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Applying Theories of Memory and Forgetting assignment help sydney Information Technology

Applying Theories of Memory and Forgetting PSY 103 June 02, 2010 This paper will have information about Long Term Memory and information on forgetting. It will also explain my plan for remembering information on the test in week 4. Long Term Memory Long Term Memory stores Short Term Memory that you want to keep. Where some Short Term Memory is not stored, Long Term Memory holds on to the information that is important or needed. Forgetting I have a very good memory. My husband says I am like an elephant.

I never forget anything. However, I have found that if something doesn’t interest me, I easily forget it. An example would be Algebra. I have never enjoyed this. I think I forget it because I see no use for it. I never use it. And as it says in the Decay Theory, “Use it Or Lose It. ” (Carpenter, Visualizing Psychology, Second Edition) When it comes to testing my nerves tend to get the best of me. Because I try so hard to remember everything I over work myself and I tend to end up remembering less.

I think this would coincide with the Retrieval Theory. The information is there, I just cannot access it. I took too much on at one time and did not give myself a break to process it all. When I was testing in High school I can remember being so nervous and so worked p that I could not remember anything. Now in college I have realized to take my time when studying and to take breaks when needed. You cannot remember everything at once and overworking yourself will only work against you. My Plan Everyone should have a plan to study.

If you Just go at it guns a blazing you are most likely going to forget most of what you have studied. I plan to use the Information – Processing Approach to study for the test. This process has 3 steps which are Encoding, Storing and Retrieving. First I will start by studying the information needed for the test. But I will take my ime. I will sit down several times throughout the week and study parts of the information. I will remember to take breaks when needed so I do not over work myself and make the same mistake I have in the past.

This will ensure that the information I have learned is processed. By taking my time and studying in parts I better chance to retrieve the information when I am testing. This is my end goal. When I am testing I want to be able to remember what I have learned so I can be confident in my answers. I believe my plan will work because I am taking my time and not rushing into it. I am making time for studying and ensuring I have a good environment to study in.

By remembering to take breaks I am ensuring not to overwork myself. I plan on remembering this information, not Just learning about it and forgetting. Conclusion Long Term Memory stores information from Short Term Memory that we want to remember. When information is not used or we see no use for it, it is forgotten. Creating a plan for studying for a test can help you create a good studying environment and help you remember the information you have studied. References (Carpenter, Visualizing Psychology, Second Edition)

American History – The Great Depression

American History – The Great Depression.

Assignment Two – Chapters 8-16 Writing Assignment Two asks that you prepare a PowerPoint to discuss a topic from Chapters 8-16. Include at least three primary and three secondary sources from the Learning Modules and the Valencia Online library. 1. References cannot include the textbook, films, reference materials such as encyclopedias, and non-academic website. 2. Include citations and a reference list. You should use APA Writing Style. Your assignment should include at least 6 images. 3. The word count cannot include the reference list and title page. If you select a PowerPoint you can count words in notes as well as those on the slides. 4. Note that this assignment will be processed through Turnitin. You may check your results and resubmit by the due date deadline. Remember that they need to be from Chapters 8-16. Select one individual that made a difference in American History through 1865. Consider their successes and failures, the change they made in their country and world, and if they have left an impression that resonates today. Andrew Jackson TEXTBOOK America: A Narrative History, Brief Eleventh Edition, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 – 16) David E. Shi and George Brown Tindall W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. ISBN 0393668967 Module Six Websites 1. Panic of 1819 – Digital History (Links to an external site.) 2. Missouri Compromise 1820 – National Archives (Links to an external site.) 3. Monroe Doctrine 1823 – National Archives (Links to an external site.) 4. Election of 1824 – Library of Congress (Links to an external site.) 5. Indian Removal Act – PBS (Links to an external site.) 6. Worcester v. Georgia – Georgia Encyclopedia (Links to an external site.) 7. Bank War – National Archives (Links to an external site.) 8. Nullification Crisis – Khan Academy Trail of Tears.

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