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Discuss from your nursing experience an intervention you used with a family using each of the 4 types of approaches:

1. Family as Context

Focuses on the assessment and care of an individual patient in which the family is the context.


Individual is in the foreground and the family is in the background

Family serves as context for the individual as a resource or stressor (so the family can be either anegative or positive context).

An example of this would be in the care of children under 18. Physician rounds are generally “family centered” and done with the focus on the patient, but with discussion with both the patient and the parents or caregivers.

** For the Approaches to Family Nursing Assignment, think of a time in your clinical practice or with your own particular family when one of the members of the family needed health care and other members of the family were involved in that person’s health care needs. Explain who the family member in need of health care was, what was the condition of the family member, health problem, and health care needs. What roles did each family member take in helping care for the individual family member?

2. Family as Client

Assesses all family members

The nurse is interested in the way all the family members are individually affected by the health/hospitalization of one member of the family unit.

The family is in the foreground.

Focus is on every member of the family.

An example of could be when a beloved matriarch of the family gets a grave diagnosis, the nurse would ask the patient how her family was dealing with the diagnosis? How are the members of your family adjusting to this news? Will the care you will need be a problem for your family?

**For the Approaches to Family Nursing Assignment, think of a time in your clinical practice or with your own particular family when one family member suffered from a health care problem and as a result other members of the family developed health care needs. Describe the health needs of all of the family members and the overall affects of the family members’ illness on the rest of the family.

3. Family as System

The family as a whole is the patient. The focus is on the individual and the family simultaneously.

Interactions between family members become the target for nursing interventions.

Emphasis is on the interactions between the family members.

Runs on the theory that when something happens to one part of the system, the other parts of the system are affected as well (if one member of the family becomes ill, then the other members of the family are affected as well).

For example, when a child is diagnosed with cancer, the nurse may ask the father, what has changed between you and your wife since the diagnosis? How has this devastating diagnosis affected this child’s siblings?

**For the Approaches to Family Nursing Assignment, describe how the family interacts with one another when one family member becomes ill. Describe the types of interactions that occur such as one family member is in denial, one family member is crying and panicking, one family member becomes the caregiver, and so forth. Base your answer on your practice or your personal experience.

4. Family as Component of Society

Looks at the family as a component of society.

The family as a whole interacts with other institutions to receive, exchange, or give communication or services.

This is a major aspect of Community Health nursing.

Examples of this may include suggesting a support group for a patient/family for their disease, or asking how “society” (those outside of their family) have reacted to their diagnosis.

**For the Approaches to Family Nursing Assignment, describe how one family used a variety of community resources to help them care for a family member who has become ill or who has been diagnosed with a health care problem. What resources did the family use or seek? What were the results? How effective were the healthcare resources for the family and the ill family member? What problems were encountered when the family tried to obtain community resources?

Can you pleases add an introduction and conclusion sentence as well, even though its not mentioned in the instructions



 INSTRUCTIONS After completing your observation, you must write a 4-page paper in current APA format that reflects on your 40-hour shadowing experience. The paper must include at least 3 references. At least 1 of these references must be a peer-reviewed journal article. The paper must include the following: 1) Describe the practice setting of the social worker you shadowed. • Who receives services at this setting? • What types of services are provided at this setting? • What is the purpose or goal of the services provided? • Briefly explain why you chose this practice setting for your assignment. What interests you about this setting? 2) Discuss the social worker’s role and boundaries within the setting. • What role does the social worker play in this setting? What are 3 main responsibilities of the worker? • Are there other professionals within the setting as well as other community agencies with whom the social worker collaborates in order to help their clients? If so, explain. • What are the boundaries of the social worker within this setting? 3) Apply the social work competencies and the textbook and journal article readings to the social work practice witnessed and the experiences described by the agency representative(s). • Choose 2 of the professional social work competencies you believe are especially important to have when practicing in this setting and explain why you believe they are important. • Relate 1–2 experiences described in the textbook chapter(s) with the experiences discussed by the agency representative(s). What are the similarities? What are the differences? • Describe 1 way the journal article(s) can inform the work in this practice setting. Can the findings of the article(s) be used to assist social workers in this practice setting? If so, how? 4) Practice self-reflection by discussing your feelings regarding the agency and/or experience. • What was your experience like at the agency (or hearing from the agency representative)? • What was shared at the agency (or from the agency representative) that was most helpful for you in understanding the role of the social worker? • Identify 2 ways you saw God at work in the practice setting or in the agency representative you spoke to. If you did not see God at work in either, describe 2 ways God could potentially work in this particular setting. • Is there anything about the role of the social worker and/or working with the particular clientele in this setting that you think will be particularly challenging for you? If so, explain. • Describe 2 strengths about yourself or previous experiences that you feel would be beneficial to the role of social worker in this setting. Review the 40-Hour Field Experience – Written Reflection Paper Grading Rubric for grading details.

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Analytical research on story Faust

APPROACHES TO FAMILY NURSING Analytical research on story Faust.

Description Analytical research on story Faust. Makes a clear argument about story. Must provide more than basic biographical information and plot summary. It must make an opinionated argument about some aspect of the literary work. Analysis should be at least 500 words in length.

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Ed Clark exhibition at Mnuchin gallery

Ed Clark exhibition at Mnuchin gallery. Look at everything in this link every art work!!!! Ed clark This final paper is about E Clark an his amazing exhibition at Mnuchin gallery. It is also about a more unknown artist and why is he less known is it because he is African American. We know live in the world that is focused on identity and now all of these galleries and museums are showing minority artists ( It is hypocritical because they made their art at the same time white artists did but they never got the recognition) 1- come up with interesting title for this essay Research ed clark 2- describe briefly what is this essay about

3- Write in present tense like you are at the Mnuchin gallery right now, describe what you see 4- Introduction 5- Include biography of Ed clark (but not too much) keep int interesting 6- Compare Ec clark to Other famous abstract expressionist painters like de Kooning and Pollock. Are they more famous because they are white artist? expand on that topic 7- Describe ed Clarks painting 9- Conclusion 

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Swarm Tactics – Massed swarm vs Dispersed Swarm

Swarm Tactics – Massed swarm vs Dispersed Swarm.


It is a research report on simulation of Swarm Tactics – Massed swarm vs Dispersed Swarm • The Requirements and Marking Criteria documents give the general information and expectations on the research report. The key is extensive research • You need to cover all the points in the report outlines, and pay attention to the highlighted points in red colour (such as the mathematical equations or representations) • The sample report gives some ideas about simulation and swarm tactics. The research report seems similar to the sample one. However, again, you need to do extensive research to write this research report as we need 15 references. • At the end of the research report, you need to reflect back to the attached Assignment 1 report, which is also mentioned in the Requirements document. Format o It is 8 pages of single line spacing o figures and tables, references pages are excluded from page count

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Select a short story from our list in which a character experiences a rift and becomes cut off from home,” whether that home is the character’s birthplace, family, homeland, or other special place. Then write an essay in which you persuade your reader ho

Select a short story from our list in which a character experiences a rift and becomes cut off from home,” whether that home is the character’s birthplace, family, homeland, or other special place. Then write an essay in which you persuade your reader ho.

Topic Select a short story from our list in which a character experiences a rift and becomes cut off from “home,” whether that home is the character’s birthplace, family, homeland, or other special place. Then write an essay in which you persuade your reader how the character’s experience with exile is both alienating and enriching, and how this experience illuminates the meaning for the work as a whole. Do not merely summarize the plot. This essay should be approximately 500-550 words. Writing about poetry isn’t easy, but these themes are important and touch every one of us. Honesty is important in writing. Work on this so that you can be proud of what you turn in. Read the student essays at the end of the chapters in your textbook for guidance.

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“The Sweetness of Tears” by Nafisa Haji

“The Sweetness of Tears” by Nafisa Haji.

Reflect on the questions listed below and then type your views and understanding and ideas about the book. Pls type out the number and the question, reflect, then type out your reflections on each question. QUESTIONS: 1)Briefly describe the (a) circumstances of the story, (b) the main conflict and (c) the most important characters. 2) Briefly describe (a) the religious themes,issues, or dilemmas that you notice in the story. (b) What do you think and /or how do you feel about these religious themes,issues or dilemmas? 3)Does the author have a religious point of view? (b) how does it differ from your point of view? (4)What are the insights or learning that you were able to take away from the story? (5) Briefly describe (a) your feeling about the story. (b) would you recommend this book to another student? And please please no Plagiarism and no copy paste from any sites/google/internet. Professor is really strict abt

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