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The day was February, 15 2003. After all the dedication and hard work, I’m finally a champion. So much sweat and blood put in to a sport to finally feel untouchable. The beginning of the 2003 basketball year I made a dedication to work harder than everyone else so I can have the edge and try to win that ring. But still I was a little worried on how everything would pan out. I had a good team but I was the leader and they were my followers.

If the leader does badly everyone plays bad, so I set high standards for myself not to let them down and give them my best. I worked so hard a practice and even after practice I would stay and work, even on weekends I was in the gym running and shooting trying to reach my potential. Just the thought of holding that trophy with my team and cutting down the net, or ordering rings just drove me every day to work harder. I could hear everyone clapping and cheering for us since we haven’t won state in basketball ever.

Well the season began and we started out on a roll. The teams were very competitive and it was going to be a tough task ahead. I was averaging 28 points a game and 12 rebounds, so all my hard work was paying off and it made me feel great, but we still had to get that trophy! There was another team that was on a roll just like us and they too had a player just like me, hard competitor and good leader after the same goal. Eventually we would have to meet and play, so I was very anxious for the match-up.

We finished the regular season with a 24-1 record and our goal was looking promising, it is tournament time now. As we walked in the gym that was hosting the tournament we could feel the eyes glued to us as we passed the opposing fans. Now, normally I thrive on pressure and attention, but for some odd reason I was feeling a little shaky about the situation. Being the team to beat, everyone is just waiting for the chance to up-set you. Well, after the first two games passed we won them with ease and the butterflies started disappearing and our goal was etting even clearer. We were two games away from being state champs and again all our hard work and my extra hours of dedication and being the best leader was paying off. Finally we are in the championship game after a close game against Tuscaloosa. After the entire long wait and all the hard work we finally made it, and who stands in our way Fort Dale, our rival. They were just as good as us and they had a player just like me, but I knew I was better so no worries. After a 32 minute battle our fans erupts!!!

We were victorious and it feels un describable, everyone rushes center court, we cut the net down and get called to the center of the court for the trophy dedication and M. V. P. announcement. As I stood there just looking at my coaches and team mates I was so grateful for what I had and was just praying that they call my name for the M. V. P. trophy. I did it, got M. V. P. and won state nothing feels better than this and all it took was a strong mind and hard work and dedication. I’m the happiest kid alive on this late afternoon day!

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