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Archaeology writing paper -02

Archaeology writing paper -02.

Do ONE !!!!of the following two options; your response should be 2 full pages, word count at least 700 in length and double-spaced.OPTION 1 Explore the programs of Google Earth (details on access below) to investigate selected archaeological sites. This system, which you may already be familiar with, provides primarily aerial views of sites where you have the option of zooming in and scaling the image to observe details. Note that the aerial views provide evidence of surface distributions of features, but not buried ones—that is the next stage of the research—nor surface artifacts. Other kinds of remote sensing, e.g., drones, can provide similar data, including in some cases surface remains such as artifacts, but typically on-the-ground observation is necessary.For this third lab, use Google Earth to examine any two archaeological sites from the following list of six that are mentioned in your textbook:New World Sites: Caracol, TeotihuacanMiddle East Sites: ErebuniAfrica: Mwela Rock PaintingsSE Asia Sites: Angkor Wat, BorobudurRemembering your discussion of “site” from the previous Lab, write a description of what you can tell about the two sites you selected based on a birds-eye view. For example, how large is the site (in approximate meters)? What geographical features (such as rivers, mountains, etc.) are close by? Can you see or identify any features (such as stone walls, house pits, monuments) from the air? Be sure to indicate where your site is located (country or region as specifically as you can) in your answer.A site I visited recently in Greece provides a good example of what you can observe using Google Earth imaging. In this case, the site boundaries are clearly defined and the partially-restored architecture dating back to 4500 BP is dramatically visible. The powerpoint slides for this week provide the views. To see for yourself, type in “Aphaea, Aegina Greece” in the Google Earth search bar (or in—see your Week 3 Lecture and other Module connections–go to country Greece and link “Aegina”).Note: You may use Google maps if you can’t access Google Earth, but it may be less successful. In addition to Google Earth, the Wikipedia website listed under Week 3 has many historically-referenced sites ( which might be useful for this assignment (in particular, as an example, the Mwela Rock Paintings. This website provides details about archaeological sites from around the world; however, it is not always reliable for archaeological data. You can use these resources to identify an archaeological site that you could then search for in Google Earth, or to get a closer look at certain sites.A few tips for using Google Earth:Google Earth is now available as a streaming web client which you can access here: (Links to an external site.). You can also use computers in labs on campus that already have this program downloaded.Searching for archaeological sites in Google Earth is easy; once you have opened the program, simply type a specific archaeological site name into the “search” box. Be sure that you know the country where the site is located, and be sure to look specifically for the site or monument designation to be sure you zoom in on the correct area (some names will pop up with multiple search options).Points: 15OPTION 2 Consider now how museums use the archaeological record. Is this the total picture of what archaeology is? See, as an example, the “Toronto Underfoot” online museum exhibit from the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum, Canada). Click through to access images from the exhibit, click on the “Toronto Underfoot” map, and view the embedded video. (Links to an external site.)Answer the following questions based on the online exhibit:Note how the ROM uses its specimens in an online format. What kinds of artifacts are illustrated and discussed in “Toronto Underfoot”? What kind of information is provided about the objects?Review the video of visiting researcher Dr. Metin Eren at the ROM at the bottom of the page, then click on the projectile point near “Midtown Toronto” on the map. What did Dr. Eren find in the ROM exhibit hall that was a particularly important discovery, and why was it significant?How does the ROM make a connection for the viewer of the archaeological heritage to be found “underfoot” within the Toronto city area? How do they connect the prehistoric artifacts to people living in Toronto today?
Archaeology writing paper -02

I Need help with developing an Information Asset Risk Assessment Report for Kaiser Permanente

I Need help with developing an Information Asset Risk Assessment Report for Kaiser Permanente.

Please see the attachments for detail! The objective of the research project is to develop an Information Asset Risk
Assessment Report for an organization of your choosing, The
analysis should be conducted using only publicly available information (that
is, information obtainable on the Internet, company reports, news reports,
journal articles, etc.). The risk analysis should consider legitimate, known
threats that pertain to the subject organization. Based on the information
gathered, presumed vulnerabilities of the company or organization’s computing
and networking infrastructure will be identified. Then, based on the identified
threats and vulnerabilities, you will describe the risk profile for the subject
organization and suggest recommendations to mitigate the risks.

I Need help with developing an Information Asset Risk Assessment Report for Kaiser Permanente

Appalachian College of Pharmacy Fyre Media Stakeholder Map Paper & Discussion

professional essay writers Appalachian College of Pharmacy Fyre Media Stakeholder Map Paper & Discussion.

you need to create a stakeholder map. A stakeholder map is a network diagram of the relationships between all of the stakeholders. To make the stakeholder map, you will first read the Fyre Festival case linked below. While reading that case you need to think about and identify who Fyre Media’s stakeholders are. Remember, stakeholders are those who can affect or be affected by a business’ decision. Making a stakeholder map will help you identify who the stakeholders are and the relationships between and among the stakeholders.Fyre Media should be at the center of the stakeholder map. From there, you can show the stakeholder relationships with Fyre Media and relationships among other stakeholders by lines or is the stakeholder map picture
Appalachian College of Pharmacy Fyre Media Stakeholder Map Paper & Discussion

Southern New Hampshire University Human Resources Workforce Plan Discussion

Southern New Hampshire University Human Resources Workforce Plan Discussion.

The final project for this course is the creation of a human resources workforce plan on a company of your choice (approved by your instructor). The current state
of the chosen organization’s workforce will be examined and plans to meet organizational goals will be detailed. The workforce plan will describe the process that
a human resource manager must take in order to achieve the desired results, supported by scholarly research. The final artifact will be a document worthy of
presentation to future employers as a methodical approach in identifying and resolving talent development and workforce planning discrepancies. The proposed
workforce plan should cover talent development and workforce planning as they relate to the organizational goals of projected growth and projected reductions,
as well as current staffing level. The “big picture” view is to determine, from an HR standpoint, where the company wants to go, assess where they are at
currently, and design a plan to get from where they are to where they want to be.Milestone One PromptSubmit a 3–4 paragraph paper introducing your chosen company. This information will be used as part of your final Human Resources Workforce Plan. Theintroduction should include the purpose and scope of your chosen company, including an overview of your company. The overview should include the following: Type of company (profit/non-profit, public/private) Number of years in existence Products/services offered Strategic goals and objectives of companyGuidelines for Submission: The Milestone One Human Resources Workforce Plan Introduction should follow these formatting guidelines: 3–4 paragraphs, doublespacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and citations in APA format
Southern New Hampshire University Human Resources Workforce Plan Discussion

University of Waterloo Easy Turn Toy Company Financial Analysis Case Study Analysis

University of Waterloo Easy Turn Toy Company Financial Analysis Case Study Analysis.

Please read the attached material carefully! Answer the following questions according to the material:1. An estimated income statement showing the effects of the expected transactions for the second quarter and third quarter.2. Forecasts of collections from accounts receivable by months and of disbursements by months.3. A summary cash statement, showing the amount of bank loans and the repayment of them; this statement should also show the expected cash balance at September 30.4. An estimated balance sheet showing the expected financial position of the llinois Novelty Company at September 30.5. Upon completion, you will have three income statements and two balance sheets. Make a complete comparative financial analysis involving these four statements.Notes: 1. This is a case study of finance. The problems are mainly in the form of financial statements and comparative analysis based on the statements. So you probably don’t need any references.2. You should provide the necessary calculations after each step to ensure that the calculations are correct. In addition, contrastive analysis needs to be logical, complete and informative!
University of Waterloo Easy Turn Toy Company Financial Analysis Case Study Analysis

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