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Test: Would Elizabeth Bennet or Emma Bovary considered heroes? Pride and Prejudice and Madame Bovary, two books written in the nineteenth century shared by two of the stars most famous and controversial as well as common themes and motifs that are easily contrasted or opposed. With the first sentence in Pride and Prejudice can make the entry of recurring action will be present in both novels. “It is a truth That a single aknowledged Universally man in possession of a good fortune must-be in want of a wife”.

If a wealthy man of good social class should be looking for a wife a lady therefore seek the same qualities in her future husband. For the nineteenth century saw marriage as one of the achievements in life that must be met early. Both novels are giving different views of how marriage should be at the time and each player interprets it very differently to the first, while Pride and Prejudice ends with the marriage of the gather and protagonsita, Madame Bovary begins with the wedding Emma in the early chapters.

Elizabeth Bennet treated it as a conservative you would expect to find a true and pure love to spend the rest of his life without considering the social and economic status of their spouse, unlike many other characters (specifically Charlotte Lucas, his best friend) which state that marriage is only a tool for social benefit and happiness in them is a matter of luck, the less they know it would be more convenient “-a slight preference is natural enough, But There are very FEW of us Who Have enough to be really heart in Love Without encouragement.

In nine cases out of ten, a woman had better show more affection Than She Feels. “(Chapter 6, second paragraph). This becomes an ideology very common for this era. Emma Bovary share this thinking a certain way but unlike Elizabeth, this leaves his life unnoticed by the ambition to keep a love like the novels they read in a life of glamor and comfort (leaves both her husband and his daughter in this pursuit). Importantly, both players have a provincial life (country life), are part of a comfortable middle class, both aspire to a happy and romantic and reiterated works THROUGH the beauty of the stars.

The essential difference between each of them falls in their very different personalities, performance, decision making, moral, emotional intelligence, aspirations and social circles. A very good example of Elizabeth’s emotional intelligence is when Darcy makes his first statement, proposes marriage and is answered with “… I have no pretension whatever kind of elegance to That Which Consists in tormenting a respectable man. I would rather be paid the compliment of Being Believed sincere … My feelings in Every Respect forbid it.

Can I speak plainer? Do not Consider me now as an elegant female, intending to plague you, But as a rational creature, speaking the truth from her heart. “. It’s pretty clear what that is independent and clinging to its values ?? as a woman, keeping her somewhat idealistic but realistic expectations. In contrast the same line of emotional intelligence, Emma spends most of the novel imagining herself a better life structured around writing romance novels, not knowing she resorts to control adultery and abandonment of their values ?? n a single holding cycle will spiral down in the first, second and last part of the novel begins with a relationship expectations too high, quickly tired of the situation, resort to any immoral act, he begins to see the consequences of their actions, is depressed, finds solace in a memory of your past or religion (which both are attached) only for starting new illusions again the next stage of its cycle of moral corruption. Extent, selfishness and beauty are determinants termed moral and ethical status of each player. Both players arrive early to assist the development of dance works but their reactions within them are very different.

Elizabeth is very delicately dancing despite Darcy’s famous remark “She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me”, we see THROUGH narrative as Elizabeth keeps his composure and not let it affect them, “-for she HAD a lively, playful disposition, delighted in anything ridiculous Which. ” Instead, Emma did not remain pleased with their experience and the next morning still thinking big dance, “His trip to Vaubyessard had made a big hole in his life, as these large cracks that sometimes, in one night, the storm opens the mountains “,” … ith the touch of wealth had put up something that does not erase. ” Early in the novel can appreciate the materialistic nature of Emma. In a way you can contrast the rationale behind the modes of thought of Elizabeth against impulsivity and immaturity that has Emma under what may seem similar models for love. It is quite true that the social position of our players the limit in some way. The society in which both ladies are present dictates that social status is considered a necessity of all the fibula. Beyond belong to the middle class are women.

Through the works each depends heavily on the influence of men and their actions to progress in their history while they are free to do the same which they please without much impact when the woman is given an inordinate helplessness before them. The difference between each of our players at this inpoderio is your marital status and reputation. Elizabeth despite his decision not to marry still has opportunities to improve their social status if you decide to marry a man of good reputation, high social standing among his acquaintances and financially sound, not that she cares much which makes clear when Mr.

Collins makes a marriage proposal (rounded to the ridiculous and enhancing their social good) and it rejects it. Differently Emma is stuck in position shared with Charles and his daughter Berthe poorly from day to day dreaming and speculating how best to change your lifestyle, it resorts to extramarital affairs with men of higher status in the search for a change drastic that she can enjoy the luxury. Consideration should be given to each player if the events and problems they experience are part of an inevitable destiny or are part of their own creations in the decision-making.

With cautious examination can be seen that both the surrounding environment such as pride and prejudice each plays a vital part in the resolution of the action. Further analyzing the personalities of these two characters is valuable vision and belief as recognized by the pure love in their lives. Near the end of Pride and Prejudice, Jane asks Elizabeth when she admitted that she was in love with Darcy which says, “It Has Been coming so gradually That I Hardly Know When It Began.

But I believe i must date it from my first seeing beautiful grounds at Pemberley historical. ” The affair of Elizabeth’s feelings are progressing gradually in the novel from a primordial rejection of Darcy pedantic attitude to a great understanding and passion to have knowledge of the truth behind the events with Wickham. On the other hand Emma used several times under demonstration that love must be sudden (and all their emotions and changes in procedures) as when he first meets Leon and they quickly jump to conclusions of his love (but then cknowledged they had little common qualities) or start chatting with Rodolphe. You can also say that she makes this clear when to marry Charles does not recognize his love and is quickly and thoroughly disappointed in their expectation of a marital relationship. By this time there was a major trend that a woman should behave in certain ways, both in mannerisms and in his speech, to be commonly accepted among some circles, but both characters break with these trends in their own way.

Although conservative in many ways, Elizabeth is recognized primarily for being a model of a woman with strong personality, easily pleasant and friendly, with views very tough and incredibly daring, this creates the reader to create some kind of relationship to the character. It makes as much emphasis on enjoying great ingenuity and a quick tongue to express due and deliberate in the most opportune moment, features tested in chapter 56 when discussing with Lady Catherine about their relationship, feelings and intentions towards Darcy.

Although Elizabeth has all these features this remains subject to the will of others (whether individuals in a higher social class or man) to pass the story, but does not mean do not try to be independent. Emma also has a strong personality but his inability to maneuver Through the desires and aspirations have a consistent pattern of lies to his friends until his unchallenged ruin. It would be very difficult to consider Emma as a conservative person is constantly carries an air of sensuality in his nature. It is extremely passionate about their emotions and quickly carried away by them.

It is both his passion in their emotions that each big hit in his romantic life falling sick makes getting to the point that although these were treated by physicians failed anything, an event that represents its moral decay. Unlike Elizabeth, Emma Bovary domesticated life requires a certain level of sophistication (which greatly admires his second encounter with Leon). The most noticeable flaw is its affinity for Emma bored with your current situation that the main catalyst to his misrepresentation of honesty.

The language implemented by each of the protagonists is a great indicator development and emotionality of the novel, Elizabeth continually communicate their feelings at the time and only fails twice to do this: by not notifying his family’s past and his intentions Wickham in time to prevent the escape of Lydia and the second proposal of marriage from Darcy to her which is overwhelmed by his emotions and briefly describes his feelings on what should be a more detailed speech.

Emma continually fails to express their feelings and when it is taking its efforts go unnoticed as when Emma goes where Abbe Bournisien, the local priest to confess to him but spiritual suffering is misunderstood as a complaint on the weather and goes to scold children playing nearby. Emma is very likely that she was consumed gradually unable to vent their emotions and imprison them all through each tragedy he experienced in his solitude after each disappointment. In contrast, Elizabeth had several confidants when he could confess his feelings and thoughts to be answered by the same, his sister Jane, Mr.

Bennet, Charlotte Lucas and Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner. It may differ from each player and to determine why this happens: given to the moral nature of the protagonists each is accompanied and supported respectively; Elizabeth never had to affront any of his problems alone and Emma while exhibiting less morality suffered more neglect. The end of each work is also general acceptance by society to any patterns of behavior. The tragic ending of Emma is a result of his careless dignity to themselves and little consideration to those that are closest to the eyes of a society as strictly never be acceptable.

To appease the reader, this behavior must be condemned by their own actions. Like the ancient Greek plays, the great pride that Emma is in itself leads to lack of control over their own impulses unbalanced, violent feelings inspired by his bleak passions carried by their irrationality and immaturity. Contrasted with the behavior of Elizabeth was always very firm to what is acceptable concideraria it comes to morality, allowing a happy ending in which the reader can also rejoice.

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