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Presently, based on the popularity and impressive sale performance of the iPod, our team feels that it necessary to target the 18-25 age group, more specifically college students Target segment: East coast college students, ages 17-25 both male and female They want a product that is long lasting, easy to use, typically in style, and fits the demands of a busy schedule Young people want a product that caters to an active lifestyle and therefore needs a product that is easy to use, hassle-free, and entertaining 11.

Our Vision: iPod Continued • We have chosen to concentrate our research on this age group due to the fact that many characteristics and features of the iPod reflect the lifestyle demands of this demographic • We have reviewed and extensively researched Apple Inc. and we have generated three original ideas for ad campaigns that will increase revenue among the consumer base of our age group while simultaneously remaining true to Apple consumers as a whole 12.

Objectives We want to increase brand awareness for iPods, since Apple is still known for there computers and then iPods Strengthen the pre-existing brand loyalty Create a company image that depicts quality, convenience, reliability and value Create advertisements that effectively capture the target audience Increase Ipod sales by 5% in the next fiscal year 13. We decided to play off of the brand name, “Apple Inc. ” and use the actual fruit in many of our ads • In doing so we created three ads, one print and two TV commercial ads • Sales, sales, sales • Frequency, frequency, frequency • And since our product is the iPod, well known and respected, to continue to sell to existing consumers while informing and capturing new consumers 14.

Media Strategy Our team feels our campaign would benefit the most from placing our print ad into magazines that have daily readers (this is key because frequency for Apple means everyday and repetition) and an age group appropriate reader base both men and women ages 18-25 These magazines will include, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan For the other two ads our team will be placing them on air at approximately 7-9 pm on channels like MTV, and in or around the time of Grey’s Anatomy, and Fox- in or around the times of 24 15.

Media Strategy Continued • We chose these channels and shows due to the common knowledge that students are usually home from class around this time • In addition, these shows are during the week when most students are not out partying so we will retain more consumers • In surveying fellow colleagues most were in agreement that this time and these shows were the best for our campaign to air 16. Message Strategy • Our team took the creative approach of endorsing the same style as Apple Inc. n their advertisements • Limited wording, effective wording, strong black and white simplicity, and Apple’s tagline for being witty at the same time • We chose advertisements that were very unique yet supported the key elements that sustain Apple Inc. and its success • We implemented our creativity with the same features the ads Apple has had before • These ads though, will target our college aged audience both male and female while at the same time zeroing in on all other Apple consumers 17.

Message Strategy Continued We chose to execute both print ad and TV ads This is due to the fact that our team believes the percentage of college students watching TV and reading trendy magazines is higher then listening to radio or pop online The reasons are that we feel if your online and receive a pop up as a college student you often are doing something where you don’t want to be bothered Your thinking about other things as well so you don’t give your undivided attention the way you might through a magazine ad or TV ad 18.

Message Strategy Continued • We also believe college students spend a lot of time watching TV shows like Greys Anatomy and 24 so we thought that would be a good time to showcase our ads • Also, now that there are MP3’s and iPods no one really listens to the radio it seems anymore • We also believe college students spend a lot of time watching TV shows like Greys Anatomy and 24 so we thought that would be a good time to showcase our ads • Also, now that there are MP3’s and iPods no one really listens to the radio it seems anymore 19.

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