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The fact that consumers were willing to pay a high premium for the Mac experience suggests that the competition was lacking in qualities which mattered to people and those being the convenience of the Plug and Play feature. IBM being a threat was able to compete on a price basis and which resulted in creating complementers such as new applications to strengthen its position and recapture sales from Macintosh.

We again see evidence of Mac’s lack of vision and leadership under Sculley by them deciding to follow the first movers and release a low cost Mac Classic. When Jobs came along in 1997 he realized that content, being software, is the main complementer to the PC industry. Microsoft office being a prominent technology has become a standard across enterprises. Jobs realized that the current switching costs for users would be very high when lacking access to office and moved to form a strategic alliance with Microsoft to extend support with Office for Mac.

His second move was to focus strictly on 4 main segments, desktops for consumers and for professionals, and portables for consumers and for professionals. Clearly the main weakness that Jobs had to worry about was the lack of innovation but before he could innovate the main concern is to survive in what was mostly a PC dominated industry. To do that, Jobs took what he knew and adjusted it to adapt to the current environment; the traditional Plug and Play was extended to accommodate windows based peripherals and emphasis was placed on design as differentiation.

America and literature, realism and naturalism, and the concept of race

America and literature, realism and naturalism, and the concept of race.

Read María Amparo Ruiz de Burton, biographical entry (246-248); from The Squatter and the Don (248-255). Re-read the following passage from The Squatter and the Don: At five minutes to two, Señor Alamar, accompanied by Mr. Mechlin, arrived in a buggy; his two sons followed on horseback. Clarence had time to look at them leisurely while they dismounted and tied their horses to a hitching post. “They are gentlemen, no doubt,” observed Clarence. “You bet they are,” Romeo coincided. Evidently he admired and liked them. “How much the boys look like the old man,” Tom said. “They look like Englishmen,” was Clarence’s next observation. “Yes, particularly Victoriano; he is so light he looks more like a German, I think,” said Romeo. “I think Gabriel is very handsome,” Tom said, “only of late he seems always so sad or thoughtful.” (249). In a paper of 800 to 1000 words, discuss how the novel represents the interactions between men in this passage. You may consider how the act of looking works in the passage, how the Latino Don Mariano Alamar and his sons are likened to Europeans, and how the matter of a “light” complexion relates to all this. Open up your observations on these interactions to consider how they connect with the Don’s argument in the rest of the selection about the proper use of the land and his rights as a landowner. Finally, in your conclusion, reflect on what kind of account of America Ruiz de Burton is offering here. Be sure to quote and analyze words, phrases, or sentences from the text (just as you did in the close reading assignment). You may use prior blog posts and blog responses to build your paper. (You can even quote classmates.)

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