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Apple Macbook Air vs. Hp Pavilion Laptop college essay help los angeles Ethics essay help

Not only does it perform better it has more memory and it Costs $200 less than the Apple MacBook Air. The MacBook beats the Pavilion on appearance in my opinion, but appearance doesn’t matter very much. The MacBook also weighs less, but would you really be willing to sacrifice more money for something a couple pounds lighter. The HP Pavilion may not be as attractive or sport the thinness of a MacBook Air, but the technological aspects are far greater and the cost is less. After all it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The Apple MacBook Air offers a better design in my opinion, but the HP Pavilion offers a far much better performance. The HP Pavilion has an Intel core i5 processor, which in comparison to the MacBook Airs Intel Core 2 Duo processor is faster in performance even though both have the same number of cores. The Pavilions processor also has a higher clock speed. The clock speed of the i5 processor is 2. 4GHz. Which means that it executes instructions 0. 6GHz quicker than Core 2’s 1. 8GHz clock speed.

The processor and the price of $699. 99 would be enough for me to go for the Pavilion over the MacBook’s slow outdated processor and steep price of $899. 99. Just incase that’s not convincing enough the HP Pavilion has 8GB of SDRAM. That means the Pavilion offers 6GB more RAM than the MacBook Air, Reducing the number of times the CPU must read data from the hard disk of the Pavilion making it much faster. Not only is the RAM much higher, but the Pavilion has a Hard Drive capacity of 750GB.

America’s Critical Infrastructures

America’s Critical Infrastructures.

Answer the following questions in easy format, use American English. Please include the questions at the beginning of each answer. Also provide a reference section. Essay Questions: Identify the nation’s 16 critical infrastructures. Choose one infrastructure, discuss what agency is responsible, and why it was identified as the lead agency responsible for that particular CI. Also, include what government agency you feel should be included in the responsibilities of maintaining and preserving the CI, and why. Finally, discuss companies within the private and public sector and its responsibility and role(s) in working with government agency for the CI chosen.

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