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APA Format minimum 450 words Discussion 3 Articles Melanie-Angela Neuilly

First, after reading, “The Art of Conferencing,” please identify the piece of advice that you found to be the most helpful and be sure to explain why. Also, in “The Art of Conferencing,” the authors explain that at some conferences, even national ones, such as ACJS, there is a significant problem regarding panel “no-shows,” where scheduled participants fail to show up for their own presentations. From a management standpoint, what, if anything, can be done to prevent this problem? Is it merely an inconvenience that will have to be tolerated, or is there a way to prevent “no-shows” without alienating members of the organization? Fully elaborate. Next, consider the article, “Breaking Out of Prison and into Print.” In your opinion, do ex-offenders have anything to offer to the discipline of criminal justice and criminology? Should former inmates be permitted, perhaps even encouraged, to attend national conferences, present their research findings, and teach at colleges and universities? Take a position either way and defend it. Also, please identify one original way that prisoners who are incarcerated can “break into print” that was not mentioned in the article. Be creative yet also realistic. Next, after reading the article, “There Were Ethical Dilemmas All Day Long,” in your opinion, should a researcher conduct an ethnographic research study even if he or she acknowledges that he cannot be objective or unbiased during the course of this research. Support your position. Also, should a researcher who is employed at a college or university be given confidentiality and not be required to turn over his or her notes if subpoenaed by a judge? Be sure to elaborate. And, given the fact that ethnographic research can be very stressful, would it be appropriate for a university to require (or strongly recommend) that professors who are conducting field studies undergo some type of counseling — perhaps at the university counseling center, etc.? Finally, please pose a critical thinking question to your peers.