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Apple is a multibillion-dollar company that we thought would be very useful to analyze since they have had so much success with their products and marketing techniques, specifically the Mac computers. We saw the opportunity to learn a lot from their different marketing approaches and strategies with their computers against the competitors. Steven Jobs and Stephen Wosniak created Apple in 1976. The two young entrepreneurs probably would have never thought their company would be so successful.

They first came out with a microcomputer, which was used mostly by hobbyists and had little success. It wasn’t until 1977 when Jobs and Wosniak introduced to the world the Apple 2 that they tasted any form of success. This turning point was when their business started to boom. It was the first business computer meant for at home use. Following the Apple 2, Jobs and Wosniak were hard at work constantly trying to come up with new ideas for an even more successful business. They came out with the Lisa in 1983, which was the first commercial computer that had a mouse.

The Apple computer continued to evolve over the years. The two successful business men came out with the Macintosh in 1984 which was the first computer that allowed people to issue commands by click on an icon with the mouse, also known as graphical user interface (GUI). This handy mechanism made it possible for people to no longer type out every command they wanted their computers to do. This was their most significant advantage compared to other personal computers of the time. Eventually PC’s would have ‘Windows’ as a GUI, but Apple had a significant technological jump on the competition.

In fact ‘Mac’ became the term of choice for their company after this time. Mac was always inventing new ideas to create a computer that was clean, straight forward, and user friendly. Following the Macintosh was the Mac Plus computer and LaserWriter printer in 1986 making it a huge success with desktop publishing. It wasn’t until 1994 that Apple created the Power Macintosh, the first high-powered personal computer. Constantly hard at work to develop new ways to simplify their computers the two men introduced the first I-Mac in 1998, a computer that would change the tech world forever.

Since the I-Mac, Apple has been constantly revamping, recreating, adding bells and whistles and simplifying their computers in the best ways they can find. They not only became successful with their I-Mac but Apple decided in 2001 to come out with other Apple products such as the I-pod, different computer software, I-tunes, and most recently the company has come out with the ever so popular I-phone, a phone that combines the features of numerous electronic devices.

The ever-expanding business has grown and has been recognized worldwide as the leader in computer design. Making the Apple even more appealing to more consumers it has recently partnered up with Intel, allowing for PC users to switch over to Macs with ease. Apple seems to have their marketing strategies and techniques down to a science. They seem to manage uncontrollable marketing pressures in areas such as social, economic, technological, competitive and legal challenges with success. Social Environment:

Apple has researched the uncontrollable social environment so effectively that they perhaps border on controlling it. There ability to adapt to changes in social pop-culture, and appeal to the current times and trends have earned them the sales they most definitely deserve. One cannot not deny the fact that certain Apple products and advertisements were so successful and appealing, that they in fact did influence and create there very own trends within the social environment, and have very much become a part of pop culture.

There ability to innovate with and appeal to the times and social demands of computer purchasers within the new and old generations is outstanding, and they have gained a lot of support and admiration in this sector, the social environment is certainly a friend to Apple. Technological Environment: One may confidently say that Apple has spent a lot of money and resources in being an adequate player in the uncontrollable technological environment. Being that they are the computer company that invests the most in research and development, and technological advances and innovations, they usually cquire the best the field has to offer, and successfully avoid or reject whatever bad opportunities may arise or cause conflict. There ability to scope through their technological environment, and benefit and control all the top technologies, is another outstanding strength in Apple’s business practices. Economic Environment: In the economical environment they are, like all products, susceptible to a decline in sales during economic recession, but in its niche of wealthy people, it is not as susceptible as PC’s perhaps are.

The wealthy will generally always have the spending power they need to buy whatever computer they please, and if Mac continues to advertise and niche the way it does it has a better chance of fighting economic fluctuation than computers that offer a more value based product strategy, as these people generally suffer more during economic turmoil. We must recognize that there is still a worldwide demand for Apple products though, as they are a global player, and countries such as China, Russia and India that are gaining wealth and buying power will demand these world famous products.

Legal Environment: Apple has even been lucky on the legal environment front. In establishing their computers in being the best for all forms of media creation, editing, and rendering, they have become part of school and governments budgets globally. School use them for various art and music classes, which are being encouraged more and more, and other government agencies such as the F. B. I or R. C. M. P that require the best in graphic generation and three dimensional imagery also prefer the Apple brand, and have made it an office necessity.

Students are also growing more and more accustomed to purchasing laptops for school. Other schools have made it mandatory to own and have a laptop at there disposable, greatly increasing sales (Salkever). There ability to lead in terms of graphics and art have earned them the right to be most efficient choice for schools and government agencies to utilize, in doing so they are mandatory and will be for a long time. I would also say that they should also watch out that PC companies do not sue them, as they are so frequently slandering their name.

America’s Not So Broken Education System

America’s Not So Broken Education System.

I need 3 topics 1st about how schools don’t teach cursive anymore. second the difference between today and back then learning, and last background and training.

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