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She sorted out a problem to define how to find any restrictions for the following. Ten minutes before the period was over, I asked her if I could turn in the worksheet the next day but she said it was due at the end of the period and if I would like I could turn it in late at my own risk; which I decided to do. According to the substitute, I spent the whole period drawing when her statement is unfortunately not true.

Although the other side of the classroom crudely gave her attitude towards the seating chart, I don’t understand why those specific people aren’t forcefully writing apologetic letters about their wrong doings as well. Like I was told “life can be unfair at times” so I am going to be the bigger person and still apologize and admit what I did was incorrect. Drawing in class is wrong because it wastes class time to complete assignments and it makes others upset.

Next time there is a substitute, I will focus only on completing the following tasks given that day and I will not draw in class anymore because I will be notified as a burden again. Out of sarcasm, I will not help anyone who asks questions about the assignment due to the fact it causes multiple distractions that lead to uncompleted assignments from using up my own class time. I am very sorry for drawing in class and I promise I won’t draw unless instructed by a substitute or the teacher himself. I hope I am forgiven for my misfortune and that my grades will now be “unfrozen”.

Ongoing Conversation in Romantic Comedies

Ongoing Conversation in Romantic Comedies.


1. An “ARGUMENT ASSESSMENT” about a scholarly research text (a short book, a chapter in a book, or a journal article) that pertains to your genre selection (see above). What is the argument in this text? How does it seem to be responding to the ideas and arguments of other texts? How do you respond to the ideas presented? Do you agree, disagree? Why? How might you argue the opposite point of view even if you do agree with its argument? (See the walkthrough below for more information about selecting an appropriate research text.) Think of this part of the assignment as effectively entering into a debate with your research text — I want to see that you understand the argument(s) being made and to see you practicing your ability to critically evaluate and respond to such argument(s). Make sure the text you are assessing is scholarly! It must have been written by someone with a PhD and display an argument about films and film history. Some sources that are not sufficiently scholarly include: USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, etc. The Genre lecture will give you some tips about finding scholarly sources. 2. A brief (less than one page) PROPOSAL STATEMENT in which you will name the two specific films that you intend to analyze in detail over the course of your final research paper, as well as a potential thesis statement about the specific argument these two films will allow you to make about film history and the genre you’ve chosen. Remember: the assignment assumes that the genre in question DOES evolve over time — you need to be able to argue for the relevance and meaning of specific ways genres change, as well as for the reasons that they do. Some questions to consider: though it may not use our class terms “myth, conventions and iconography”, how does your text address these concepts of genre? How does it interpret the genre? How does it see the genre evolving over time? Finally, how do you forsee using this research in your final paper? (Need both numbers in paper 

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