Analysis of Walmart Global Retail Industry Discussion