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According to the text I believe the Americas were both discovered and conquered. The Bering Isthmus allowed nomadic Asian hunters to immigrate throughout the Americas for about 250 centuries. They discovered this land and made tribes that later became the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Pueblo Natives and many more. Christopher Columbus accidently came upon an island in the Bahamas which brought the New World to light for the Europeans. As a result, the Europeans started sailing to this

New World and because they heard gold could be found there they started conquering native lands in order to get it. For example, Hernan Cortes was so distracted by the amount of gold that he could get; he conquered the Aztecs who were at first friendly to them. The motives for the Europeans were simple: maintain as much land as they could and get all the goods like gold and corn. The Europeans wanted to spread their culture, so the Spaniards developed the encomienda system which meant the owners f slaves had to promise to Christianize their slaves in order to get more.

This collision of worlds impacted Europe, the Americas, and Africa extremely. The people in Africa were being sold into slavery and shipped off to the New World for forced labor. The Americas gained goods like wheat, sugar, rice, coffee, horses, cows, and pigs. However, the Europeans were giving them diseases like small pox, measles, bubonic plague, influenza, typhus, diphtheria, and scarlet fever.

The diseases spread so quickly that in no time at all about 90% of the native population had perished. Europe also gained some goods like gold, silver, corn, potatoes, pineapples, tomatoes, tobacco, beans, vanilla, and chocolate. In addition as a sort of revenge some native slaves began putting infected diseased blood in their owners’ bread; this developed the spread of syphilis. This whole exchange of goods and diseases is known as the Columbian exchange.

format APA with 3 scholarly articles and please include the DOI number in the references.

Preparing the Assignment Nursing knowledge is classified in a variety of ways, one of which is Carper’s Patterns of Knowing (Carper, 1978). Carper’s framework offers a lens through which the nurse can reflect upon insights acquired through empirical, ethical, personal, and aesthetic knowledge (Carper, 1978). Through intentional reflection using Carper’s Patterns of Knowing, nurses can process experiential learning and knowledge acquired through practice. The purpose of this assignment is to reflect upon a specific practice situation and better understand the professional knowledge and insights obtained through that experience. Criteria for Content Think of a surprising or challenging practice situation in which you felt underprepared, unprepared, or uncomfortable. Select an important nursing issue/topic that was inherent to the identified situation. Briefly explain the situation Identify the nursing issue inherent in the identified situation As a method of refection, use Carper’s Patterns of Knowing to analyze the situation. In your discussion, address ONE of the following Patterns of Knowing: What do you think was the underlying reason for the situation? (Esthetics) What were your thoughts and feeling in the situation? (Personal) What was one personal belief that impacted your actions? (Ethics) What evidence in nursing literature supports the nursing importance of the identified issue? (Empirical) What new insights did you gain through this reflective practice opportunity? How will this apply to your practice as a nurse practitioner? Be sure to use scholarly literature to support your position.