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-Are they using plain language in their tweets -Is that message clear -How they are keeping people engage -Is that information interesting -is that information compelling – why people visiting their profile again and again. – anylize and explain – no scre

-Are they using plain language in their tweets -Is that message clear -How they are keeping people engage -Is that information interesting -is that information compelling – why people visiting their profile again and again. – anylize and explain – no scre. I don’t understand this Communications question and need help to study.

Case Assignment 2: Analyzing Tweets
Select a company or a celebrity you like to follow on Twitter and analyze their tweets from the past several days.
Focus on their language and style strategies and how they keep their content compelling while also keeping it concise.
Your Assignment
Write a 500-word (maximum) memo to your instructor presenting your findings.
Do not insert screenshots of tweets. Explain and analyse in your own words.

Due no later than 4:00 PM on Thursday, February 13, 2020
Submit assignment via Moodle
Present the memo in a format or style of your choice.
Must have a title page with assignment name, course number and name, student name, instructor’s name and date.
Must have a references page (APA format).
Counts towards 10% of your total mark.

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (See Assessment Rubric)

Introduction – 5 pts.
Content (language, style, compelling) & Organization – 5 pts.
Format & Design – 5 pts.
Conclusion – 5 pts.
Grammar, Spelling & Mechanics – 5pts.

-Are they using plain language in their tweets -Is that message clear -How they are keeping people engage -Is that information interesting -is that information compelling – why people visiting their profile again and again. – anylize and explain – no scre

The aim of this essay is to answer the long-awaited question about one of the most controversial personalities in England’s history. Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or a villain? Its answer is really hard to clarify even for some scholars who have had dissimilar opinions about it and have been arguing about him for centuries. Cromwell has became seen as a devil incarnate, dueled fanatic, hero and man of God (1999, BBC News). For some historians such as Thomas Carlyle and Samuel Rawson Gardiner, Oliver Cromwell was a hero of liberty while to some others such as David Hume and Christopher Hill he was a regicidal dictator. But, the controversial vision about this figure is still present in our decade. In 2002, the BBC carried out a poll in Britain in which he was elected as one of the Top 10 Britons of all time. But, who is right? What is a reasonable evaluation of Cromwell today? This essay will provide relevant information about Cromwell’s background, his personal life and his relationship with England’s history. All those important points considered in order to obtain a reasonable vision about this controversial figure. Oliver Cromwell was born on the 25th of April 1599, in Huntingdon near Cambridge. His family was constituted by his mother Elizabeth Steward and his father Robert who descended from Catherine Cromwell, one of Tudor statesman Thomas Cromwell’s sister. Thomas Cromwell thus was Oliver’s great-great-great-uncle. At Oliver Cromwell’s birth, the social status of his family was quite low having in account that it belonged the gentry class. So, the inheritance of Robert was restricted to a house at Huntingdon and a small land. Oliver Cromwell went to school at Huntingdon Grammar, which is now the Cromwell Museum, and later studied at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge that he left in June 1617 without taking a degree. That happened immediately after the death of his father. After that moment in his life, Cromwell lived in London the next few years. He was more likely to return to Huntingdon because of his widow mother and his seven unmarried sisters; so, he was needed at home to help the family. Being returned to his small state, he farmed a land where his reputation made him well known as a champion of the poor. In spite of the impoverished conditions in which Cromwell was, many circumstances took place to interact with some powerful and influential people belonged to the court. The reason was he frequently entertained royalty and court officials in his grandfather’s house located outside Huntingdon. Besides that, he got contact with merchants and Puritan figures in London thanks his father in low, Sir James Bourchier. The hard situations in Cromwell’s life provoked him periods of deep depression and spiritual torment. The existence of a letter written in 1626 to an Arminian minister called Henry Downhall evidences in his discourse an important influence from radical Puritanism. Also, between 1620’s and 1630’s Cromwell went through a period in which he lived a personal crisis and a mental breakdown. At that point, he underwent a powerful religious conversion that triggered a feeling of being certain about himself as an instrument of God and waiting for a mission. In 1930, Cromwell was called before the Privy Council. The reason was he was caught up after being found in a fight among the gentry of Huntingdon over a new charter for the town. The following year, he sold some properties in Huntingdon and moved to St Ives, probably as a result of his dispute. This decision meant go down in the society’s scale belonging to a very different position to the one he had had previously. This fact, affected him spiritually and emotionally in some measure. Later in 1638, Cromwell wrote a letter to his cousin which denotes a deep change in a spiritual level. He related how being “the chief of sinners” he became one of the members of “the congregation of the firstborn”. This is the basement of his beliefs about the Reformation, his perception of England as a place of sins and the Catholic doctrine needed to be removed from the church. Around 1636, Cromwell’s destiny led another path. His income seemed to rise caused by inherited properties from his uncle and mother’s side; so, he retrieved his social range. On the other hand, the political context was that England had ruled for eleven years by Charles I, who pursued policies in religion and finance. Cromwell, as many other gentlemen, had been against those policies. In the meantime, he became a member of the parliament representing Huntingdon, in the first stage known as the short parliament because it lasted for only three weeks. A second parliament, known as the long parliament, was called some time later in which Cromwell represented Cambridge. The second parliament had a strong belief respect to give limits to the king’s power and the Anglican Church. So this time, his membership was not unnoticed, because when he spoke he did it supporting extreme measures or being critical of the king. Another main action was to advocate increased parliamentary powers. During the first stage of the parliament, was linked to the House of Lords (a godly aristocrat group), and the House of Commons. Many issues could not be resolved between the long parliament and Charles I; this provoked the English Civil war. At that point, Cromwell was assigned a small army of man. As he demonstrated to have an excellent set of military skills he was named Lieutenant General of Horse for the Army of the Eastern Association, and recruited a cavalry troop in Cambridgeshire. He was able to develop an effective army, ability that permitted him commander regiments from other countries; those were brought together as one force known as the Eastern Association. Cromwell faced a number of battles that gave him experience and victories; those actions made him governor of Ely and made a colonel in the Eastern Association. This was the beginning of a long succeeded career that has established him as one of the most important figures in the England’s and world’s history. Nobody was more dedicated to the bible and its political implications than Cromwell. This man, considered a hero, was the major statesman of the XVII century and a military genius without any formal training. Even though, he never was defeated in the battle field and he succeeded in replace the king having the control under the title of Lord Protector. During that period of time, kings believed they were as a God; so, they had the power to control their servants’ conscience. The Reformation came to change people’s thought about it by the right of having a free conscience. As the king, Charles I was not an exception; he wanted to submit every citizen under the Catholicism and prevent power to the Parliament. He was accused of high treason and was considered guilty by the Parliament. Without Cromwell’s leadership, his commitment with the biblical justice, the king had not been prosecuted. That event was the beginning of the modern freedom (William P. Farley). After become Lord Protector, he extended the religious tolerance and a mercy unknown before. The letters written by him demonstrated a man of great piety, a strong knowledge about the bible and a profound faith. He wrote to his daughter in low “I hope your main interest is look for God: cry out for him, in that way he will be evident in his Son”. His words denoted a very close relationship with God. Otherwise, Samuel Rawson says “never appeared in England again a church supported by the real absolutism, a monarch laid on the divine right…”. Other man that supports this idea is Benjamin Hart, who says that America debts its political and religious freedom to Cromwell and the Puritans. Cromwell’s ideals are the basement of the religious freedom, the capitalism essentials, and the scientific revolution. He was an excellent representing of Puritan’s ideals (William P. Farley). This area was not the only one developed by Cromwell. He had abilities to command people and had a fast reflection especially in short distances. Being in the politics field, he was able to develop the patience and toughness. But above all, he had a strong will which was born in his conviction of obtain the gasped objectives. It was told that in his treatment with soldiers he used the same rigor that the one used with officials. Cromwell was a crude and direct man, but also temperamental and nervous. Several times the fortune was in his favor, but things could have been different if he had not had cold blood to act. Even though he was a man that cried with facility and was depressing since he was a young man, he was able to adjust himself to each new situation. All of this, supported by his energetic character made of him a man who rejected intermediate solutions. During his last few years of government, Cromwell defeated Dutchmen warranting England’s dominion over the sea and defeated the Spanish fleet moving the Catholic’s threat away England. Cromwell’s government was based on the religious tolerance, but that under the state’s control. Even when he disagreed democracy, he was in favor of social conservator order. As he considered respect for the private possessions, he abolished the monarchy and established a republic called Commonwealth. The parliament proclaimed the republic and he exercised the power without any title. At that stage, some Irishmen and Scotsmen revolted, because they wanted a Monarchy. At any rate, Cromwell did not have the entire control; so, he decided to coup d’état. Presumably parliament was under control, but it was quite sure with the establishment of the Protectorate in which real power laid on Cromwell and his army. Under the Cromwell’s Protectorate, the country was divided into eleven districts. Each of those districts had a major general in charge that had as responsibilities the tax collection, justice and public morality as well. Cromwell ruled until his death in 1658, letting an image of economic prosperity and peace in the country. After his death, Charles II was called by the parliament to assume the lost crown of his father. As revenge, Charles II pursued puritans and tried to reestablish his father’s ideals. Because of that, the parliament tried to set Cromwell and Puritan’s essentials after Charles II’s and his son’s death. Without a doubt, there exists a second vision about Cromwell’s procedures and that is he was a villain. If we go back in history, we can see that the most determinant fact in Cromwell’s life took place in 1642, when the tension among the Parliament and the King came to provoke the first English Civil War. He was a man of 42 years old without any previous experience that put himself in service of the parliament. In that way, he became a general with supreme power who organized the first regular army, demonstrated to be an influential politician responsible for the later proclamation of the republic. The title of the king by the house of the lords was offered Cromwell and refused by him. Afterwards, the house of the lords and Cromwell agreed a constitution document called The Humble Petition and Advice where they defined his powers. That document was finally rejected by the House of Commons. When he was in the field of the battle, his conviction was to destroy completely the enemy. Due to, he never lost a battle between 1642 and 1651. But that caused many differences with the parliament that wanted to look for negotiations or be indulgent. He was cleverer and handled situations in order to create and specific setting that later was justified by the means. Cromwell did any possible thing to elicit other people to perform what he wanted and was careful in remain himself far away of the scene. He was able to keep his objectives in secret and create hides for his enemies. It is very well known the hide that Cromwell prepared for Charles I when he was prisoner but without a dictum of death. As Cromwell was afraid of the parliament’s resolution, he decided precipitate the fact and convince some people. So, he facilitated the escape of Charles I and his refuge in the Wight Island. What was unknown by the king was the island’s governor was Cromwell’s cousin. The figure of Cromwell was emphasized by the lack of mercy with the enemy. Just in England, there existed a great amount of imprison people caused by crimes that nowadays would not be so serious. Cromwell sent people (who had psychiatric disease) to be tortured, permitted the execution of innocent people, sacked, sold slaves, and made fun of those who had misfortune. If we take a look of his actions from a contemporary point of view, it is right to say that he committed a lot of crimes. The fact that gives Cromwell the mythic category is what he represents for Scotland and Ireland. It is countless the amounts of signs that remain in both countries after the wars of conquest, such us destroyed castles and churches in ruins, mainly in Scotland. In contrast, Ireland suffered the uncontrolled death of Protestants. Drogueda’s and Wexford’s battles are famous because they were besieged having the enemy surrendered. Under those circumstances, Cromwell left his soldiers go inside the land and kill everyone who had enough age to use arms. His decision left 3.500 people died in Drogueda and 2.000 people died in Wexford. Two letters sent by him are proves of that. There, he explained that few people could survive and he had liked to leave more people alive, but God was “who decided a fairer verdict” (2006; Giralt, Marcos). Those soldiers alive were exiled, killed or sold as slaves. The Cromwell’s evilness reached the rest of the innocent population as he finished the food reserves and forests, banned wool trade and relinquished Catholics’ lands. Otherwise, those who refused his measures were executed. His campaign in Scotland and Ireland lasted nine months, but the repression continued during his term of office as Lord Protector. According to that, it is estimated that in the eight years of conflict, the third part of the population died. Afterwards, the parliament wanted to limit the Protector’s powers but it was too late, because Cromwell decided to dissolve it and establish a military rule. Considered what kind of republic is reasonable to expect. Certainly, a popular government imagined a more perfect o than absolute Monarchy. When a single person acquires power, the enough to convert the constitution into pieces and create a new one; It is clear that such a person will never leave his power or establish a real republic Cromwell was the author of the only regicide carried out during the modern history of Great Britain. He was the chief of the army and implacable repressor of Scottish and Ireland’s rising. Finally, since 1654 until the day of his death, he was an absolute monarch with the title of lord protector of the republic of England, Scotland and Ireland; a dictatorship under the name of a Republic called Commonwealth. Since Cromwell’s birth, two elements were up to in his life. The first one was a sharp conscience of the social class to which he belonged. The other one was an idea about God that was the better one and the most convenient to the class’s interests. It does not mean his religious beliefs were not sincere, because in terms of religion he was fanatically honest. He neither did not do anything without entrust himself to God nor perform a speech without mention him several times. Even though, it is possible to argue that he became a mad man in terms of religion, due to he said he was an instrument of God. Through that position, he killed people and acted as his pleasure to get anything he pursued. Any achieve in his bright career, almost of 15 years, becomes a minor fact if it is compared with his overdue military vocation. There is not a doubt about his abilities and intelligence which made of him the recognized historical figure that is today, but he committed crimes under the label of Puritanism’s belief and Republic’s desire. It is really difficult trying to decide if Oliver Cromwell was a hero or a villain, but taking in account all what he did it is possible to make a connection with a universal truth. God’s message is that we will get heaven if we are able to recognize our sins and regret. In the case of Cromwell, he strongly believed to act in the best way; so there was not a reason for repentance. In contrast, all the suffering, deaths, destroyed places, and starvation cannot be erased from history, neither from those people that went under the unlimited power of Cromwell. So, neither repentance nor good deeds change our decisions and actions; they lay for the rest of the life and even after our death. A prove of that is Charles II who wanted revenge for his father and in order to get it, he dug the Cromwell’s corpse out in order to tear it into pieces. If we say that Cromwell was a hero or a villain it would be deny the other side of the history, the development of the countries and its people. It would be more suitable to establish this figure as a common man that did important things for his country by painful methods and became so important in his time. Altogether, his actions positioned as a controversial man representing two different and extreme sides of the history. 3000 words
George Washington University Interval Estimation & Pivotal Quantities Questions.

Let X be a random variable with continuous distribution function F(x; θ),
and you wish to test H0 : θ = θ0.
(a) (5 points) Show that the test that rejects H0 if F(X; θ0) ≤ 0.025 or
F(X; θ) ≥ 0.975 has level 0.05. (b) (5 pts) Now apply the result in (a) to the setting where F(x; θ) is the
distribution function of a sample mean X¯ from iid N(µ, σ2
), where
is known. Show that the test in part (a) for testing H0 : θ = 0 is
the usual 2-tailed test rejecting H0 if Z ≤ −1.96 or Z ≥ 1.96, where
Z = X/¯ (σ/√
n).(c) (5 points) Invert the test in part (b) by finding the set of θ0 such that
the test accepts the null hypothesis H0 : θ = θ0, and show that you
get the usual confidence interval (X¯ − 1.96σ/√
n, X¯ + 1.96σ/√
George Washington University Interval Estimation & Pivotal Quantities Questions

Probably not, since any protection scheme devised by a human can also be broken and the more complex the scheme is, the more difficult it is to be confident of its correct implementation. As compared to dedicated machines, time-shared machines are far less secure, and are very easy to overload the buffers. They are also much slower to catch a virus. But in dedicated machine, all resources are available to the process being run. Q2) Under what circumstances would a user be better off using a time sharing system rather than a PC or single user workstation? Ans . When there are few other users, the task is large, and the hardware is fast, time-sharing makes sense. The full power of the system can be brought to bear on the user’s problem. The problem can be solved faster than on a personal computer. Another case occurs when lots of other users need resources at the same time. A personal computer is best when the job is small enough to be executed reasonably on it and when performance is sufficient to execute the program to the user’s satisfaction. Q3) In the designing of the operating system there are two approaches modular kernel and layered approach? How are they different? Ans. There are various differences between moduler kernel and layered approach:- A modular kernel differs from a layered approach in that there is less overhead in making a call to a lower level part of the kernel. The call doesn’t have to jump through numerous layers before work gets done and parts are aware of any other parts of the kernel and not just what is below them. Modular kernel is more secure as compared to layered approach, as more operations are done in user mode than in kernel mode. Debugging and modification of data is much easier in layered approach because changes affect only limited sections of the system rather than touching all sections of the system. In modular kernel approach, kernel design and its functionality are more simple as compared to layered approach. Part B Q4) There is guest operating system and a host operating system like VMware? List all the factors in choosing the host operating system? Ans. A host operating system is the operating system that is in direct communication with the hardware. It has direct hardware access to kernel mode and all of the devices on the physical machine. The guest operating system runs on top of a virtualization layer and all of the physical devices are virtualized. A host operating system should be as modular and thin as possible to allow the virtualization of the hardware to be as close to the physical hardware as possible, and so that dependencies that exist in the host operating don’t restrict operation in the guest operating system. Q5) The kernel is responsible for a action with the processes. Search through the action of kernel and describe what is the action? Ans. The various actions of the kernel are as follows: The main task of a kernel is to allow the execution of applications and support them with features such as hardware abstractions. To run an application, a kernel typically sets up an address space for the application, loads the file containing the application’s code into memory, sets up a stack for the program and branches to a given location inside the program, thus starting its execution. The kernel uses scheduling algorithms to determine which process is running next and how much time it will be given. The algorithm chosen may allow for some processes to have higher priority than others. To perform useful functions, processes need access to the peripherals connected to the computer, which are controlled by the kernel through device drivers. If sometimes the interrupt has been occurred during execution of any process then it saves the state(address) of current process, and after that when interrupt has been removed then it restores the state(address) of previous process. Q6) Considering both the system level and the programmer level. Consider the advantage and disadvantage of the following structure. Synchronous and asynchronous communication. Automatic and explicit buffering. Send by copy and send by reference Fixed-sized and variable-sized message. Ans: Synchronous and asynchronous communication- synchronous communication: Advantage: you can get an immediate response; instant feedback fosters communication; there seems to be a more emotional bonding effect between people when there is a possiblity to communicate in real time (synchronously), spontaneity. Disadvantage: There is less time to think about what you want to say or your response to another; time may be a limiting factor, e.g time zones; synchronous communication over the computer may be difficult because of the speed of data transaction with slower connections; you need extra equipment (speakers, microphone, webcamera). asynchronous communication: Advantage: you have time to think about what you want to say; time is not a constraint. You can receive the message whenever you have time and you can analyze the content of the message more carefully so the answer you give can be even more meaningful because it has gone through a process of elaboration. Disadvantage: no immediate response, especially where time is significant; you may not know if the other person has received your message; the message loses human contact . Automatic and explicit buffering – Automatic buffering : Advantage: Automatic buffering provides a queue with inde¬nite length ; thus ensuring the sender will never have to block while waiting to copy a message. Disadvantage: There are no specifications how automatic buffering will be provided; one scheme may reserve sufficiently large memory where much of the memory is wasted. Explicit buffering: Advantage: Explicit buffering speci¬es how large the bufferis. Disadvantage: In this situation, the sender may be blocked while waiting for available space in the queue. However, it is less likely memory will be wasted with explicit buffering. Send by copy and send by reference – Send by copy: Advantage: send by copy is better for synchronization issues. Disadvantage: Send by copy does not allow the receiver to alter the state of parameter. send by reference: Advantage: A bene¬t of send by reference is that it allows the programmer to write a distributed version of a centralized application Java’s RMI provides both, however passing a parameter by reference requires declaring the parameter as a remote object as well. Send by reference also allow the receiver to alter the state of parameter. Disadvantage: send by reference can compromise the security of an organisation because sensitive information can be easily distributed accidently or deliberately. Fixed-sized and variable-sized messages – Fixed-sized messages: Advantage: The implications of this are mostly related to buffering issues; with ¬xed-size messages, a buffer with a speci¬c size can hold a known number of messages. Disadvantage: with ¬xed-sized messages the messages are copied from the address space of the sender to the address space of the receiving process. Variable-sized messages: Advantage: variable-sized messages (i.e. Larger messages) use shared memory to pass the message. Disadvantage: The number of variable-sized messages that can be held by such a buffer is unknown.

Effective HRD Interventions Discussion Questions

Effective HRD Interventions Discussion Questions.

need my discussion question answer at least 200 words for both questions. I will upload the directions how and what you need to do. below the questions.1. Why is needs assessment information critical to the development and delivery of an effective HRD program?2. Why are behavorial objectives and lesson plans important to effective HRD interventions? What role should objectives play in the design, implementation, and evaluation of HRD programs? How can objectives be of values to trainees?Direction:All discussion board assignments must include an original post in response to the discussion question and at least one post in response to another student’s original post. All posts must be substantial, significant and thoughtful (not just “I agree”!) and you must include at least 2 (2) citations and appropriate references from relevant academically sound sources and only one reference of the two can be the text book. Citations and references must adhere to the latest APA format. Academically appropriate sources are peer reviewed journals, text books, conference proceedings, dissertations etc. They are NOT, Business Week, Wikipedia etc.REMEMBER, this is a five point assignment and will be graded as such. Make sure that you provide appropriate detail and academic support for your arguments on discussion assignments as they represent. The book is Human Resource Development Talent Development by Werner 7th ed
Effective HRD Interventions Discussion Questions

Thomas the Train Engine Report

python assignment help Overview Within the past 10 years, as the internet and online digital media have become one of the largest and most prevalent platforms of advertising and product sales to date, it has become increasingly apparent that for any company looking to expand its market share it has to be able to appeal to online consumers groups. Strategies Utilized This consists of developing advertising and sales projects that are not only in conjunction with the latest social media trends and sites but are also able to act as stand-alone platforms that can entice customers to purchase particular items and services. Such platforms of sales and advertising can consist of interactive websites (i.e. websites with games), downloadable apps (as seen in on the iPhone and iPad), online viral advertising campaigns (YouTube videos), banner ads and a variety of other processes and projects. Brand Objectives It is based on this that the brand objectives of this particular project is to achieve an incremental sales growth of 10% per year of Thomas the Train engine merchandise through the use of varying methods of online advertising and E-commerce sales. It is anticipated that through the utilization of the digital tools and strategies that will be described in this report an effective marketing and sales plan can be developed which will not only increase public awareness and interest in the Thomas the Train engine brand but should help to foster better relations between the company and the consumer groups that are to be targeted. Marketing Strategy Reposition “Thomas” in the Minds of Parents and Children: Increase Parent/Child Engagement and Excitement for “Thomas” Increase Appeal of “Thomas” to 1 – 5 year Olds: Extend the “Thomas” Experience outside the Store Increasing Parent/Child Engagement and Excitement for “Thomas” One of the best ways in creating a certain degree of “hype” and excitement around a particular character is make that character readily known and available to the general public. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Strategies to utilize Digital Marketing Increase general awareness of Thomas the Train Engine by allowing more of the show’s episodes to be available for free online through YouTube so that children can watch it at their leisure. Reasoning By promoting these videos through YouTube, parents will in effect know that there is a channel available that they can access that allows their kids to watch child-safe programming online and is educational as well. This would create a certain degree of online “hype” regarding Thomas which could translate into product sales especially if links to the E-commerce site are placed with the video. Increasing Appeal of “Thomas” to 1 – 5 year Olds One way to increase the appeal of “Thomas” to the 1 – 5 year old age set is to develop games that center around the life of “Thomas” due to the way in which games appeal to the mindset of children Strategies to utilize Website Game Development Create a free online gaming platform where children can play a variety of flash games based on the adventures of Thomas from the TV series. iPhone and iPad Game Development Develop a variety of Thomas the Train Engine games for the iPad and iPhone. Reasoning Such a technique has proven itself to be quite effective as seen in the case of Disney and Cartoon Network wherein their respective websites have a collection of flash based games that come with advertisements that connect to their online E-commerce stores. It is a well known fact that children love to play games and with recent trends showing a subsequent increase in the amount of time children spend online to play games (average of 12 hours a week). The iPad and iPhone have increasingly become one of the most popular interactive devices for young kids to play around with via touch screen games. The company could develop a series of games for the iPad and iPhone based around the life of Thomas and have them placed on the Apple App store at a much lower price (or even for free) in order to entice parents to buy the apps since they’re cheaper there-by increasing the popularity of the Thomas the Train Engine Brand. Extending the “Thomas” Experience outside the Store One way of ensuring continued consumer patronage is develop a continued “Thomas” experience for clients outside the store. This means having the brand being the foremost thought in the minds of consumers through the implementation of creative advertising strategies to increase subsequent interest in “Thomas”. Strategy to Utilize Creation of a variety of promotions, events and competitions wherein through purchasing Thomas the Train Engine merchandise this allows customers to “compete” so to speak for cash prizes, merchandise and even “a day out with Thomas” which is equivalent to a fully paid for family trip to a particular location. Develop a sufficient online advertising strategy that takes advantage of not only traditional methods of online advertising (i.e. banner ads and paid promotions) but also the creation of a viral marketing campaign to help penetrate new markets as a result of the company’s unique approach to promoting the brand. Develop “Thomas” loyalists Creating Sentimental Value Retaining Thomas Customer for 2 more Years Simplifying the Purchasing Experience Creating Sentimental Value As VonRiesen and Herndon (2011) explains, brand loyalty isn’t limited to the quality or popularity connected to a product but can also encompass the way in which it invokes a certain degree of “sentimentality” among consumers (VonRiesen and Herndon, 327). We will write a custom Report on Thomas the Train Engine specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Strategies to Utilize Develop a Social Networking Website By developing its own social networking site which focuses on promotion emotional and funny stories, the brand will be able to create a significantly large community of advocates consisting of digitally savvy moms that make up 50% of the target universe, digitally active moms that make up 30%, or traditional moms that make up 20% of the target universe. The site can function as a video/commentary site wherein funny/ emotional/ heartwarming videos can be uploaded by customers in order for other people to see the antics of their children. Not only that, parents can also share stories on the site involving their children which can consist of getting out of poverty, finding happiness despite the odds, discovering the true meaning of family etc. Reasoning By establishing a site that enables customers to in effect share their happiest and saddest moments the Thomas the Train Engine brand will be able to develop a certain level of sentimentality between it and its customers which should result in the long term patronage of “Thomas” merchandise. Proven to be highly successful in the case of Yahoo! Wherein the company established a site where individuals adversely affected by the 2008 financial crisis up till the present could share their stories and gain some degree of feedback and encouragement from other people who have experienced similar if not worse hardships. The effectiveness of this particular strategy lies in the continued expansion and development of the community of advocates of the site which are connected to the target demographic that the company is after. As Nobre (2011) explains, consumers tend to patronize products that show a certain degree of Corporate Social Responsibility or enact a positive service to the community (Nobre, 270). Retaining Thomas Customers for 2 more Years Strategy to Utilize Online loyalty Program Develop a loyalty program attached to a customer’s online registered E-commerce account on the Thomas the Train Engine website Reasoning For customers that have been loyal for 1 year or more they would gain significant discounts with the highest discount attainable after a 2 year loyalty period. This would ensure that customers would continue to stay loyal to the brand since loyalty translates into savings. Simplifying the Purchasing Experience In order to avoid customer dissatisfaction with the purchasing process it is thus necessary to simplify the method in which transactions are to be made on the Thomas the Train Engine website. Phau and Cheong (2009) note that even if a product is priced affordably, presented effectively and entices customers to buy it, so long as the purchasing experience itself is poor or overly convoluted it is unlikely that the customer will ever complete the transaction (Phau and Cheong, 109). Problems with the Online Purchasing Experience Studies such as those by Vander Schee (2011) which examined the purchasing behaviors of online consumers reveals that while many of them are satisfied with the speed and efficiency of E-commerce websites the fact remains that many of them are “turned off” so to speak when it comes to overly rigorous checkouts and the need to register (Vander Schee, 32 – 43). Seen in the Kapferer (2005) study was a situation where a customer that was just about to purchase all her items in her “shopping cart” declined to finish her transaction when the website asked her to create a registered account before paying for everything she chose (Kapferer, 1). This particular pattern showed itself over and over again in numerous instances resulting in the conclusion that some consumers just didn’t want to complicate the process any further since filling out an online registration form for them seems to be an unnecessary and ill-advised action, especially when taking into consideration the potential for their e-mail address or even their home address being bombarded with various advertisements and promotional schemes Strategy to Utilize Removing the Need to Register Completely removing the necessity of having a customer register in order to complete a transaction. Customers should only be given the choice of registering after they have already purchased their product with the prompt indicating that if they register they may be able to avail of exclusive discounts and offers Reasoning By removing the registering process it is expected that customers should find that making transactions on the E-commerce site is a lot less tedious, faster, more convenient and above all allows them to have a pleasant customer experience without feeling the subsequent frustration of once again having to register before making a purchase. Not sure if you can write a paper on Thomas the Train Engine by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This should help in retaining more customers since the main issue described in the Kapferer (2005) study would have been removed. Removing the “Expensive Stigma” from the Thomas the Train Engine Brand One of the current problems of the Thomas the Train Engine brand is its association with high cost toy genres such as train sets and expensive brands that have a popular TV series connected to them (i.e. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Batman, etc.). Why this is false Thomas the Train Engine brand name goods and merchandise is constrained to a fairly limited consumer market (kids aged 1 – 5) and as such the prices set by Mattel for this particular type of brand is set at a low and acceptable level as compared to the nearly 200 to 300 percent mark up on the more popular toy brands. The brand doesn’t have the same level of “collectability” associated with toys from Marvel or DC which are usually associated with collectors due to the potential for a considerable increase in value as the years go by. An in-depth examination of prices of Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise shows a price average of $10 or less for particular train pieces which is much less compared to some of the more popular brands. Strategies to Utilize Create an online marketing campaign which focuses on the affordability of the brand Create redeemable limited time offer promotional codes through online banner advertisements and social media networks that will entice parents to go to the online E-commerce site of Thomas the Train Engine and redeem them for discounts on select merchandise. It is expected that once consumers see the prices of the products the stigma associated with the product being expensive should lessen considerably. Jump on the coupon bandwagon with partnerships with sites such as wherein parents are given the option of purchasing Thomas the Train branded merchandise at select outlets and merchandisers within the targeted markets of the company. Develop an online viral marketing campaign on YouTube which focuses on the affordability of brand through a humorous 5 minute showcase. Digital Tactics Digital Goals/ Measurement The goal of the company’s digital marketing strategy is to create an incremental increase of 10% in the number of online merchandising sales by the E-commerce store connected to the website. In order to accomplish this a certain number of facebook “likes”, pinterest “pining”, twitter hashtag usage, as well as views on YouTube must be established in order to create a certain level of online popularity for the company brand. Measurable goals for this particular strategy come in the form of at least 3,000 facebook likes a year and 100,000 “fans”, 10 million annual visits to the Thomas the Train Engine website, 50,000 thousand followers on the company’s pinterest page as well as 100,000 followers on twitter and lastly up to 3,000,000 or more yearly views on the company’s YouTube channel which features various episodes of Thomas the Train Engine as well as a variety of interesting marketing videos created by the company. These are the set goals of the brand and are achievable should the various strategies suggested within this report be followed. YouTube Objective Create a YouTube channel devoted entirely to Thomas the Train Engine in order to drum up interest in the brand Target Primary- Internet Savvy mothers, semi-internet competent mothers, traditional normal/infrequent internet using mother. Secondary – Children aged 1 – 5 who will watch the YouTube videos that are shown to them by their mothers Rationale One of the problems with helping to expand the popularity of the Thomas the Train Engine brand is the fact that it is difficult to encompass the target audiences at times which are convenient. One way in which studios have attempted to get around this is to offer video on demand services such as those found on Netflix and TiVo however not all individuals have access to these particular services and it must be noted that they cost money in order to utilize. As such, by creating a YouTube channel where the videos can be viewed for free in all regions this will enable Mattel to allow parents to let their children watch YouTube videos in their car, home or where ever an interest connection is available in order to keep them preoccupied. This has the advantage of parents turning towards the Thomas the Train Engine YouTube channel as one of their primary means of entertaining their kids which will result in greater brand awareness. By placing hyperlinks and advertisements at the end of each video regarding Thomas the Train Engine merchandise the company will be able to subsequently increase the amount of people visiting the E-commerce section of website. Furthermore, with the subsequent increase in the amount of views on the YouTube page this would in turn increase its rankings on the YouTube search results and enable the company to penetrate new markets that it otherwise would have been unable to access otherwise. Description By placing old episodes of Thomas the Train Engine on YouTube and allowing parents to let their kids watch it for free this would drum up more attention for the brand especially if links are included in the video description which connect to the Thomas the Train Engine website and E-commerce store. What must be understood is that YouTube is one of the most visited websites on internet with millions of people viewing content on it on a daily basis. As such by actively uploading videos on YouTube and enabling people to view them freely this would result in a definite expansion in the market range of consumers the company would be able to successfully access. Success Metrics Metric Method of Calculation Number of videos Total Number of Channel Views E-gaming Website Objective Create an E-gaming website that has age appropriate flash based games that appeal to the 1 – 5 age segment Target Primary- Kids aged 1 – 5 Rationale Children aged 1 – 5 are the primary consumers of Thomas the Train Engine brand merchandise however they also like playing games. By combining the two via an online gaming website/ E-commerce store the company will not only be able to target its chosen market but will be able to better convince them to buy “Thomas” brand merchandise. It has been shown through sites belonging to Disney and Cartoon Network that creating flashed based games around a particular cartoon can drum up significant amounts of interest around a particular brand. This was seen in the games developed by Disney which centered around Mickey Mouse, Lilo and Sitch and a variety of other cartoons which boosted the appeal of the characters to children since they were able to play games that were centered around the adventures seen on TV. Not only that, but by connecting these games to their online merchandising stores Disney and Cartoon Network were both able to gain significant amounts of revenue. Such a system can easily be implemented in the Thomas the Train Engine website and as such would be a beneficial instrument to utilize in order to generate the desire of children for Thomas the Train Engine brand merchandise based on the games that they just played. Description Online E-gaming sites have become a popular trend among the younger generation today with many children preferring to play games on computers as compared to watching TV. In order to take advantage of this growing trend the development of a site function that specifically caters to children aged 1 – 5 will enable the company to bring in more children by show casing to them the types of games they can play and enable them to know more about the world of Thomas the Train Engine. Success Metrics Metric Method of Calculation Number of Website Views Total Number of Channel Views and sales made Number of times a Game is played Content Features/Outline (Company Generated) Objective Target Rationale Description Success Metrics Twitter Develop the Thomas the Train Engine Brand as a trending social media topic on a daily basis in order to increase the overall interest in the show as well as the merchandise that’s available Twitterusers Twitter is one of the largest social media network with daily tweets and hash tags being the preferred medium of communication regarding the latest news and trends both on the internet and in the real world Since Twitter is one of the most utilized mediums of communication for current trends developing an online twitter presence and submitting daily “tweets” to a collection of followers covering discounts, special promotions, events etc. should result in greater brand visibility which would create more merchandising opportunities as well. Gaining 50,000 twitter followers within the first year of operation with subsequent increases of 10,000 or more per year Facebook Create a Facebook fan page where the company can share the latest news and developments regarding the Thomas the Train Engine brand, share videos, stories and a variety of photos and competitions in order to drum up interest Facebookusers Facebook is currently ranked as the largest social networking site on the internet with more than 500 million active users. Through the use of Facebook fan pages numerous companies have been able to better connect with their customers resulting in grater brand awareness which translated into better sales for the company A Facebook fan page and a collection of “fans” to go with it usually results in a company being able to better connect to its target consumers through social media networks. In this particular case the consumers in question range from internet savvy mothers to those with just a marginal knowledge of internet usage but have Facebook accounts. Gaining 3,000 Facebook likes a year and 100,000 thousand Facebook fans. Printerest Create a printerest account and post pictures and topics in order to get more people to know about the merchandise available on the Thomas the Train Engine Website Internet Savvy mothers, semi-internet competent mothers, traditional normal/infrequent internet using mothers As a growing social media platform printerest presents itself as a unique way of presenting articles and photos to the general public or people within a printerest user group By creating a printerest account and placing various photos, views and articles on it this should be able to create a certain degree of “buzz” around the new products of the company. 20,000 printerest followers within a year iPad and iPhone Applications Create a series of iPhone and iPad applications that center around the theme of Thomas the Train Engine Kids aged 1 – 5 One of the fastest growing demographics utilizing the iPhone and the iPad are young children who use it as a platform for playing simple games and education. Through the development of iPad and iPhone games centered around Thomas the Train Engine whose purpose is to entertain and educate and by pricing them at a relatively low level this should generate a greater degree of popularity for the Thomas the Train Engine Brand 10,000 thousand downloads and purchases of the Thomas the Train Engine App from the Apple App Store Content Features/Outline (User Generated) Personal Stories As mentioned earlier, the primary client group aside from children aged 1 – 5 that the company will focus on are digitally savvy moms that make up 50% of the target universe, digitally active moms that make up 30%, or traditional moms that make up 20% of the target universe. Through the creation of an online platform that allows such women to share their stories one of the first key contents that it is expected that they will create is their own personal self-interest story detailing either their experience with their child using Thomas the Train Engine merchandise or merely their own stories regarding what they’ve experienced in their own lives or stories involving their family. Basically this will be a dynamic self-updating feature that will immediately post their stories on the main webpage for all to see. Videos Another type of user generated feature that this project is expecting to see is a variety of uploaded videos which show humorous segments of the lives of the families of the mothers that are being targeted by this paper. Such a method of content creation can be considered similar to the style seen in the now defunct TV show “America’s Funniest Home Movies” however in this case all the videos are commented on and posted by users. The company could also implement monthly contests where the latest video that has generated the most “hype” will be given cash prizes or Thomas the Train Engine merchandise. Such a method of Social Networking “Likes” and “Posts” Other user generated content that the company would like to see originating from its consumers are Facebook “likes” and posts that are related to the Thomas the Train Engine website, Facebook page and twitter account. What must be understood is that through the creation of a sufficient number of likes and posts the online presence of the company will subsequently grow thus creating a significant increase in the number of people that visit its website, facebook page and potentially its online E-commerce website. This translates into potentially greater sales for the company through which it will be able to meet the business objective of 10% incremental increase in sales per year. Works Cited Kapferer, Jean-Noël. “The Roots Of Brand Loyalty Decline: An International Comparison.” Ivey Business Journal 69.4 (2005): 1. MasterFILE Premier. Web. Nobre, Helena. “Should Consumers Be In Love With Brands?: An Investigation Into The Influence That Specific Consumer-Brand Relationships Have On The Quality Of The Bonds That Consumers Develop With Brands.” Journal Of Transnational Management 16.4 (2011): 270. MasterFILE Premier. Web. Phau, Ian and Cheong, Edith. “How Young Adult Consumers Evaluate Diffusion Brands: Effects Of Brand Loyalty And Status Consumption.” Journal Of International Consumer Marketing 21.2 (2009): 109. MasterFILE Premier. Web. Vander Schee, Brian A. “Students As Consumers: Programming For Brand Loyalty.” Services Marketing Quarterly 32.1 (2011): 32-43. Library, Information Science

“Glory ” a American War Movie by Edward Zwick Report

Glory (1989) is an American war movie that narrates the story of the first all black volunteer infantry in the North, the 54th Massachusetts. The account in this film is told from the point of view of Robert Gould Shaw, who was the commanding officer of this contingent for the duration of the American Civil War. This movie reminds the viewer of the role played by the African American soldiers in the Civil War and in the obliteration of slavery. This article will explore the movie, bringing out the relationship between the stories as reflected on the film in correlation to the actual occurrences that are documented in history books regarding these same episodes. The article will also tackle other features of the films such as the title, settings, and main characters along with how the movie functions as history. The Cast of the movie includes Mathew Broderic who plays the part of Colonel Shaw, Morgan Freeman who plays the grave digger, and Cary Elves who is Major Forbes in this movie, Denzel Washington who plays the character of Trip, and Jimmy Kennedy who plays the field hand’s role. The other characters are Andre Braugher (Corporal Searless), John Finn (Surgent Mulcahy), Domovan Leitch (Captain Morse), JD Cullum (Henry Russell), Jay Sanders (Brigadier Strong), Cliffe De Young (colonel Montogomery), Alan North (Governer Andrew), and Bob Gunton (General Harker). The movie is filmed in Georgia and Florida and is facilitated by hundreds of Civil War historical re-enactors so as to bring out the historical background of the Civil War. The early scenes of the movie reveal Captain Shaw, who is portrayed as being dismayed and bewildered by the violence of the battleground. The captain is then shown to be slightly wounded in combat and faints due to his injuries. A character christened as the gravedigger wakes him up and he is taken for treatment. While getting treatment, Captain Shaw is informed that President Abraham Lincoln is about to make an announcement that will see the setting free of some of the slaves held in rebel areas. As the movie develops, Shaw is promoted to the rank of a colonel while he is on leave in Boston and given the responsibility of leading the first all blacks regiment, which was to be formed following Abraham Lincoln’s declaration speech. As the leader of his regiment, Colonel Shaw requests his friend from childhood, Cabot Forbes, to deputize him. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Other volunteers, who are mostly freed black men, offer to join Colonel Shaw’s regiment. In those days, whites enjoyed more privileges compared to blacks and this is well depicted in the movie by the tension that arises between Trip and Thomas. They however resolve their differences and become closer friends. While at the camp, the 54th regiment undergoes a lot of difficulties due to the discrimination of their group. They are compelled to tolerate the unfaltering strict punishment of Sergeant Major Mulcahy. Among the challenges they experience in the camp were inadequate suitable equipments and the open racial discrimination that was prevalent in the camp. In the camp, the African American soldiers were singled out by their white counterparts. There were no black soldiers in command and it seemed like such positions were preserved for only the whites. After a long period carrying out their duties, Colonel Shaw realizes that his regiment was to be used to perform menial duties. This angered him so much that he threatened to report the unfair treatment to the war department. His request to have his regiment allowed to go to war like the rest of the regiments is then approved by his commanding officers. Following his regiment’s first successful participation in the combat, Colonel Shaw volunteers his 54th Massachusetts to lead an assault on Fort Wagner. Subsequent to being honored by white soldiers and officers, Shaw leads his men to ambush a well guarded enemy’s fort but while trying to lead his men, Shaw is unfortunately shot at and killed instantly. Unfortunately, this also happens to a member of his regiment known as Trip, who attempted to raise the flag and lead his other black men in absence of Shaw. The next scene of the movie opens with a morning scene in which the confederate banner is hoisted on top of the fort. This is followed by a burial of the deceased members of the 54th regiment together with that of Shaw and Trip are buried in a mass grave. This movie is filled with imaginary character and incidences, presenting the viewers with a convincingly emotional story of togetherness between the African American soldiers and certain whites during the American Civil War. We will write a custom Report on “Glory ” a American War Movie by Edward Zwick specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Of the many characters in this move, only one character, Colonel Robert Shaw, is non fictional. From the onset of this movie, Robert Shaw is depicted as the main character and his presence is observed almost in all scenes of the movie. Another white character who is as well equally featured in this movie is Cabot Forbes, who is the second in command from Shaw. The whites in this movie are shown as racists and this is clearly reflected in the movie by the way the white soldiers and officers relate to their African American counterparts. Instead of being paid thirteen dollars as the white soldiers are, the black soldiers are paid ten dollars. The black soldiers are also not accorded enough equipment to fight the war yet the whites have more than enough. Yet another scene that portrays the racism theme is shown when the African American soldiers are initially subjected to menial jobs instead of equally being given a chance to play a part in active combat as the whites are. Not all whites are shown as racists and Shaw and Forbes, who are portrayed as sympathizers of the blacks to the extent of demanding equal salary for their regiment. This is shown when, as earlier stated in this article, Shaw threatens to report the unfair treatment of the blacks to the war department. One is left wondering whether under normal circumstances in those days, Shaw and Forbes would really have behaved in similar comportment or if the movie was trying to depict them as good guys while in reality they were not. Most of the Africa Americans individuals during the civil war era were depicted as violent and people who always had problems taking orders. It is no wonder that many people were perplexed by their ability to make good soldiers given that solders always act by the orders given to them. This nature of being disobedient is also contrasted in this movie when the blacks protest against racism and their unequal salaries only to quickly soften their stand and accept disciplinary actions from their white counter parts. The blacks are also depicted as being obedient to military orders which eventually led most of them to their death. There are some scenes in this movie that do not accurately portray the occurrences in the American Civil War. For instance, Shaw’s regiment did not actually triumph over the rival forces at Fort Wagner, but in this movie, we are shown the confederate flag flying high on top of the fort as a sign that the regiment was successful in defeating their enemies. Another inaccurate depiction of the Civil War events is the duration of time it took Colonel Shaw to accept the offer of leading the African American Regiment. In the “Glory,” Shaw is shown as accepting the leadership offer right away while historical documentations illustrate that he accepted the offer after many days of careful deliberation. The number of the 54th regiment soldiers killed in battle is also not captured accurately. Not sure if you can write a paper on “Glory ” a American War Movie by Edward Zwick by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The inaccuracies shown in this movie could have been due to the challenges in terms of cost that were encountered while producing this movie. To produce a movie that would capture all the occurrences of the war accurately would have been very costly. Even with the inaccuracies mentioned above, a great extent almost every major incidence that took place in the 54th regiment has been accurately captured in this movie. As one watches the movie, it can be difficult not to notice how this movie is able to capture how unfairly African Americans were treated during the war just because of their skin color. The “Glory” can therefore be said to be a movie that almost accurately portrays the occurrences in the American Civil War particularly the challenges faced by the African Americans in the war. The movie “Glory” is reflection is of historical importance since it portrays the role of African Americans in fighting for the Union army in the historical American Civil War. Moreover, the “Glory” shows that the Union victory, which is an important milestone in the history of America, took place with the assistance of African Americans. Despite being put through a lot of suffering in the form of slavery and other forms of discrimination, the movie portrays the African Americans as being capable of fighting in a war, just as their white counterparts and as such, they should be recognized as having greatly contributed to the history of the US. At the time of the Civil War, it was a common belief among many whites that the blacks were incapable of properly fighting in a war and therefore should not be allowed to participate in the war. This belief was however proven wrong by history just as shown in “Glory,” which honors the African Americans for their role in the war. There were also some fears about the loyalty of the blacks during the war given their history of being slaves but once again, just as shown in the movie, the black fighters in the war proved very loyal and worthy to be in the battle despite their group being openly discriminated against. The movie Glory is a celebration of the less known acts of courage and sacrifice during the Civil War. As shown by the movie, as much as the Civil War was about ending slavery and setting free the blacks, it is ironical that the blacks in the movie were not free to fight the war as shown by their bad treatment during the war. This was perhaps a sign that the war would not mark the end of discrimination of the African Americans. In fact, most historians who write about the Civil War tend to ignore the crucial role played by the blacks yet more than 200 thousand of them actively fought and helped secure victory for the northerners. A big part of the movie accurately portrays the exact happenings as they took place during the Civil War. After watching the movie, a viewer cannot fail to notice the huge effort put towards correctly portraying the details of the war. The main scene in the movie occurred just as it is portrayed in the movie and some of the main characters, including Douglas, Shaw and Frederick, actually existed and fought in the war as shown in the movie. Even though a good number of the secondary characters are fictional, they have been included in the movie to represent the wide cross-section of individuals who joined the 54th Regiment. The movie can therefore be said to be an almost accurate representation of African American participation in the war and their struggles. Some of the scary scenes in the movie, including the one showing an explosion of a soldier’s head, are included in an effort to show the gore and bloodshed that took place in the battlefield. Even with such scary scenes, the movie’s accurate depiction of an important historical occurrence has made it a perfect movie to be shown during history classes. However, the version shown in schools is edited to reduce extreme violence. The movie is among the most shown movies in high school history classes to increase awareness of the important role played by blacks in the Civil War. Apart from telling the story of an important occurrence in US history, the movie contains elements associated with a great motion picture which leaves its viewers with a lot of memories.

PSY 352 Grand Canyon University Tele Monitored Type 2 Diabetes Program Paper

PSY 352 Grand Canyon University Tele Monitored Type 2 Diabetes Program Paper.

Write a 1,000-1,500-word paper proposing a plan to prevent or reduce the incidence of cancer, chronic illness and/or disease. The plan will focus on lifestyle changes and risk factors, in addition to elements that promote wellness, while decreasing illness and current high rates [prevalence] of cancers, chronic illnesses and disease.It is important to use current scholarly research when formulating a plan. The elements selected should be supported by this research.Include the following in the plan:Choose a cancer, chronic illness, or disease. Choose a community/culture/subculture. A subculture is a smaller group within a larger culture who share common beliefs, norms, and traditions.Describe the background of the community/culture/subculture as it relates to history or other defining characteristics. Including but not limited to: (a) What is the background of the chosen community/culture/subculture? (i.e., demographics, such as age, education, race, sex); (b) Explain the historical factors that are important to the plan and the perceived positive and/or negative effects on health care (i.e., norms, traditions); (c) Why is this an important community/culture/subculture to apply a prevention or reduction program? (risk factors/current rates of cancer/illness or disease); (d) Why is it important to implement a plan in this community/culture/subculture? How is this critical to the prevention or reduction of incidence?Describe several components of the plan. What factors are considered that have a correlation with the community/culture/subculture described? (i.e., education, socioeconomic status (SES), existing lifestyle behaviors, health behaviors, self-care, exercise & nutrition, conflicts with mainstream medicine, religious/spiritual factors).Using research and psychological principles/theories to support your plan, explain how you would make this plan successful (i.e., how will you promote it?): (a) Include information on how your plan would positively affect the factors described for the community/culture/subculture in relation to the chronic illness (i.e., lifestyle changes for a person suffering from a diabetic condition); (b) Describe how you would go about implementing your plan. Where your plan would be based (for example, if your choice is children with cancer, would that be in a hospital, school, etc.?); (c) How would your plan be different to any existing plan for your chosen community/culture/subculture?.Explain any obstacles that might get in the way of implementing your plan, and how would you overcome these obstacles. These obstacles might include the existing plan, dynamics of the population, or other problems.Use four to six outside peer-reviewed journal articles to support your discussion. Scholarly support is evidenced by in-text citations that match source references.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, APA Style 7th edition. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
PSY 352 Grand Canyon University Tele Monitored Type 2 Diabetes Program Paper