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Archiving Hausa Popular Entertainment through cheap mba definition essay help Psychology online class help

BayaJidda legend is held by Hausa folklorists and anthropologists to be the true account of their emergence. The media as a system of communication is a constituent feature directly linked to the processes of globalisation of culture due to its role in mediating a range of aspects of popular culture like the film, dance, music and other aesthetic expressions. New media echnology a recent terminology is a general term used to refer to those digital media which are interactive, incorporate two-way communication and involve some form of computing as opposed to ‘old media’ such as telephone, radio, and television. The frequent use of oral traditions by the Hausa people has proved that they are inevitable aspects of Hausa culture. One very important genre of Hausa oral tradition is the narrative/folktale a form of popular entertainment, which the Hausa people call tatsuniya. Since the advent of the Hausa movie industry it has served as one of the significant source materials for the popular Hausa video movie.

Targeted mainly at, but not restricted to children, the traditional tatsuniya reflects the cultural and social life of the Hausa people, at the same time drawing attention to the salient aspects of Hausa culture and how to live it according to set down societal norms and values. This paper therefore attempts an assessment of the recreation of the traditional Hausa folktale Ruwan BagaJa into movie using the power of new media technology over in an era of globalization thereby bringing many changes to cultural values . Globalisation must be understood as a series of new dynamics that promote new ultural and social networks and conflicts both locally and transnational (HJarvard, 2003,p. 7). Globalisation implies a great mobility of cultural impulses, signs, and messages across the world. In the 1990s there was a sudden increase in the need for films and videos, resulting in the growth of new supplementary markets worldwide and the release of material in other formats

American National Security Policy (Climate Change)

American National Security Policy (Climate Change).


The paper should address a particular policy question regarding American national security, given the topic assigned (Climate Change). The first attached file is an example of how the paper should be structured. The second and third attached files are sources that can be used in the paper. The one by Joshua Busby should be used as a source in the paper but the Tertrais one is optional. I also recommend researching Busby’s other work on the internet as he is a leading researcher and academic writer in this area of study: American National Security Policy in regards to Climate Change. The following links are additional sources not needed to be included in the paper but may help you better understand the paper topic: Please use a minimum of 4-5 academic sources (the Busby book chapter being one of them) in the Turabian style with footnotes and page numbers.

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