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Appreciation of a the Poem ‘Hide and Seek’ Essay Sample get essay help Case Study coursework help

The verse form Hide and Seek was written by Vernon Scannell. it is about a small male child and some of his friends playing a game of ‘Hide and Seek’ . As we read through the verse form we see it through the eyes of the small male child and he shows how to accomplish a triumph. In his sentiment winning this will be the greatest thing of all time and he is confident on his method to prevail. Near the beginning we see how he hides himself. and he recites the things he must make to guarantee his win. As he poem returns on so does clip and by the terminal of it his positioning in his concealment topographic point becomes a load. and as he leaves his concealment topographic point he realises that everyone has gone place and left him. For him the triumph is non every bit great as expected and the game and result didn’t go every bit absolutely as wanted and expected.

Vernon Scannell makes good usage of the sense to convey out the excitement kids experience whenever playing this game. which makes us reminisce about our childhood yearss. He gives us a clear image. guaranting that the reader remembers their ain yearss of merriment and that we. alongside the male child. see his game. Scannell uses the 2nd individual. so hence uniting the usage of the 2nd individual and remembering our childhood. it gives a clear and graphic image of the game of ‘hide and seek’ played by the male child. There are two tones used in the poem- a childly sentiment and a bleak. grownup position and in both positions we can see. what they boy sees and odor and hear giving an highly graphic image. He uses tonss of adjectives:

‘The dark moistness odor of sand moves in your throat’
‘Your legs are stiff. the cold bites through your coat’ These particular inside informations help us to visualize the state of affairs the male child is in. A usage of simile’s besides increase the graphic image.
‘Sacks in the tool shed odor like the seaboard
The first two lines show us the construction of the game and the initial rhyme of the missive ‘C’ multiple times through the verse form ; this accentuates the boy’s avidity. ad get downing the verse form off with an enthusiastic and exciting feeling. The letter‘d’ is repeated on the 11th line to underscore the urgency and exhilaration experienced by the male child. The list of things the male child does puts us in the frame of head of his finding of winning as if he has already made the errors before and has lost. The short. snappish sentences such as:

‘Don’t breathe. Don’t move. Stay dense. Hide in your blindness’ These short sentences. remind me as a reader of me when I used to play. As I used to do certain that I should hide myself. to do certain no 1 can see this. This is an effectual portraiture of what kids do to vouch their win. . even though these things put you in hurting. for him it is so of import. he curls himself up in a smelly. cold. full shed. merely for a mere. meaningless win. The snappish sentences show as if he is clicking of things from a checklist. and accent of the importance of the actions. Scannell shows us that for this male child winning this game is the most of import thing in the universe but we can see that in the terminal it is merely the game and it doesn’t give us a positive result in life. This verse form is besides seen as a life lesson as the existent playing of the game is the fun times of life but in the terminal we will be entirely and there will be sad times. giving the small male child an accurate. realistic position of grownup life. Although this verse form is fundamentally approximately childhood remembrances. a moral can still be learnt from it: viz. that in life. when success seems to be within easy range. we should non let ourselves to experience excessively over-confident as we might stop up losing all and experiencing bitterly disappointed. which is what. is experienced by the small male child.

The last three lines are written from a bleak. grownup point of position. by utilizing more sophisticated linguistic communication and different constructions of the sentences. These help us place between the different point of position on life from two different types of people. In my sentiment this verse form is really effectual on demoing the point of position of a kid and what they experience as a kid when playing childhood games. The short. snappish sentences bring me back to the twenty-four hours when I used to play and used to follow through these things to guarantee a definite win.

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