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APUSH DBQ 6 All throughout the 1800’s, slavery was a very controversial topic. During the 1860 election, Abraham Lincoln was asked about his views on slavery. He simply stated that he would do anything with slavery to preserve the union. A few months later, Lincoln issued the Emancipation and this went slightly against what he had said earlier. Once this was issued, the preservation of the Union and the abolition of slavery became the main goal in the war. I believe that Lincoln’s main goal was to preserve the Union and although he felt that slavery was morally wrong, he was willing to do anything to keep it together.

There were many instances where Lincoln made his beliefs on slavery very clear. Although he believed that it was morally wrong, he still did not believe that blacks should have the same rights as an american. He wanted them to be free. Just free somewhere else. During his presidency he tried very hard to do whatever needed to be done to preserve the Union. Lincoln restated this again in August of 1863 when he reminded people of the democratic party that the civil war was being fought in an effort to put the Union back together.

Feelings on slavery did not matter but freeing slaves would make things easier because Confederate war effort would become more difficult. I march of 1862, Lincoln decided that it would be best to award states that freed their slaves with money. With this, people were not able to say that they didn’t receive money for getting rid of slavery. This was simply a bribe though. He was not forcing anyone to abolish slavery and it was completely the state’s decision. Although that made the thought of abolition seem less awful to the confederates, they were still unsure.

When speaking to a Committee of Religious Denominations of Chicago in September of that same year, Lincoln admitted that slavery was a big part of rebellion. He also stated that emancipation would prove to Europe that the U. S. had morals (image of strong ally). Emancipation would then also weaken the rebels by taking their laborers. Although this was a good plan, people were also still curious as to what would happen to all of the freed black people because they are uneducated and not smart enough to do the average white person’s work.

Fredrick Douglas, brought up the idea of letting black people fight in the war, and Lincoln felt that it was a good thing for blacks to do. 54th Massachusetts was famous because it was the first all black regiment. All black people fought for free until they were seen as equal. At first, Lincoln was scared that they would not be good soldiers and they would not be loyal to the fellow troops. Another fear he had was that White regiments would be angry and refuse to fight. 54th Massachusetts did the assault on fort Wagner and although there were many casualties, they continued to fight.

This impressed both Sherman and Grant. That concern was put aside when all the focus was pointed towards Lincoln during his famous Gettysburg address in July of 1863. During the historic speech, he stated that all men were created equal and pointed out that during the revolution, they fought for equality of all men. This meant that by having slavery, they were lying about the revolution. Lincoln made it a point to say that were an example to all other countries that wanted democracy.

He called the United States a “test case” with slavery. They had to keep fighting for those who already died or they might as well have a monarchy. Everything was going smoothly until there was a race riot later that year. White people were beating up black people because they felt that they were stealing their jobs. Buckner was confused because these northern people were treating blacks like southerners. Abusing them and refusing to draft. He pointed out that the black people were fighting for a country that didn’t even appreciate them.

The memorable statement of his speech was that the freed men were braver than all the men in that room combined. As people argued about whether slavery should be abolished or not, Lincoln always made it clear that the one thing he cared about the most was the preservation of the Union. The southern states mainly insisted on keeping slaver for economic needs and the North was more open to the idea of abolition because they did not need slave help. With such a controversial topic, it was hard to compromise but with Lincolns will to do anything, the Union was once again united.

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Topics will vary by week. Be sure to include relevant vocabulary and analysis of specific artworks as they apply to the topic. When analyzing artwork always describe what you see, analyze visual elements and design, interpret meaning, and evaluate within cultural and expressive context. Use citations where appropriate.
Reply to at least one classmate each week. Replies should focus on constructively offering suggestions to improve the original post, pointing out strengths, and explaining what you found most interesting or revealing about the topic. Remember netiquette.
Food and shelter provide basic needs, but they also feed us spiritually through their beauty and design. As you go through your week, notice where this is happening in your own life. Does your meal look delicious before you eat it? Do you enter or observe buildings or rooms that give you a certain feeling just entering or passing by? Maybe there are certain objects you use in the kitchen, or serve food on that are sentimental or handmade.
Discuss the ways in which art and ritual are linked. “Ritual” refers to a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. Consider how the consumption of food or the use of shelter is experienced in a number of prescribed steps. For instance, we might begin a meal with an appetizer, continue it with an entrée, and complete it with desert. What observations can you make about the general design of objects used for each of these parts of the meal? Likewise, how are various spaces designed for function? It can be simple but meaningful, it can be something no one else would find pleasing but you. Write about why you chose what you did and how it is part of your life. Analyze the color, shapes, textures, design, function of space (if it is a space) and how it makes you feel as a result. Take some photographs of your meal and describe how art is a part of it. **Provide at least two images as examples and discuss them in your observations.
Use the LibGuide if you need to do some additional research. Start with reference and move toward more specific sources such as books and articles. Remember that reference librarians are available to help you use the databases and help you find the information you need. You can call, chat, or visit with a reference librarian. Information on how to contact library staff is included in the LibGuide.